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May 2014 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

April showers and even a small snow storm did not dampen our spirits this past month. Instead, we focused on the promise of spring and its biggest holiday Easter.

The mantel in our recreation room suddenly sprouted green grass and was filled with adorable Easter bunny baskets made by Jackie Johnston and Antonia Levato. Our long eared friends looked so happy they made us smile every time we looked at them. Our room also took on an Easter look thanks to the clever crafting of Celia Wysocki and Paul Trouve. Their colorful Easter egg cutouts were hung on our wall and perfectly complimented our sunny bunnies.

The huge eggs that lined our hallway were decorated with care by Lois Martucci, Millie Verderosa and Bernadette Lawlor. They looked sensational as did the baby bunnies that were made by Angela Hampson and Marjorie Taylor.

With all our cute bunnies on display, it was only natural for us to engage in some bunny bingo. Our Easter themed game had us recalling the names of famous bunnies, holiday songs and spring flowers. Madeline Pedota and Tina Schillings were great at the game and won some nice prizes for their winning cards. Elizabeth Sommers was a winner too last month. Elisabeth won a little plush robin when her ticket was selected at our monthly raffle. Elisabeth thought the little fellow was just adorable.

Easter eggs were in abundance as we played our reminiscing game. Guests, including Larry Judson and Charlotte Hoffman, took turns selecting colorful plastic eggs each with a written question inside. We all answered the questions and in so doing shared memories of our favorite trips, movies and first jobs.

Our baking project last month was a Sprite cake. Which, just as you might have guessed had Sprite soda as one of the main ingredients. Antonia Levato and Elisabeth Somers were great helping us to mix and measure ingredients to turn out a delicious treat thoroughly enjoyed at our afternoon bingo games.

We enjoyed our baking project this month which was a sour cream coffee cake. Elisabeth Sommers and Antonia Levato helped us mix and measure our ingredients and Jackie Johnston and Joe

Gold helped chop up the nuts we added. Our time was well spent on this project as we all enjoyed this delicious treat at our afternoon bingo games.

We were visited by three different pet therapy dogs this month: Belle a black lab, Toby a maltipoo and Ayla a Maltese. All won the hearts of Fran Zummo, Lucy Palazzo, and Joan Corbett.

Joe Gold continues to amaze us with his bowling scores which are regularly over 200. Larry Judson and Bill Jones are also excellent bowlers as are Ellen Anders and Marjorie Taylor.

Millie Verderosa won our monthly bingo championship though it was a close race right to the end with last month's winner Gilda Messina. Fran Skotko and Lee Kulakowski also scored high this month as did Larry Judson and Ruth Beal.

Working off those cake calories was fun. We bowled and also participated in our afternoon exercise programs. Joe Gold and Robert Baumann are outstanding bowlers and had many high scores last month as did Evelyn Grasso and Bobbie Smith. Evelyn is also terrific at our exercise class, scoring some phenomenal basketball shots. Jackie Johnston is much more limber now from attending our workouts as is Lois Martucci and Lucy Palazzo.

Dancing also proves to be great exercise and Philip Cantone, Joe Gold, and Celia Wysocki, got their fair share of it when Bruce Schneider and his group performed here. Their great 50's music was certainly appreciated by Fran Skotko, Mary Ditta and Jackie Johnston too.

The days before Easter brought special delight. On Friday, we had fun coloring dozens of eggs to fill a huge Easter basket that was displayed in our dining room. Those done by Ellen Anders, Bobbie Smith, and Millie Verderosa were simply gorgeous. We also had fun with our Easter egg roll which had us taking turns tossing a fabric egg down our longest hallway. There were some amazing distances set, but after everyone had completed their turn it was Joe Gold's egg that had traveled the farthest. Larry Judson came in second and Bobbie Smith third. All three won some pretty Easter baskets filled with grooming supplies and of course some Easter chocolate too.

The Saturday before Easter, we were pleased to have a performance by the choir from The Church of The Nazarine. Pastor Bonfiglio who visits us twice a month helped arrange the performance by his church members and was here with the group. The choir's performance was simply beautiful and was a fitting celebration for the true meaning of Easter.

Gilda Messina was restored to her position of monthly bingo winner by racking up an amazing number of wins last month. Gilda out beat Millie Verderosa who was last month's winner by about 20 games and also beat some strong competition from Lee Kulakowski, Larry Judson and Jackie Johnston. Congratulations Gilda!


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