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McPeak's February Newsletter

February 2010 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

Like everyone, January began with us rolling up our sleeves, taking down all our holiday decorations and packing them away for another year. Carmela Delisi gave me some much appreciated help as we took down our two large Christmas trees together carefully removing each of the beautiful ornaments we'd all made. We all took down the mini trees that had looked lovely on our mantel. We talked about our favorite holiday happenings as we worked and before we knew it we were done and ready to begin some new projects.

The cold January days had us all watching and waiting for snow and we weren't disappointed. Lovely snowflakes made by Annette Dunne and Ruth Faustich graced our recreation room wall. Their simple elegance was a visual delight and a nice compliment to the snow covered trees done by Josephine Caputo and Tess Brana.

The snow showers Mother Nature sent our way led us all to agree that we do indeed love snow. The adorable "we love snow" plaques made by Therese Tremblay and Rachel Nason expressed our sentiments perfectly. Our snowflakes plaques were fun to make too and we enjoyed singing " Let It Snow" while sprinkling on lots of white glitter to make our flakes really sparkle.

Our monthly scavenger hunt followed a winter theme with everyone hunting through magazines for pictures of mittens, sleds and ice skates. Our two teams had great fun at the hunt and were evenly tied till Nina Sutter found the snowman and brought victory to her team. The winning team got first pick from from my bag of tissue wrapped prizes which included lotions, perfumes, pens, and room spray. The opposing team followed with their selections and when all were done we used the tissue paper wrappings to make snowballs. Tossing our snowballs into the waste basket I held was fun and both Frank Hartman and Hazel Siegel scored direct hits. Frank and Hazel also enjoyed the ice skating video I showed during the month and were amazed by the performances of the many talented Olympic skaters the film featured.

Cocoa was the secret ingredient in the tasty cake we made this month. Joe D'Angelo and Carmela Delisi helped our black bottom cake to turn out perfectly and we enjoyed every bite we took of it at our afternoon games.

Warming up our winter days were entertainers Vivian Dongers and John Goff. The couple's song and dance routines were delightful and Adelaide McKasty and Lee Kulakowski appreciated every second of their performance.

Mary Billott was a big fan also and sang along to many of the Patsy Cline numbers Vivian performed.

Muriel Lizak and Alfred Welsh sang out when Everett Green was here. Everett has a fantastic voice and is a very talented keyboard artist. His music included many songs done by Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. Josephine Caputo said she could listen to him all day and Hazel Siegel felt she could dance to his music forever. Hazel Siegel and I had a lot of fun dancing together and Bobbie Smith was a great partner as well.

Estelle Nordmeier and Nicholas Mazzillo were big winners at our special bingo rounds this month and both choose some lovely gifts from our prize table. Muriel Lizak won the most games for the month and enjoyed the prize that was chosen especially for her.

As February neared we talked about Ground Hog's Day at our word games and reminiscing program. Hazel Nargi was surprised to find that the little fellow only had a 30% success rate in predicting the coming of spring while Mary Morris was interested in learning more about this rodent's physical attributes.

February will bring many holidays our way including our favorite- Valentine's Day. We're already had our first Valentine's program which began with guests having to name the song Frank Sinatra was singing on our CD. Fran Schadock supplied the answer," My Funny Valentine."

Guests were then given the opportunity to make their own funny Valentines. Our cute S.W.A.K. (sealed with a kiss) Valentines were very cute, filled with lip outlines in red and hot pink. Ruth Beal did a great job with hers, even adding some of her own lipstick kisses to the design. Hot lips appeared again at our lucky number bingo games where chocolates wrapped to look like lips were prizes. Gilda Messina thought they were just adorable.

Our pet therapy dogs Star and Liberty Bell brought early Valentine's wishes to us. Their owner Tom tells us his "2 Girls" just love visiting here where they receive so much attention from everyone. The "girls" also love the cookies that Alex Gorsline and Mary Ferrantello always have waiting for them and the extra special tummy rub provided by Muriel Lizak.

More Valentine's crafts, games and fun are on the way, plus visits from church groups, girl scouts and a performance by Sasha's Belly Dancers. Indeed, they'll be so much to warm our hearts during the next six weeks that despite the ground hog's prediction it will seem like spring here.