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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

May 2013 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

This past month, Mother Nature had some strong competition from guests here at McPeak's as they too created Spring beauty for all to enjoy. Watering cans filled with spring posies added a powerful burst of color to our recreation room. Those done by Marie Thompson and Fran Zummo were artfully arranged and looked lovely on our mantel. The talents of Ruth Beal and Fran Branciforte were on display too and we thank them for crafting the beautiful spring flowers that decorated our wall.

Starting with a drawing of a bare branch, Madeline Pedota and Bob Hall were able to bring it to life using tiny flower cutouts they carefully glued in place. Their projects were a blooming success and received many compliments from staff and visitors.

Phyllis Levy, Gilda Messina and Angela Hampson used their gardening expertise to answer many of the questions posed at our garden trivia game. They won some nice prizes for their efforts as did Bill Jones and Alex Salmin.

Fran Branciforte was a winner too in April, as she won our monthly raffle. Fran won a cute song bird that gave a charming chirp when given a squeeze. The raffle always follows our reminiscing game at which we share lots of memories and enjoy getting to know one another better. This month, we learned that Celia Wysocki was a true Rosie the Riveter, who worked on airplanes out in California while her husband was in the service. We also learned that Joe Gold was a track star and that John Rissland has been to Germany.

We all know now that apple blossoms turn into apples and that, with a little help from Evelyn Grasso and Angela Hampson, those apples turn into apple cake. We thank Evelyn and Angela for helping us to prepare a delicious apple cake that was served at our afternoon bingo games and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Bruce Schneider and company helped us to feel younger than springtime as they entertained here with songs of the 40's and 50's. There was some great singing by Charlotte Hoffman and Rose Navatto and good dancing by Josephine Gross.

Rocco of Rockin' Robin certainly had us rockin' with his upbeat music that spanned several eras. Rocco's lively tunes were enjoyed by Adelaide McKasty and Joan Corbett, who also loved watching Evelyn Grasso and Joe Gold dance the afternoon away.

Our art contest allowed us to utilize our artistic talents by creating a picture/drawing of our choosing. Using crayons, markers or watercolors, guests were given 45 minutes to create and frame an entry for our contest. Entries were labeled with only a number and staff members were asked to vote for their favorites. After the points were tallied, our winners were announced and ribbons awarded. They were as follows:

1st Place ~ Josephine Gross
2nd Place ~ Alex Salmin
3rd Place ~ Bob Hall

Honorable mention ribbons were awarded to all other participants including Doris Thompson and John Rissland.

Our next competition will be our semiannual staff/resident bowling tournament, slated for May 30th. We'll be keeping tabs on all games bowled weekly and will select our top six bowlers based on their average score over the next four weeks. Looking good so far are Bill Jones, Bobbie Smith and Robert Baumann. Not only are they great bowlers, but they excel at our exercise program too, as do Michael LaPlaca and Olga Gallagher.

Can't end this newsletter without congratulating Fran Zummo for being our monthly bingo winner. Fran, who had over 11 wins in one afternoon alone, finished the month with a total of 88 games to her credit. Congratulations Fran!