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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

October 2011 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

We had bushel of fun in September as we celebrated national apple month. We discussed the many varieties of apples at our word games program and reminisced about our favorite recipes that included apples. We recalled that they tasted very good in a sausage casserole, baked or turned into an apple pie.

Julia Manganiello and Rachel Nason both related how they used apples to make applesauce which was just delicious. Both ladies were a great help making the apple recipe we chose for our monthly baking project, a German apple cake. Nick Mazzillo was a big help too, peeling apples and chopping nuts and Ruth Faustich stirred the batter to perfection. Our cake won rave reviews from everyone who tried it and we all agreed we will not wait for apple month to roll around again before we bake another.

Our monthly scavenger hunt had us thinking about baking too, as we divided into teams to hunt through magazines for assorted foods and cooking utensils. Teams were running neck and neck with 9 out of 10 items crossed off their lists when Ruth Beal found the coveted rolling pin and won for her team. Small boxes filled with mints were awarded to both teams for trying their best at the game.

Getting our recreation room in apple pie order was easy thanks to the help of Therese Tremblay and Inga Schulz whohelped make the adorable mason jars filled with "applesauce" and other "preserves" that lined our doily draped mantel. Our old fashioned kitchen look was further enhanced by the delightful gingham apple creations done by Juliette Gerlach and Bobbie Smith.

Our apple a day craft looked great in our hallway and was crafted by Chris Orth and Alex Salmin. To check the accuracy of this adage, we sampled not one, but three apples that day. Two were from Washington State and one was from New York. Guests voted on their favorite and it was the Fuji apple from New York that won, out-beating the Red Delicious and Paula Red.

Our final craft project for the month was a welcome to autumn, which featured some colorful sunflowers done by Charlotte Katen and Julia Manganiello. Surrounding our "Happy Fall Y'all" sign, they were a nice addition to our hallway.

Autumn bingo had us testing our knowledge of the season, including the flowers and animals that make their appearance or disappearance at this time of the year. Josephine Caputo was fantastic at this game as were Inga Schulz and Fran Schadock.

Our video travels took us to, where else but, the "Big Apple". We reminisced about our times in New York City as we watched and recalled visits to the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Central Park. We also took to the sky, if you will, with a beautiful video entitled "Winged Migration". The video, which follows the seasonal migration routes of various birds, was just gorgeous and especially enjoyed by Kitty Keegan and Noreen Doohan.

Special bingo rounds let us know autumn was in the air too. Prizes were seasonally appropriate and included some perky pumpkins won by Muriel Lizak and Lee Kulakoski and some pretty gloves selected by Madeline Pedota and Ruth Beal. Frank Hartman was a winner too this past month. Frank won our monthly raffle and received a not so scary scarecrow to decorate his door.

Volunteer piano players, Frank and Bob, offered us a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all our favorite songs including "Autumn in New York". Virginia Kara sang in Greek when they played, "Never on a Sunday" and, not to be outdone, Tess Brana and Josephine D'Elia sang in Italian to their favorites.

Freddie Prinz thrilled the audience with his mellow selections including his beautiful version of "La Vie en Rose". Lou Paioli had Maryann Conforti, Pauline Bovino and Hazel Siegel up dancing to his musical selections and we all enjoyed the guitar talents of George Missali who also visited during the month.

Highest bowling scores of the month were those of Julia Manganiello, Bobbie Smith and Muriel Lizak. Also doing very well were Jay Mercogliano, Madeline Pedota and Josephine Caputo. Bingo scores were high too this month, especially for Gilda Messina, Nick Mazzillo and Lee Kulakowski. Virginia Kara had the luckiest card of all though and won the most games for the month. Congratulations Virginia!

Lots more fun is on the horizon as we enter the bewitching month of October. I'll have a few tricks up my sleeve, lots of treats and many activities that will provide a devilishly good time for all.