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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

July 2011 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

It's been a star studded, spectacular summer so far here a McPeak's. Our crafts reflected the joy to be found in our favorite summer holiday - July 4th. Patriotic stars were made by Nick Mazzillo and Kitty Keegan and added a nice burst of color to our hallway. Sand pails in red, white and blue lined our mantel and were filled with shiny decorations, tiny American flags and streamers. Done by Josephine D'elia and Juliette Gerlach they offered a perfect salute to our star spangled holiday.

Shouting out our allegiance to America were our U.S.A. plaques crafted by Fran Schadock and Joe D'Angelo. Covered with red, white and blue stars, they were a nice addition to our recreation room. Completing our summer makeover were the attractive stars and stripes decorations that were made by Julia Manganiello and Ruth Faustich.

The summer solstice on June 21 was cause to celebrate and that we did, with our ladies receiving pretty flowers to wear in their hair and our gentlemen flowered leis. Gilda Messina looked summer ready wearing her orange bloom as did Lee Kulakowski with blue. Our toast to the new season was with some delicious root beer floats. Chris Orth and Alfred Merrett said they were just fantastic!

Ruth Beal was delighted to be our summer raffle winner. Her prizes were carefully selected to include a blue scarf, red rose and some Hershey Kisses in a white bag. Ruth also had fun at the reminiscing game which preceded our raffle, as she and other guests shared their memories of times gone by.

Summer visitors were many and all brought additional sunshine into our days. Frank and Bob shared their talents with us, doing duets on piano and accordion. Melodies we could all recall were fun to sing along to and we noted some lively vocal duets by our own Hazel Siegel and Kitty Keegan.

Julie Franco has a superb voice and large repertoire. Equally adept at singing rock or country, Julie has a song to delight everyone. Muriel Lizak was pleased to sing along with her favorites and it was great to see Pauline Bovino and Bobbie Smith out on the dance floor.

Everett Green got us all in a party mood with his mix of upbeat favorites and Calypso. Shaking our hips and moving to the music was fun and it was a delight to see Noreen Doohan and Virginia Kara having such a grand time dancing the afternoon away.

Ray Lani, who has been a visitor here for years, was back again for his first appearance of the summer. Ray loves to play his guitar for us and is especially fond of playing tunes introduced by Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Therese Tremblay truly loved the show as did Madeline Pedota. Madeline's favorite song was the Ray Charles classic "Georgia On My Mind." Madeline shared with all that she chose the name of her daughter based on that lovely melody.

Our dining hall was decorated for the glorious fourth with red stars and streamers and served as the perfect setting for a great performance by Tony Grant. Tony's program included all our favorite songs plus a musical salute to our country. Lee Kulakowski and Hazel Nargi were proud to join in singing "You're a Grand Old Flag" and Bobbie Smith showed her patriotic fervor by urging all to stand for the singing of "God Bless America".

Our summer fun also included an afternoon with our friends from the Patchogue/Medford High School Key Club. Fifteen students, both male and female, joined us for a fashion show that depicted the changing styles from the 1950's through the 1990's. Musical selections from each decade played as our models walked the runway. An ongoing narrative by one of the students helped us recall what occurring in our country was during each time period. It was fun to see our 1950's models wearing shirtwaist dresses and carrying baby dolls to illustrate the 50's homemaker era. We recalled the bell bottoms worn in the 70's and the bright fluorescent of the 80's. We visited with the students after the show, commenting on our favorite outfits and sharing with them some of the clothing choices we made during these years.

It wouldn't be summer without the tempting aroma of hot dogs and hamburgers cooking on the grill filling the air. That's just what we all enjoyed as we made our way outdoors to enjoy a spectacular barbecue just in time for the Fourth. Our favorite music played and bubbles danced in the air as we dined on the delicious foods grilled by James and Martin. Soda, cold salads and juicy watermelon were a real treat too!

Both regular and team bowling have been keeping us active this summer. We all look forward to the games and try our best to score lots of spares and strikes. Muriel Lizak has had some phenomenal scores as of late, her highest a 184. Julia Manganiello, who took the first place trophy in our staff/resident bowling tournament earlier this year, continues to be a leader with a summer high of 197. Random pairing of guests for teams has had some interesting results and some great scores too. Ruth Faustich and Jo Caputo made for a great team as did Bobbie Smith and Chris Orth.

Our baking projects offer us a chance to display our culinary talents and to enjoy the familiar scents of the added ingredients. Our apple cake was fun to make and there was some great preparation work done by Nick Mazzillo and Alfred Merrett (who peeled all our apples) and Tess Brana and Josephine D'elia who were our top mixers. We all helped with the eating stage of the activity and found that our apple cake turned a group effort into a group success.

Special bingo rounds allow us to enjoy some instant gratification as we select something special from our prize table for each of our wins. Summertime prizes included a great straw hat won by Alex Salmin and some nifty sunglasses won by Madeline Pedota. Juliette Gerlach chose some shampoo in a fruited summer scent and Virginia Kara selected one or two of our garden angels.

There are still lots of summer days ahead and we're sure to be having fun during them all. Read about more of our summer adventures in our September newsletter.