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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

August 2015 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director


We started off the month decorating the mantel in the recreation room with red, white, and blue pails with red, white, and blue flowers. Topped off with flags and pinwheels and sparkly stars. Looking forward to the 4th of July celebrations and birthday celabrations. Charlotte Hoffman and myself have birthdays on the second and Rose Russo said her husband John's birthday is on the third.  Evelyn Grasso celebrats her birthday on the sixth, and Anne McTierman on the twentieth. Also Annette O'Helloran has her birthday cake on the twenty forth.

We talked about fireworks and celebrating the 4th of July, Americas independence and Ellen Anders said she was born in Germany and didn't celebrate the holiday until she moved here in 1953. Anne McTierman would go camping out at Montauk point. Marie Wieden would have company and cook dinner for the guests. Maureen McCarthy said her brother in law would get fireworks and have a big party with friends, family, and neighbors. They had lots of food and music it sounded so good Anne Wanamaker said she wanted to go. We all agreed it sounded like a good time.

Reminiscing about if any of us had visited a national park. Rose Russo told us she and her husband took the family to the Grand Canyon. Bobbie Smith told us she visited Mount Rushmore, Evelyn Grasso remembered on her honeymoon to Hawaii and saw the Haleakalā volcano. Marge Taylor has been to Nigeria Falls. Millie Verderosa said she has never been to a national park but she has been to Central Park in New York City, and Charlotte Hoffman told us she's been to the Catskills.

Remembering TV shows of the past, Millie Verderosa recalls the little TV they had and all the neighbors would come over to watch it. Anne McTierman liked the Ed Sullivan Show; Gloria Kormylo would stay up and watch the late night show with Johnny Carson. Peggy Tome told us she would watch to see all the celebrities on the day time talk shows. Celia Wysocki favorite show was the Lone Ranger. Rose Russo and Tonnie Gaetane recalls Arthur Godfrey both for his radio and TV shows.

Ray Lani was here to play his guitar for us as we sang along. We all enjoyed the Elvis songs and Rose Russo even did a whole lot of shaking to the music. Lucy Palazzo and Rosemarie DeSiena also danced the morning away. Gloria Kormylo was clapping and singing along as was Evelyn Grasso. Mary Morris especially liked when we sang God Bless America, and Bob Baumann too thought Ray did a good job entertaining us.

Nina Et Cetra and Tim came by on a friday to sing and play guitar for us. Larry Juson likes them a lot. Bobby Smith was dancing as was Lucy Palzzo and Rosamarie DeSiena. We had ice cream and soda which Lois Martucci really likes the strawberry flaver. It was Annette O'Halloran's birthday and Nina sang a birthday song for her. We all had a good time with clapping and feet stomping.

For arts and crafts we made some cute turtles we each individualized with a shell made from scrapbook paper, then put stickers of flowers, butterflies, and lady bugs on them. Gloria Kormylo was very happy with her turtle. Ruth Beal and Antonia Levato was very impressed with how they looked hung on the wall. We also did another project where we had taken bird shapes and pasted colorful real feathers for the wings. We called them "birds of a feather", Ellen Anders said it reminded her of a pet parakeet she had.

We have a lot of talente artists here, the arts and crafts we do all look so nice. We had coloring pages of butterfly s and made a beautiful collage to hang in the living room, each one with a different background color. Anne McTieman said it looks like Andy Warhol was here.

We keep busy with bowling on Mondays Joe Gold and Bobbie Smith are the big winners. We had some high scores too from Anne McTiernan and Evelyn Grasso. The bean bag toss had Marge Taylor with one toss of the highest  score possible of ninty six. Tomasine Mango and Celia Wysocki also scored high.  This month's Bingo winner was Millie Verderosa with the most wins.

Skylar Boucher who works in the kitchen now has been coming in on Saturdays for Recreation . She had us trying some new games like a sticky dart board game that Rose Russo was the big winner.  Also games of horse shoes and ring toss.

As allways we look forward to the vists from the Patchouge rotary animal assisted theary. Pat Lindar recalls her dog she used to have. Charlotte Hoffman had a dog named May Ling. Gene Barbour thinks the little dogs are so cute.

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