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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

September 2011 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

We're all asking "where did summer go?" It seemed to pass so quickly. But with all there was to do here it's no wonder.

Our bowling scores rose higher as temperatures soared. Julia Manganiello, Ruth Faustich and Bobbie Smith were as always on top of their game and Jay Mercogliano came in among the top four with her score of 141. Team bowling kept us on our toes too and some interesting twosomes were created during the summer months. Josephine Caputo and partner Chris Orth finished in second place at one of our games and Muriel Lizak and Josephine D'Elia scored within the top three this summer also.

Dancing gave us some good exercise too and we had plenty of opportunity to get moving on the dance floor as we welcomed some very talented performers to McPeak's.

Vic Victorrio gave a wonderful performance and encouraged us all to sing many of our favorite tunes during the sing along portion of his show. Lee Kulakowski was singing to all her favorites as were Tess Brana and Pauling Bovino. Bobbie Smith and I were singing and dancing too to one of my favorite songs "Singing in the Rain". I also had fun on the dance floor with Mary Huben and Hazel Siegel.

Vivian and John Goff delivered an excellent program which was fun to watch. This cute older couple always leave us smiling as we enjoy their dancing, singing and John's funny jokes. Vivian sang some lovely songs made famous by Patsy Cline while John's selections were mostly Frank Sinatra melodies.

Bruce Schneider and his group brought some summer sunshine our way, offering songs easily recalled from our past. Played on guitar, keyboard and drums, the songs had us singing, clapping and yelling for more. Irene Huether, Noreen Doohan and Frank Hartmann enjoyed the show and Mary Billott, between spoonfuls of ice cream, did some fine singing with the group. Maryanne Conforti, Bobbie Smith and I had fun dancing and especially enjoyed forming our own kick line during the show's final number, "New York, New York".

Ray Lani paid several visits during July and August, all of which were just delightful. Ray is a talented guitarist and knows how to get us all involved in a pleasant sing along. This summer there was great singing to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" by Fran Schadock and Mary
Morris and Inga Schulz did a fine job with the song she requested, "Apple Blossom Time".

Pastor Bonfiglio, who visits twice monthly, was welcomed to our recreation room throughout the summer by old friends, Hazel Nargi and Kitty Keegan. The pastor's well planned sermon is always well received, as are his clever jokes which get us all laughing.

Also bringing laughter and smiles is our pet therapy dog, Harry. Harry is a Standard Poodle with a delightful temperament and he just loves visiting. Ruth Beal and Alfred Merrett love his visits as do Artie Johnson and Helen Lauten.

Our word games and reminiscing program helped shake up our sleepy summer days with some difficult quizzes that kept our minds working. We reminisced about games we played as children such as jump rope, stick ball and jacks. We talked about our home-life years ago and recalled some of the items we used then but no longer see. Rachel Nason was quick to describe a darning egg and Maryann Conforti filled us in on phonographs and records.

We engaged in some armchair travel this summer with a great video of the U.S.A. Our trip across America brought us to all our favorite sites and had guests such as Josephine Caputo and Virginia Kara relating some travel experiences they'd had in these locales.

As always, we enjoyed our Bingo games, especially the ones where prizes are awarded for winning the rounds. Madeline Pedota had lots of luck at these games and won some lovely ceramic statues. Josephine D'Elia was also a big winner and selected several stuffed animals as gifts for her great granddaughter, Emma. Bet Emma is happy that her great grandma is so lucky.

Our monthly Bingo winners were Gilda Messina for July and Nick Mazzillo for August. A big congratulations to both!

With September at our doorstep we'll be busy getting ready for autumn. We'll be talking about preserving foods and using mason jars as part of a creative display for our mantel. We'll be "apple picking" and taste testing a number of varieties to find our favorites. Apples will be showing up in several craft projects we'll be doing to decorate our hallways, as well. There will be lots of entertainment too and we look forward to visits from Lou Paioli, Freddie Prinz and George Missali.