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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

December 2011 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

November was a busy month with several holidays and events to commemorate.

As we prepared to turn back our clocks and welcome the shorter days that would lead us to Thanksgiving, we made seasonal decorations for our home. We had fun making vases for our mantel and doing some lovely autumn themed flower arrangements to fill them. Those made by Josephine Caputo and Joe D'angelo were just gorgeous. Adding to our recreation room display were the "Give Thanks" plaques that were done by Inga Schulz and Ruth Beal.

Autumn leaves filled our hallways with vibrant colors and were the handiwork of Madeline Pedota and Noreen Doohan. Autumn leaves were also used to add a colorful touch to our "Bless this House" signs that were made with love by Tess Brana and Mary Morris.

Special bingo had us enjoying ourselves too as we played the various rounds for a variety of prizes, including some with a Christmas theme. Muriel Lizak won a cute tree to display in her room . Gilda Messina and Lee Kulakowski were winners too, and both selected cute plush animals to help with their holiday gift giving.

We shared our memories of past Thanksgivings at our morning reminiscing program. Rachel Nason recalled some of the elements of a terrific Thanksgiving feast she'd enjoyed as a child and Juliette Gerlach recalled the wonderful holiday pies sold by Cushmann's Bakery where her husband worked. Our word games for the month had us talking about clocks as we got ready to set them back for autumn and also discussing the war years as we focused on Veteran's Day.

Tony Grant did a lively show here which offered a fine salute to all our veterans. Filled with patriotic songs we could all recall, Tony's show had us all singing in celebration of our country and the fine men and women who have helped to keep it safe. Especially appreciative of the program were two of our veterans, Alex Salmin and George Thogersen.

We all praised the baking talents of Bobbie Smith and Ruth Faustich who helped make our two banana chocolate chip cakes. The cakes were a delicious treat at our afternoon bingo games.

Just prior to Thanksgiving, we enjoyed a special show by Bruce Schneider and company. His three man band wowed us with all our favorite songs that were made popular by such entertainers as, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Bobby Darin. Pauline Bovino and Josephine D'elia were big fans of the group and did their fair share of singing during the program. added to the Josephine D'elia also sang along to the piano selections of Frank and Bob. Virginia Kara and Muriel Lizak, who both have lovely voices, added to the musical selections as well.

Reminding us of the many things in life we have to be thankful for was Pastor Bonfiglio, who visited twice during the month. His well chosen words are always appreciated by Jay Mercogiano and Hazel Nargi. Also paying us two visits last month was our pet therapy dog, Liberty Bell. Ted Gosnell, Charlotte Katen and Mary Billott were delighted with the visits and gave lots of loving to our furry friend.

Thanksgiving Day was memorable with a fine meal prepared by our cook, Sue. The vegetables, stuffing and of course, the bird itself were cooked to perfection and enjoyed by all.

Bowling helped us work off some of those holiday calories and there were some fine scores by George Thogersen, Ruth Faustich, and Alfred Merrett. Frank Hartman also did well at the games and Virginia Kara finished in the top three more than once.

November bingo scores were quite close with Gilda Messina, Marie Thompson and Juliette Gerlach all running neck and neck. A streak of luck near the month's end put Juliette in the lead, making her our monthly winner. Congratulations Juliette! Congratulations also to Alfred Merrett who was our November raffle winner. Alfred won a cute plush Santa as his prize, which will make a fine decoration for his room for the Christmas season.

Right after Thanksgiving we put on our Christmas music and got busy for the biggest holiday of the year. Singing "Jingle Bells" and other holday favorites, we decorated the mini trees that would grace our snow filled mantel for the Christmas season. Joseph Giaquinto's tree was just lovely as were those made by Kitty Keegan, Julia Manganiello and Madeline Pedota. More holiday decorating is coming up as we count down the days to Christmas, plus games, prizes, a great holiday party and lots of outstanding entertainment.