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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

March 2012 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

There were many special days in February for us to enjoy. Early in the month, we eagerly awaited the appearance of the groundhog and were anxious to learn his prediction for the weeks ahead. We studied up on this clever fellow at our word games program and noted with interest that he was much larger than we thought (22 inches and 18 pounds). We also learned that, concerning seasonal change, his accuracy is a mere 40%. Nonetheless, we were pleased when our local groundhog, Holbrook Hal, gave his promise of an early spring.

To commemorate the day, we held a raffle for our own groundhog, Patchogue Pete, a cute little plush fellow wearing a top hat. Juliette Gerlach's daughter, Lynne, picked the winning ticket which just happened to be that of her mother. There was lots of laughter from all as Juliette received her new friend and a small bouquet of spring flowers too.

Valentine's Day, later in the month, offered us a chance to make some lovely changes to our recreation room. We decorated our mantel with lots of pink paper and added beautiful vases filled with artificial roses that were arranged by Julia Manganiello and Paolina Bevacqua. Red, white and pink hearts trimmed with ribbons and lace added a romantic touch to the room and were done by Mary Ignelzi and George Thogersen.

Bob and Frank visited on the 10th and played all our favorite love songs on the piano for us as we sang along. Lenny Markowitz filled the room with his beautiful voice and just amazed us all. Ted Gosnell and Alfred Merrett sounded great too as singer Julie Franco handed them the mic during her hour long performance here.

On Valentine's Day, there was more dancing than singing as we welcomed Sasha's belly dancers. The three performers wore exotic outfits trimmed with lots of pink, fuchsia and red sequins and captivated our attention with their amazing routines. John Kittell turned out to be quite a talented performer too as he danced with the girls. Pauline Bovino, as always, had fun on the dance floor as did Mary Huben. Alfred Merrett looked great wearing a turban and cape as he learned a few moves and in our audience we found Alex Salmin who made a most admirable King Tut and Lenny Markowitz as a very dashing shiek.

Adding a warm and fuzzy feeling to our Valentine's Day were the beautiful blankets made for us by the children of the Holy Angels School. Presented to Mr. McPeak at a special ceremony at the school, they were a most welcome gift for our guests. Residents loved selecting their favorite from the many that we received and Tess Brana and Noreen Doohan were particularly pleased with their choices.

President's Day did not go unnoticed as we shared our knowledge of presidents who have shaped our country's history. Lenny Markowitz shared many interesting tidbits of information on past leaders that we found fascinating. We found, too, that most of us shared a high regard for Franklin D. Roosevelt. Also winning our votes were Truman, Kennedy and Reagan. The human side of our presidents was to be noted in a funny video entitled Presidential Bloopers. Josephine Caputo loved the film and was able to supply the name of every president and political leader shown in it.

Our creative sides took control as we made beautiful masks to celebrate Mardi Gras. Done in the festival colors of purple, gold and green, they made a gorgeous display for our hallway.

Those done by Alex Salmin and Madeline Pedota were simply amazing.

A visit from the Patchogue/Medford Key Club during February delighted all. Our young visitors brought some interesting games and had fun sharing them with Marie Thompson, Virginia Kara and Alfred Merrett among others.

Delicious was the only way to describe the apple cake we made during the month. Joe D'Angelo and George Thogersen peeled and chopped our apples and Ruth Beal and Bobbie Smith measured and mixed all our ingredients to perfection. Our cake was finished just in time to be served for our afternoon bingo rounds. As always, Gilda Messina, Lee Kulakowski and Marie Thompson did well at the games but it was Bob Hall who surprised us all that day with a record win of 11 rounds. Congratulations Bob, and to Alex Salmin, too, whose consistent wins throughout the month made him our bingo winner for February.

Bowling scores were phenomenal this month with Josephine Caputo and Virginia Kara definitely improving their games. Alfred Merrett scored his highest game ever, a 151, and John Kittell wowed us all with an amazing game total of 171.

We'll be looking for leprechauns and pots of gold during the month ahead as our crafts and games reflect the approach of St. Patrick's Day. Of course, we'll be treated to the traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage and will enjoy some Irish music and entertainment too.