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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

October 2007 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

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Resident's all agree that they are very happy to be here. They feel that the facility is "lovely" and that the staff is very nice and accommodating as well.

Hazel Nargi compliments Katelyn for the fine job she does and thanks Janet also for "going out of her way to be extra helpful."


We had so much fun during September. We embraced our back to school theme, allowing ourselves to be kids again through shared memories, crafts and activities.

Our first back to school assignment was to cover our books with brown paper. Those belonging to Muriel Lizak and Dorothy Moore were very well done, earning them an A+. Apples for the teacher were proudly displayed in our recreation room. Russell Smith made a delicious looking one as did Tess Donovan and Agnes O'Shea.

We all had a good time making our slates and writing messages on them in chalk. Rachel Jones and Anna Potter certainly did an outstanding job with this craft project.

Julia Manganiello's team won our back to school scavenger hunt. It was a close race, with Julia herself, finding the tie breaking picture of a yellow school bus. Julia's team won pocket sized manicure sets and the opposing team won combs, both perfect for those school health inspections of years gone by.

Colorful Autumn leaves turned into works of art by Marie Giuri and Katherine Walsh. Beautiful to view too were the artful seasonal creations of Josephine Caligiuri and Ruth Faustich.

Lots of apples found their way into two delicious apple cakes we made during the month. We all took turns peeling and dicing our apples and did a good job.

Freddie Prinz brought his keyboard to mcpeak's in September and lots of talent too. His songs were a pleasure to listen to and to dance to also. Kay Vorrasi and I had fun dancing to one of his numbers and it was great to see Bobbie Smith and Tess Donovan out on the dance floor too!

Trina Janura was a delight when she visited on the 28th. Her infatable Bavarian tavern girl costume was outrageous and her lively songs and antics kept our party moving. Trina's "dancing girls" for the afternoon were Julia Manganiello, Marie Giuri, Rachel Jones, Kay Vorrasi, Tess Donovan and Bobbie Smith.

Josephine Crispo who was celebrating her 84th birthday that day was feted with an eight foot tall inflatable cake complete with candles. We all sang the Happy Birthday song to Josephine who was delighted to have her special day made extra special.


Happy Birthday to these guests who have a October Birthday:

Nina Sutter - 10/14
Joseph D'angelo - 10/17
Rose LaMonica - 10/27
Helen Leaming - 10/29
Muriel Lizak - 10/31


Autumn themed prizes were won and appreciated at our special bingo rounds. Mary Morris was pleased with the apple scented hand lotion she won and Nina Sutter enjoyed her new fall handbag.

Dorothy Moore won an adorable teddy bear in a pumpkin and Nick Mazzillo just won all sorts of goodies to share with his wife Bertha.

Our bingo games are always fun and something we look forward to. We enjoy our hour of "gambling" and being with good friends. Win or lose, we always come away happy.


We had lots of fun with our bowling and have watched players Gilda Messina's and Hazel Nargi's scores improve.

Nina Sutter continues to top the bowling charts with scores into the 190's. Russell Smith is also doing great with a high of 160 and new bowlers Rachel Jones and Harry Ike are just amazing.