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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

October 2013 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

September brought a new month and change of season for us to explore. At our word games and reminiscing program we discussed the sights, smells and even the sounds of autumn. We agreed we all loved the changing colors of the leaves and the smell of wood smoke, but disliked the sound of a cricket chirping in the night disturbing our sleep.

Many guests recalled going apple picking in the autumn and apples definitely found their place in our September arts and crafts. Since most of us felt the best way to eat apples was in a pie, we hung a rolling pin on or recreation room wall and surrounded it with some cute Granny Smith apple silhouettes, made by Charlotte Hoffman and Bernadette Lawlor. Mason jars brought back memories for many and we recalled the preserves and goodies put up by our mothers or ourselves. We filled our jars with "applesauce" made by Mary Alfieri and Bob Hall.

They made a charming display when placed on our mantel and added a homey touch to our recreation room. We learned about the many varieties of apples available and for most of us, Mackintosh was the favorite, with Red Delicious a close second. We also favored peeling and slicing our fruit before eating.

A cute craft which featured an apple from beginning to core was made by Marie Thompson and Paul Trouve and looked great in our hallway. Also cute were our apple day signs made by Alex Salmin and Madeline Pedota.

Alex was a great help with some genuine apples we used one morning to make a cake. Alex peeled most of them for us while Ellen Anders beat our eggs, Celia Wysocki measured ingredients and Larry Judson mixed it all together. Our cake was enjoyed at our afternoon bingo games and was so delicious that I'm sure we will not wait until next autumn to make another.

Bob Shade, our piano player, was our first entertainer of the month. Bob's picks for his hour long program included many songs that were our favorites over the years and Evelyn Grasso and Angela Hampson sang along with them all.

Freddie Prinz had us all enjoying every moment of his show. From big band to Latin, Freddie's selections won the approval of the crowd, which included, Adelaide McKasty, Fran Skotko and John Rissland. Julie Franco not only entertained us with her beautiful singing voice, but allowed us to become entertainers as well. Julie passed the mic to Rose Navatto, Tony Webb and Philip Cantone for some musical solos. Also in the spotlight was Joan Corbett, who has an amazing voice which brought a well deserved round of applause from all. Julie's program also featured some great music for dancing and I enjoyed sharing the dance floor with Bobbie Smith, Joe Gold, Josephine Gross, Philip Cantone and Evelyn Grasso.

Keeping fit while having fun was certainly a part of our September days. Our exercise program had us increasing our endurance and strength while also enjoying a few laughs. Robert Baumann and Ellen Anders are great working with our weights and Elisabeth Sommers and Lois Martucci really know how to shoot a basketball.