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December 2013 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

give thanksThe month of Thanksgiving found us with many things to be thankful for here at McPeak's. Among them, good friends, good cheer and lots of fun things to do.


Decorating for the holiday was first on our to do list. Using vases, we crafted from old bottles, we created stunning floral arrangements for our recreation room mantel. Those done by John Rissland, Paul Trouve and Fran Zummo were just gorgeous and looked lovely amid our autumn leaves and orange lights.

The colors of autumn were further reflected in the framed leaves that decorated our walls. Our leaves looked extra pretty thanks to the beautifully fashioned button trimmed frames made by Lois Martucci, Elisabeth Sommers and Bernadette Lawlor.

wreathOur autumn wreaths were filled with lots of seasonal color and those done by Joe Gold and Angela Hampson were just outstanding. Alex Salmin, Celia Wysocki and Charlotte Hoffman also added to our seasonal display with some brightly colored leaf silhouettes they made for us to enjoy.

Not only did we use autumn leaves for our holiday display, but we sang about them too. Bob Shade's piano favorites this month included the old favorite, "Autumn Leaves" and we all sang along. Bob's other offerings were also easily recalled by many guests and there was some wonderful singing by Robert Baumann, Celia Wysocki and Tina Schillings, who has an absolutely gorgeous voice.

Guests enjoyed a visit from Lou Paiolo, whom everyone says sounds just like Frank Sinatra. Lou certainly won the heart of Rose Navatto when he opened the show with her favorite song, "All Of Me". Rose couldn't resist singing along and we all agreed they did a wonderful duet. Joan Corbett also joined in several of the songs, as did Mary Ditta. Showing off their dancing skills during the afternoon were Angela Hampson, Antonia Levato and Josephine Gross.

John and Vivian, a cute and very talented senior couple, pleased us all with their hour long show. Vivian looked lovely in her chiffon and sequin gown as she sang the hits of Jo Stafford and Patsy Cline. Celia Wysocki said she felt like she was watching a Broadway show and loved every minute of their performance. Marie Huber and her husband also loved the show, as did, Lee Kulakowski. There was great singing also by our audience and some terrific dance moves by Bobbie Smith, Joe Gold and Philip Cantone.

top hatThere was certainly magic in the air when Ronjo the Magician appeared here on the 23rd. His clever tricks certainly entertained the crowd and left everyone just a little bit spellbound.

As Thanksgiving drew closer, we reminisced about the holiday and our many traditions and preparations of years gone by. Fran Skotko told of the cranberry sauce she always made and Tony Webb gave us a run down on how to make fried turkey. Evelyn Grasso said she always liked to bake for the holiday and indeed was a big help here when we made our cranberry nut loaf. Also helping with our cooking project were Ruth Beal and Elisabeth Sommers, two other great cooks, and thanks to everyone's help, we had a delicious treat to enjoy during our afternoon bingo games. Our only complaint was that we did not double our recipe as so many people wanted seconds – next time!

Pastor Bonfiglio joined us for a lovely Thanksgiving service that was appreciated by Antonia Levato and Millie Verderosa. Filled with music, prayer and even a few jokes to make us smile, the pastor made us realize how thankful we are for his visit

Our staff/resident bowling tournament, which is held twice a year, is always a big hit and our recent one was no exception. There were lots of spares and strikes made throughout and much applause for everyone's effort, but in the end, the teams finished as follows;


Guests won trophies in size place order and staff members received holiday scented candles for giving their best effort at the game.


Thanksgiving Day was made extra special due to the culinary talents of our two cooks, Sue and Diana. There was turkey and dressing plus sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, corn and cranberry sauce served at the feast, followed by lots of delicious pumpkin and apple pie.

Thanks to all that wonderful holiday food and the promise of more to come, we will be doubling up on our exercise classes in the weeks ahead. Madeline Pedota and Fran Skotko say they love the classes and both Antonia Levato and Larry Judson have noted they're feeling more fit from attending.

Looking quite fit these days is our pet therapy dog, Dustin. Dustin is a very handsome golden retriever who visits us twice a month with his owner Diane. Edwin Weinmann certainly enjoyed their last visit as did Artie Johnson and Mary Morris.

bingo cardsMany guests join us for our frequent afternoon bingo games. It is fun to try our luck and, of course, gather with our friends and chat a bit too. Doing well this month were Gilda Messina, Lee Kulakowski and John Rissland. Doing best this was Tina Schillings, who topped everyone's score with 58 wins to her credit. Congratulations Tina for being our winner for the month of November.

Phyllis Levy has become the new president of our Resident Council. Phyllis presided over her first meeting this month and did an excellent job. We are all so pleased she has taken the position. Thank you and congratulations, Phyllis.


By Tina Schillingstocking

We will soon have Xmas
A joyous time of year.
There will be stockings- plus
Lots of toys bringing good cheer.

Carols will be sung
About the Christ child And the miracles he has brung
We sing so tender and mild.



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