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May 2010 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

April showers couldn't wash away the good spirits and fun we enjoyed during the month here at McPeak's. On hand to chase away the clouds were a variety of entertainers who were real crowd pleasers.

Joyce Simanton joined us early in the month with a lively program featuring music of the 1960's. Joyce is quite skilled on the keyboard and has a great singing voice as well. Noreen Doohan and I had fun dancing together to her songs and Hazel Siegel and Walter Colligan made a great duo on the dance floor.

Bruce Schneider and Company offered a fun afternoon of music and comedy. Their rendition of "Josephina Please No Leaner on the Bell" was a delightful and dedicated by them to three very special ladies here- Josephine D'elia, Josephine Caputo and Josephine Mercogliano. The group also played lots of Italian songs for their many friends in the audience. Carmela Delisi couldn't have been happier with their choices and mike in hand, joined them in singing "O Sole Mio".

Our piano/accordion players Frank and Bob had Mary Billott and Jeanette Yackel singing beautifully all the songs of days gone by. These two charming gentlemen visit us monthly, volunteering their time and talents much to our delight.

Musical entertainment was also provided this month by a new performer to McPeak's, Gail Storm. Gail's keyboard Jazz performance was most popular with Adelaide McKasty, Lee Kulakowski, and Alfred Welsh. Gail's musical selections were a nice change too from what we usually enjoy.

Besides being formally entertained during the month we kept ourselves entertained as well, engaging in a variety of games, arts, crafts and video presentations. Since April was Earth Month, our crafts reflected the beauty of our natural surroundings and our obligation to maintain them.

Earthly orbs were turned into daises by Josephine Caputo and Kitty Keegan decorating our recreation room while reminding us to cheerfully care for our planet.

Reminding us to renew, reuse and recycle were our tiny reuseable shopping bags filled with nature's bounty by Ruth Beal and Estelle Nordmeier.

Tree branches that were made by Nick Mazzillo and Jay Mercogliano surrounded a sign that reminded us that someone sits in the shade today because someone years ago planted a tree. Our acorns above the single word hope carried a similar message and were part of a cute craft made by Nina Sutter and Rachel Nason.

Our word games and reminiscing programs throughout the month were dedicated to going green. Therese Tremblay and Josphine D'ELIA recalled the many ways we recycled years ago such as using old newspapers to shine our windows and saving buttons from garments for future use. Fran Schadock recalled using brown paper bags to cover school books. In short, we are a generation that truly re- use and recycle and our ideas though old fashioned are back in style.

Protecting our planet and the animals we share it with was the topic of conversation as we played our animal trivia game. Tess Brana, a true animal lover, was one of the winners at our game as were Mary Morris and Annette Dunne. A winner also this month was Josephine Caputo whose name was picked from our April raffle. Jo won a cute plush frog and a notepad made from recycled paper.

Frank Hartman and Rachel Nason appreciated a wonderful video entitled "America the Beautiful". Views of our country from the city to farmland had us all remarking on how fortunate we are to live in such a diverse and lovely country. Using some of the products from both city and farmland were Joe D'Angelo and Julia Manganiello who helped us turn out two Sprite pound cakes. We ate them during afternoon bingo time and found them to be one of our most successful baking projects ever. They were just delicious!

Also fun this month were our special bingo games with lots of fantastic prizes to be won. Mary Ferrantello and Bobbie Smith were big winners at the games as were Lee Kulakowski and Robert Hall. Our monthly winner was Gilda Messina who had the highest score of all our winners and who also broke a record this month with 11 wins in one session alone. Congratulations Gilda!

As we look forward to the month ahead we see those April showers giving way to lots of May flowers that will decorate our recreation room and hallways. We are also looking forward to our resident/staff bowling tournament and are eager to see who among us will have the highest averages and make the team.