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May 2012 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

Marie Thompson and Tess Brana helped us finish our Easter decorating just in time for the holiday. Their artwork, featuring colorful paper eggs, was displayed just outside our dining hall and was a visual treat.

Ruth Beal and Juliette Gerlach were among the many guests who helped us color more than 5 dozen hard boiled eggs. Guests traded dyes to create unique colors and each egg was its own gorgeous creation. After the program, we had to smile as we noted the day's dinner menu featured egg salad sandwiches!

It was a fabric egg that went flying down our hallway as guests competed in our annual Easter Egg Roll. Thrown underhand, our egg traveled some pretty phenomenal distances. There were many good tosses, but our top three were:

Lenny Markowitz (48 feet)
John Kittell (46 feet)
Alex Salmin (40 feet)

Each of our winners received a cute Easter Basket filled with grooming supplies, plus lots of cheers and applause from a watchful crowd.

Pastor Bonfiglio delivered a lovely Easter message when he visited us right before the holiday. His service was appreciated by all, including Dito Butigieg and Hazel Nargi.

Spring cleaning was the topic of discussion at our weekly word games and reminiscing program. Julia Manganiello recalled washing her windows with vinegar and drying them to a fine shine with old newspapers. Joan Corbett added that lace curtains were usually hung around those sparkling windows and were dried on a special frame which consisted of dozens of needle like appendages that would stretch the curtains perfectly. George Thogersen noted that for men, spring cleaning usually meant getting the lawn mower ready to run and tidying up the flower beds.

Flowers were the subject of a video we enjoyed during the month. Charlotte Hoffman found the film to be just beautiful. Lenny Markowitz, whose wife was a horticulturist, noted that the film's narrative was very informative.

After Easter, our thoughts turned to Mother's Day. We had fun decorating our mantel with attractive picture hats made by Muriel Lizak and Mary Ignelzi. They reminded us of the ones our moms wore as did the lace trimmed white gloves which were also on display in our recreation room and were the handiwork of Ruth Beal and Bobbie Smith.

Our Mothers were put to work with a great baking project that had Muriel Lizak and Paolina Bevacqua mixing and measuring our ingredients to perfection. Our sour cream and apple dessert required lots of graham cracker crumbs for its crust and we called upon several of our gentlemen to help with that. Using canned goods from our pantry, Joe D'Angelo and Lenny Markowitz crushed our graham crackers to the exact consistency needed. Thanks to everyone's efforts our dessert was just delicious and our recipe went on file to be used again.

A cute video on wildlife babies was shown during the month. It depicted mother animals teaching their offspring the ways of the world. Bobbie Smith and Julia Manganiello loved every moment of the film.

Ted Gosnell and Pauline Bovino enjoyed what was our last pet therapy visit with Liberty Bell and her owner, Tom. The two have been loyal visitors to our home and we will miss them greatly, but at age 11, Liberty felt it was time to retire. In the weeks ahead, we will be enjoying our Pet Therapy time with Barbara and her Irish Setter, Rusty.

Our entertainment for the month could not have been better with our old friend, Everett Green joining us for a lively afternoon. His musical mix had Bill Corley and Mary Morris singing along to their favorites. I had fun dancing the Lindy with Mary Huben and Bobbie Smith and enjoyed a wild Merengue with John Kittell.

A new group, Nina Et Cetra, gave a fabulous performance with keyboard, guitar and harmonica featured plus the outstanding voice of Nina herself. Their country western style was well appreciated by Bob Hall, Alex Salmin and Mary Billott. Nice comments from residents on the performance were instrumental in my inviting them back for another show on August 3rd.

The highlight of our month was the resident/staff bowling tournament on the 26th. Our top six resident bowlers were paired with members of our staff for a morning that couldn't be beat. Strikes and spares were plentiful as was the applause and cheers from the crowd. Everyone bowled very well, but at morning's end the scores were as follows:

1st Place - Alfred Merrett (150) & Debi (225) - 375
2nd Place - Julia Manganiello(146) & Myrna(203) - 349
3rd Place - John Kittell(140) & Janet(179) - 319
4th Place - Joe D'Angelo(109) & Maria(140) - 249
5th Place - Muriel Lizak(133) & Aida(115) - 248
6th Place - Bobbie Smith(114) & Diana(92) - 206

Trophies in size/place order were awarded to our resident bowlers and there were gifts for our staff as well. The real reward, though, was the fun and companionship we all shared during this event.

Our monthly bingo competition was won by Gilda Messina, who had a total of 58 wins. There were high scores for Lee Kulakowski and Marie Thompson too, but Gilda managed to get two games ahead and win for the month of April. She received a special prize for her win and our congratulations too!

May will be bringing us lots of crafts featuring , what else – May flowers. There will be games and prizes plus group discussions and trivia fun. We'll also be looking forward to more terrific entertainment as we anticipate the performances of Richard Katz and Julie Franco.