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October 2010 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

With autumn in the air, we cleared away our summer things and readied ourselves for a new season. In early September we dusted off our mantel, lining it with some pretty lace doilies that helped us recall our pantry shelves of years ago. Mason jars were brought down from the attic and we set to work filling them with some very special "homemade preserves". Jay Mercogliano contributed some strawberry jam and Noreen Doohan made grape jelly. Josephine D'elia confessed she only knew how to make spaghetti sauce and so that would be her offering to our decorative display. All our jars looked very tempting and realistic enough to prompt Louise Principe to ask if we had sterilized them before beginning.

We continued our old fashioned kitchen look with some delightful gingham creations featuring plump, delicious apples surrounding a sign for Grandma's Apple Pie. Those made by Julia Manganiello and Fran Schadock were just perfect and offered a polished look to our recreation room.

While getting our home in apple pie order, we tasted some of the fruits too, deciding the Macintosh was our favorite variety. Word games had us discussing apples and reminiscing about our favorite recipes such as baked apples, apple sauce and apple compote. We discovered that most of us had made an apple pie now and then and laughed as Josephine Caputo told us that thought she didn't know how to make one, she knew how to pick out a good one in the grocery store.

We paid homage to the first day of autumn by creating a lovely seasonal display for our hallway. Using cork, autumn leaves and tiny pumpkins, Tess Brana and Chris Orth crafted a spectacular display for all to enjoy. Equally pretty were the multicolored autumn leaf arrangements put on display by Nick Mazzillo and Nina Sutter.

It was fun this past month when teams went on a magazine scavenger hunt looking for signs of the season, including apples, pumpkins, sweaters and the harvest moon. With neither team able to locate a picture of a scarecrow, a tie match was called with both teams receiving tiny autumn baskets filled with goodies as prizes.

Reminiscing is a sure way for us to get to know each other better and this month we learned that Mary Morris was once stuck in an elevator and Frank Hartman once found quite a bit of money. The raffle which always follows was won by Josephine Caputo who received a lovely large afghan made and donated by the family of Alfred Welsh. Jo was delighted and looked forward to it keeping her warm on chilly autumn nights.

Special bingo games brought other autumn prizes including some lovely gloves won by Madeline Pedota. Halloween witches went to Robert Hall and Muriel Lizak, (who has a Halloween birthday), and Jo Delia selected a cute scarecrow for her win. Winning prizes also were Ruth Beal and Carmela Delisi, who got lucky at our Mother Goose trivia. Kitty Keegan and Mary Conforti also did well at the games and, I might add, were able to complete the rhymes without a second thought.

Not Mother Goose, but real live geese were the subject of discussion as we watched a beautiful video entitled "Winged Migration". Annette Dunne and Donald Farley loved the film and we all offered our opinions on how birds that travel such a long distance do not get lost.

Visiting us this month was Pastor Bonfiglio and Carmine. Hazel Nargi always appreciates the pastor's service, as do Therese Tremblay and Jay Mercogliano. Hazel Siegel is a fan of our two volunteer Piano Players Frank and Bob and Terry Iacontino also enjoys their musical selections.

Freddie Prinz gave us a lively afternoon using his keyboard talents to get us all singing and dancing too. I had fun dancing the Lindy with Mary Pascale and Bobbie Smith.

Joyce Simanton entertained us during September too and we all loved her songs from the 50's and 60's. We loved the ice cream that was served too and it was nice to see Madeline Pedota and Terry Iacontino sharing a dish together.

Congratulations to Ruth Faustich, who bowled an awesome game this month Ruth always does great at the game, but her score of 209 was just outstanding. Joe D'Angelo also had a noteworthy score, finishing the frames with a 173. Congratulations also to Carmen Delisi and Gilda Messina who shared the honor of being our top bingo players for September. Both ladies scored 58 wins during the month, beating some strong competition from Nick Mazzillo and Mary Pascale, who each had 54 games.

Halloween is just around the corner and there will be plenty of treats and a few tricks too to enjoy during October. There'll be spooky crafts, spine chilling games and some magical performances all conjured up for a month that's designed to be wicked good!