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McPeak's April 2010 Newsletter

April 2010 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

March was a busy month filled with lots of special events and activities. To begin, we went on an armchair tour of Ireland. Our video visit, which was enjoyed by Rachel Nason and Annette Dunne, gave us all an opportunity to learn more about the country that gave us our favorite March holiday- St. Patricks Day.

We had fun decorating our home for the holiday with lots of craft projects, including some very clever pots of gold made by Julia Manganiello and Therese Tremblay. Our four leaf clover wreaths, done by Tess Brana and Josephine D'Elia were a visual delight that were fun to make.

Fran Schadock was the first to figure out our Shamrock Puzzler. Using only the four pieces provided, Fran assembled her Shamrock faster than you could say "top of the morning". Mary Morris also did well creating her Shamrock and all our finished projects made a great holiday decoration.

Muriel Lizak and Ruth Faustich were singing along with our Irish CD as we all worked on our Irish Pub signs. Our signs had an Irish look, but also displayed our family names which represent a variety of nationalities- proving you don't have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

Ruth Beal had the luck of the Irish when her raffle ticket was drawn making her the winner of some Irish Spring soap and green tissues. Lucky too were Lee Kulakowski and Gilda Messina who were big winners at our "Irish I's bingo". Their cute leprechaun pots were filled with lots of gold foiled kisses, awarded by the Leprechaun for having the lucky number on each round, by game's end.

Just when we thought we'd had about as much fun as our Irish hearts could hold it was the big day to celebrate- March 17. A delicious meal of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and Irish soda bread was prepared by our cooks Sue and Diane and ice cold beer was served. After we'd eaten our fill, we put on our green and white leis and sat back to enjoy the many talents of entertainer Tony Grant. Tony played many Irish songs on his keyboard which had Mary Billot singing along and Kitty Keegan and I up and trying to dance the Irish Jig.

Henry Koleski was interested in the Irish folklore Tony shared with us and Alfred Welsh found Tony's Irish wit to be delightful. Rachel Nason said she'd definitely welcome another visit from Tony and that more of the green ice cream that we served would be welcomed too!

No sooner than the Leprechaun had waved goodbye the Easter bunny was at our door. The most adorable bunny baskets filled with colored eggs were made by Nick Mazzillo and Estelle Nordmeier. They were admired by all and added lots of spring color to our recreation room. Our bunnies demanded carrots and we were eager to please them.

Frank Hartman and Hazel Nargi helped craft our bunny treats. Using their artistic talents too were Julia Manganiello and Ruth Faustich who made our "eggceptional" colored eggs display.

The religious significance of the holiday was not to be denied and Tess Brana and Josephine Caputo helped make some of the beautiful crosses that were hung in our hallway.

My Easter egg roll is an annual event here at McPeak's and it was just terrific this year with some outstanding distances set. As guests rolled their egg down our longest hallway its stopping point was tagged with their name. Going the farthest was Bobbie Smith's, followed by the egg of Carmela's Delisi and Ruth Beal. The ladies all won colorful Easter baskets filled with grooming goodies and a bit of Easter chocolate too. Everyone had a great time participating in or just watching this event.

We colored over five dozen eggs for Easter. Estelle Nordmeier and Hazel Siegel made some beauties which added to a cheerful display we enjoyed all morning. They were appreciated at dinnertime too as we all enjoyed our delicious egg salad sandwiches.

We found the entertainment provided by Vic Victorrio to be a treat. Vic's wonderful singing voice was appreciated by Adelaide McKasty and Noreen Doohan's and Hazel Siegel's dancing skills were applauded by all.

Freddie Prinz also gave a fantastic show this past month and his music had Jeanette Yackel singing along to many of his songs. Therese Tremblay loved the show also especially since Freddie dedicated his rendition of "La Vie En Rose" to her.

Also included in our March activities was our celebration of women in history month. We viewed a short film on the subject, discussing it as we watched. We also talked about changing roles of women over the years during our word games and reminiscing program. Josephine Caputo and Muriel Lizak gave lots of input during the program which was definitely of interest to all.

Our top bowlers for the past month were Julia Managniello (191), Muriel Lizak (179) and Bobbie Smith (175). Josephine D'Elia's game gets better every week and Hazel Siegel and Frank Hartman continue to impress.

Our bingo winner for March was Nick Mazzillo. Nick had quite a lucky streak during the month and was able to best Gilda Messina and Estelle Nordmeier who also had high scores.

April is Earth month and we'll be recalling the many ways we recycled years ago. Our crafts and games will provide lots of fun while placing an emphasis on renewing and reusing our resources. Lots of good entertainment is on the calendar too with performances by two old favorites and a new guest vocalist.

Frank and John will be back to wow us with their piano favorites and our Pet Therapy pals will be here to give lots of lovin' as always.