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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

September 2010 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

It's hard to believe that summer has come and gone, but with so much to do here at McPeak's it's no wonder it passed so quickly.

Our team bowling offered a summer workout that had residents having fun while making new friends. There were many good twosomes during July and August including Julia Manganiello and Tess Brana, Josephine D'Elia and Ruth Faustich and Hazel Siegel and Muriel Lizak. The top team of the summer though was the team of Bobbie Smith and Donald Farley. Their outstanding scores earned them each a beautiful Afghan made and donated by the family of Alfred Welsh. Congratulations to both and special thanks to the Welsh family for their lovely donation.

Bingo is fun no matter what the season and we were pleased to have Jerry, our cook Blanca's son, join us for the games this summer. Jerry, who was working on a community service project for his communion he was delighted to play with Annette Dunne and Jay Mercogliano helped them to win their share of the games. Josephine Caputo was lucky at our special bingo rounds when prizes are available for selection by our winners. Jo was delighted to be a winner several times during the game and opted to select some very nice perfumes for her wins. Lee Kulakowski won some cute plush animals at the games and Nina Sutter left with an adorable summer bag.

Our Pet Therapy dogs Star and Liberty Bell didn't mind the dog days of summer one bit as long as they could come here and visit. Our two favorite girls were eager to say hello to everyone and especially enjoyed the wonderful belly rubs given by Bea Missakian and Ruth Faustich.

Louise Principe truly enjoyed our trivia game which had us recalling the titles of songs from the 30's, 40's and 50's. Louise was just fantastic as she called off title after title of many famous tunes. Bringing back many memories too were our word games and reminiscing programs which Rachel Nason just loves. Our summer topics included vegetable gardening and amusement parks. Josephine D'Elia recalled all the fun she had at Coney Island while Fran Schadock said she preferred Rye Beach and Ruth Beal loved Rockaway. Some personal questions brought a blush or two from the group but no so Mary Pascale whose reply to "the first man you ever kissed" was Santa Claus. We all delighted in Mary's clever answer and found delightful too her beautiful singing voice as she did a solo of Patsy Cline's "Crazy" with Ray Lani accompanying her on guitar. Ray, who visited throughout the summer, treated us to some wonderful musical programs and singalongs and both Madeline Pedota and Terry Iacontino commented on how much they enjoyed his performances.

The piano talents of Frank and Bob who visit monthly did not go unnoticed by Gilda Messina and Mabel Cosher who loved their August visit. Enjoyable too was the lovely voice of Muriel Lizak who sang "Again".

John Goff and Vivian Donges are regulars here and we all just love this adorable couple who sing and dance so well together. Julia Manganiello and Lee Kulakowski loved the show and were happy they had good seats for the performance.

Tony Grant offered a musical salute to Hawaii on the anniversary of its statehood. Nina Sutter and Bobbie Smith did some fine Hula dancing to his songs bringing lots of smiles from Noreen Doohan and Irene Huether.

Lou Paioli was a big hit with Kitty Keegan and Carlton Davidson. Kitty knew the words to many of the songs played and sang along beautifully. When Lou got going with some of his Italian numbers, it was Carmela Delisi, Josephine D'Elia and Tess Brana who took center stage, singing not only in English but in Italian too! I also enjoyed the afternoon, dancing with Donald Farley, Terry Iacontino, Hazel Siegel and Louise Principe.

Also visiting this month were our dear friends from the Church of The Nazarine, Pastor Bonfiglio and Carmine. Their wonderful songs and service were appreciated by Therese Tremblay and Walter Colligan.

Mary Ann Conforti and Nick Mazzillo helped us make some delicious Toll House Cookie Bars which were an absolute treat with our afternoon bingo games. Nick never misses the games and always does quite well but never so well as in August when he won 66 games and became our monthly winner- maybe there was some magic in those Toll House treats Nick!

Speaking of magic, they'll be more in September as we have lots of great arts and crafts projects to enjoy, new games, entertainment and more baking too.