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June 2014 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

April showers did indeed bring May flowers and we used the beautiful blooms to fill some colorful watering cans for our mantel. The arrangements made by Marjorie Taylor and Elisabeth Sommers were just gorgeous and certainly added a Springtime look to our recreation room.

The beautiful poises seemed to attract lots of butterflies which filled one whole wall of our room. We thank Alex Salmin and Paul Trouve for helping us to make them.

Day guest Catherine Budd helped us craft some pretty pink and white peonies for our hallway as did Angela Hampson and Ellen Anders. Also attractive were the daisy wreaths done by Jackie Johnston and Charlotte Hoffman.

May of course is the month in which we celebrate Mother's Day and we shared our memories of our moms throughout the month.

At our word games and reminiscing program we talked about cloth diapers, mixing baby's formula and sterilizing baby bottles. Lois Martucci recalled how we would test the temperature of the formula, before offering it to our baby, by shaking a few drops on our wrist.

We also challenged ourselves by recalling the names of famous moms and with other word games that focused on moms. Evelyn Grasso reeled off the final words to complete many of our 'Momisms', such as act your age, your room looks like a pig sty and the ever popular, wait until your father gets home.

Our volunteer piano player, Bob, gave a nice salute to our ladies playing all of their favorite songs including many with women's names in the title. Philip Cantone knew them all and sang along with Bob as did Josephine Gross and Cara Manzella.

Mom's trivia bingo was a hit with Tina Schillings and Ruth Beal. Both were fantastic at answering our questions and both won some nice prizes for their efforts.

We did put our moms, and a few dads too, to work as we mashed, measured and mixed the ingredients for our Black Bottom Banana Cake. We were happy to have the help of Antonia Levato, Lucy Palazzo and Larry Judson who have some great cooking skills. Our cake was simply delicious and we have promised ourselves to make it again soon.

The Friday before Mother's Day we were joined by Vivian and John, a cute senior couple, who sing and dance. They gave a great show which was thoroughly enjoyed by Fran Skotko and Madeline Pedota. Celia Wysocki, Philip Cantone and Bobbie Smith enjoyed dancing with me during their program and we felt we gave Vivian and John some stiff competition with our fancy footwork. At the close of our show, all of our moms were given their choice of some lovely pillowcases made by Debra Curry and Mary Schordine's daughter-in-law Jennifer.

Entertaining us also this month was Julie Franco who sang all our favorite songs from the 50's and 60's. Julie shared her mic with Joan Corbett, Cara Manzella and Ruth Beal all of whom sang beautifully. Julie also led us in singing "Happy Birthday" to Millie Verderosa and I enjoyed dancing to "Sixteen Candles" with her. Milllie reminded me during our dance that she'd be having a few more than 16 candles on her cake this year as she turns 94.

Bowling was a fun activity that we enjoyed throughout the month. Larry Judson had the highest score of the month, bowling a 240. Lots of spares and strikes too from Joe Gold, Robert Baumann and Bobbie Smith, all of whom had games over 200 during May.

Ending our month was a great sing along with guitarist George Missali. George's great personality shines through all of his songs which are always lively and upbeat. Great singing by all, including Anna Wanamaker, Jackie Johnston and Celia Wysoki.

Congratulations to Larry Judson who was our bingo winner for the month of May. Larry scored 68 wins, out beating some true competition from Gilda Messina, Lee Kulakowski and Lois Martucci.

Congratulations Larry!

The Month of Brilliance
We're now in the month of June
The trees are all pretty and green
And lots of flowers are in bloom
Our thanks to the one who reigns supreme
We often gaze out of a window
And marvel at the beautiful blue sky
Enjoying the magical sun and its glow
Caressing each bird flying by
Each night we kneel and pray
Grateful to the one above
For blessing us with another day
Filled with hope, happiness, and love
By: Tina Schillings


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