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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

September 2013 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

Our summer certainly passed quickly and was filled with many fun activities and special events guaranteed to please all.

We had fun recalling the summer days of childhood at our word games and reminiscing program. Toys from various eras were passed around to the group and we took turns trying a yo-yo, Slinky and kaleidoscope. Celia Wysocki recalled playing hopscotch as a child and Bernadette Lawlor and others remembered the fun of a game of jacks. Our gentlemen talked of building their own scooters and playing stick-ball. The days of our youth were further enjoyed with some Mother Goose trivia. We had more than a few laughs as we recalled the silly rhymes we remembered from so long ago. Evelyn Grasso was great at the game and won a lovely prize for her effort, as did Gilda Messina and Fran Zummo.

Bowling scores soared higher than the temperature as guests improved their games weekly. Bill Jones and Joe Gold are just amazing with both having games well over the 200 mark. Mary Alfieri is definitely our most improved player and Madeline Pedota and Robert Baumann continue to impress us.

The warmer days were no excuse to miss our exercise class. Indeed everyone was more eager than ever to work out. Alex Salmin claims he's more fit from our program and Angela Hampson notes she never knew she could be so talented making basketball shots. Using our one pound weights has Tony Webb showing of his muscles and Millie Verderosa adores our bending and stretching routines.

Besides exercising our minds and bodies, we've been exercising our vocal cords too. Lots of fine singing this summer from Josephine Gross and Antonia Levato as they joined us for Bob Shade's terrific piano selections.

Ray Lani's bimonthly visits were most welcome. Ray's pleasant voice led us in many delightful sing alongs where Philip Cantone and Marie Thompson both got to showcase their vocal talents.

We enjoyed the guitar of George Missali as he brought back many songs that Artie Johnson and Charlotte Hoffman recalled from summers' past. Bob Hall loves his country/western selections and Doris Thompson is a fan of his Irish numbers. Robert Baumann surprised us all with his terrific voice as he joined George for "You Are My Sunshine" and he and Joe Gold were outstanding on "God Bless America".

A new and, we hope, upcoming guitarist made her debut here at McPeak's this summer; sixteen year old Ariana Roussis, who is a junior at Bayport/Blue Point High School. Ariana's half hour program was appreciated by guests and offered them an opportunity to hear some modern day offerings.

Despite having to wear a fur coat in 90 degree weather, our pet therapy dog, Dustin, never once missed a visit. Dustin's tail could not stop wagging as he received the attention of John Rissland, John Ritz and Mary Morris, who just adore him.

Pastor Bonfiglio and Carmine made several visits here during the summer months much to the delight of Fran Branciforte and Paul Trouve. We all enjoy listening to the pastor's interesting sermons and his very funny and clever jokes never fail to bring us a laugh or two.

What would summer be without ice cream? Adelaide McKasty and Lee Kulakowski enjoyed this delightful treat at our many entertainment programs this summer. Whether chocolate, vanilla or exotic coconut, this delicious confection certainly gave added enjoyment to the shows offered by Bruce Schneider, Lou Paoli and Rockin' Robin. Entertaining too was watching our many talented guests show off their fabulous dancing skills. I loved dancing with Joe Gold and Philip Cantone, who are both outrageous on the dance floor. Bobbie Smith, who is an excellent dancer, found several partners, including Evelyn Grasso and Josephine Gross. We all had fun with the kick-line to "New York, New York", which was the standard finale for all performers and featured all the already named dancers plus Tony Webb and Charlotte Katen's son, Will.

Phyllis Levy, who loves our shows, is just outstanding when it comes to knowing the names of 50's songs and artists. Her knowledge, which she shares at all events, could not go unrewarded. It was with great pleasure that I presented her with a small trophy proclaiming her our "50's Expert" She is just great!

Phyllis is great at a variety of other activities too, including Bingo and was our monthly winner for August with a total of 75 wins to her credit.

Marie Thompson also did well this summer and took the games for the month of July.

As autumn leaves begin to fall, we'll continue to enjoy the fun activities and special events which make McPeak's such an enjoyable place to be.