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April 2014 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

March came roaring in like a lion and though it did not exactly leave like a lamb, it was a fun month from start to finish.

To begin, we made our plans for the big holiday of the month St. Patrick's Day. We decided to turn our recreation room into a cozy Irish pub and Bernadette Lawlor and Lois Martucci helped with our homemade decor. Their cute pub signs motivated us to line our mantel with an assortment of glasses filled with "beer". Angela Hampson and Jackie Johnston's were perfect with just the right amount of "foam "on the top.

Though we didn't engage in any drinking games in our pub, we did enjoy some St. Patrick's Day trivia. Tina Schillings correctly guessed many of the answers to our questions and she and Bobbie Smith won their choice of prizes which included some green teddy bears and some Irish Spring soap.

Marjorie Taylor and Celia Wysocki were looking over more than one four leaf clover as they crafted lucky clover wreaths for our hallway. We are all very lucky to have such talented ladies here to help with our displays. The ladies, along with Paul Trouve and Madeline Pedota also made some sparkling shamrocks which certainly made our Irish eyes smile.

Bob Shade's piano solos this month included many Irish tunes that Evelyn Grasso and Josephine Gross sang along to. Bob's visits always put us all in a happy and relaxed mood and we are so pleased he volunteers his time and talents here.

We couldn't have been more Irish on St. Patrick' day if we tried. Most of us were wearing the green as we attended our Irish luncheon which featured the traditional corned beef, cabbage, boiled potatoes and some delicious Irish soda bread. After the meal, there was entertainment by Tony Grant.

Tony's program could not have been better as guests including Edwin Weinmann and Donald Wiggins will agree. Filled with Irish history, humor and of course music, Tony's program was a delight from beginning to end. Delightful too was the green mint chocolate ice cream that was a hit with Bob Baumann, Arthur Johnson and Philip Cantone.
We enjoyed our baking project this month which was a sour cream coffee cake. Elisabeth Sommers and Antonia Levato helped us mix and measure our ingredients and Jackie Johnston and Joe

Gold helped chop up the nuts we added. Our time was well spent on this project as we all enjoyed this delicious treat at our afternoon bingo games.

We were visited by three different pet therapy dogs this month: Belle a black lab, Toby a maltipoo and Ayla a Maltese. All won the hearts of Fran Zummo, Lucy Palazzo, and Joan Corbett.

Joe Gold continues to amaze us with his bowling scores which are regularly over 200. Larry Judson and Bill Jones are also excellent bowlers as are Ellen Anders and Marjorie Taylor.

Millie Verderosa won our monthly bingo championship though it was a close race right to the end with last month's winner Gilda Messina. Fran Skotko and Lee Kulakowski also scored high this month as did Larry Judson and Ruth Beal.

Our month ended on a high note, provided by Freddie Prinz and his hour long performance here. Freddie, as always, was great on the keyboard and his upbeat songs of the 50's were enjoyed by all.

Celia Wysocki and Evelyn Grasso were outstanding on the dance floor. Bobbie Smith and Philip Cantone were up and moving throughout Freddie's terrific show.


An Ode To Springtime
May this springtime and those hereafter
For the very rest of your life
Be filled with joy and lots of laughter
Free of hunger and free of strike
Let's embrace one another
A never need to shed a tear
Just love our father and mother
And everyone else we hold so dear
May each and every month ahead
Be filled with happiness and fun
Not with suffering or with dread
Thus, look forward to springtime, everyone!
By: Tina Schillings




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