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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

June 2012 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director


Early in the month we finished our Mother's Day decorations so we'd be prepared for the holiday. Baby bottles were fun to create and Paolina Bevacqua and Madeline Pedota did a good job with theirs. We talked about mixing baby's formula and methods of sterilizing bottles as we worked. Juliette Gerlach recalled how we would test the temperature of the formula, before offering it to our baby, by shaking a few drops from the baby's bottle on our wrist.

We challenged ourselves by searching for the babies hidden in the flower filled photos of Anne Geddes. The photos were then framed by us and used to create a lovely display in our hallway. Just for fun, we tried our hand at drawing our own flowers and thought that those done by Tess Brana and Ruth Beal were the most artistic.

We played mom's trivia which was a hit with all and helped Murial Lizak and Julia Manganiello to win some nice prizes. Fun too was our word games program, which focused on moms. Charlotte Hoffman reeled off the final words to complete all our "momisms" such as, act your age, your room looks like a pig-sty and, the ever popular, wait until your father gets home.

Our volunteer piano player, Bob, gave a nice salute to our ladies. Bob's songs included many with women's names in the title including: "Sweet Sue", "Mary" and "Sweet Little Alice Blue Gown". Pauline Bovino knew them all as did Gilda Messina and both did some very fine singing during the morning.

Our moms had some help in the kitchen as they prepared two banana loaves for our afternoon snack. Alex Salmin, Lenny Markowitz and Joe D'Angelo helped mash our bananas and mix and measure the other ingredients that helped make our cake perfectly delicious.

Late May found our outdoor gardens in full bloom. Seeing so many colorful flowers outside encouraged us to add some color to our indoors as well. Brightly colored watering cans were used as containers for the floral arrangements made by Marie Thompson and Evelyn Grasso. Bringing our recreation room into full flower were the eye popping blooms made by William Corley and Bob Hall. Done in yellow, pink and orange, our perky posies were absolutely gorgeous. More dainty, yet just as gorgeous, were the wreaths of tiny pink flowers done by Virginia Kara and Tess Brana which were hung in our hallway.

Poppies were the flower that came to mind during our reminiscing program which focused on World War II. We recalled rationing, gold star mothers and women "painting" their legs in lieu of wearing stockings. Muriel Lizak and Juliette Gerlach remembered how they heard the news of Pearl Harbor on the radio and Alex Salmin, Lenny Markowitz and Bill Corley talked with pride of their military service. While discussing songs of the era, "Oh, How I Hate to get up in the Morning" was recalled and Joe D'Angelo told us he was the bugler everyone wanted to kill during his WWII years in the army.

Julia Franco entertained our troops with some fine songs that we could all recall. There was some great singing by Alfred Merrett, Mary Huben and Lee Kulakowski, plus some very nice comments on the show from Irene Huether and Annette Archer. Annette also enjoyed our video tour of the United States as did Bobbie Smith and Julia Manganiello.

Our afternoon exercise program had us blowing on some red, white and blue pinwheels as we did our deep breathing exercises. Evelyn Grasso definitely got hers whirling. Evelyn is also great at throwing our ball around and has tossed quite a few good passes to teammates, Dito Butigieg and Michael LaPlaca.

Getting their exercise from our bowling games and having lots of fun while doing it were John Kittell and Alfred Merrett. John's high score for the month was a 176 topped only by the 181 of Julia Manganiello. Alfred Merrett also scored high during the month as did Bobbie Smith and Madeline Pedota.

Our bingo champ for the second straight month was Gilda Messina. Gilda's a daily player and really racked up the games this past month with a total score of 63 wins. Gilda received a lovely precious moments statuette for her prize, which was donated by Lynne, Juliette Gerlach's daughter, and just loved it!

Lots of fun activities are planned for the month ahead, including the return of singalongs with good friend Ray Lani!