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October 2014 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

How quickly September seemed to come this year but how welcome its arrival. Guests enjoyed changing our indoor decorations around to reflect the new season and had fun creating lovely displays for all to see.

Jackie Johnston and Celia Wysocki helped to make our recreation room look autumn ready as they filled and decorated mason jars to look like preserves. Placed on our mantel, that was lined with old fashioned doilies, they reminded us ever so much of grandma's pantry.

Apple cutouts made by Lois Martucci and Antonia Levato surrounded an old time sign on the wall of our room which said "Grandmas Apple Pie."As we worked on this project, we talked about the various pies we had baked over the years, including apple and then enjoyed some at the end of our noon meal.

At our word games and reminiscing program we guessed the nickname of John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) and recalled going apple picking with our families. We tested our knowledge of apple varieties and then did a craft which reflected the various types we'd discussed. Our craft was displayed in our hallway and we thank Elisabeth Sommers and Bobbie Smith for helping us with it. By month's end, we noticed the trees were changing color and leaves were beginning to fall. Leaf silhouettes made by Ellen McCormack and Millie Verderosa created a beautiful seasonal exhibit which pleased everyone. The colors of autumn also were key to our trivia table game which had many players. Winners at the game included Ellen Nolan, Alex Salmin and Gilda Messina.

Bob's Shade helped keep autumn on our minds with his musical selections which included "September Song" and "Autumn in New York" Bob is so kind to visit us once a month and give us an opportunity to sing along to many of our favorite songs that he plays on our piano. Anna Wanamaker and Evelyn Grasso love singing along with Bob and JoAnne Brooks and Cathy Rayzak do some terrific dancing to his music.

JoAnne Brooks and Cathy Rayzak were up and dancing too when Freddie Prinz joined us mid-month. Philip Cantone danced with me to Freddie's music as did Antonia Levato and Anna Wananmaker. The star of the show without a doubt was our own Carolina Martin, who accompanied by Freddie, gave a flawless performance of "It Had to Be You".


Mary and Peter Icolari enjoyed the show by Vivian and John Goff which featured great ballads from the 40's and 50's and some country western music too. This cute senior couple was also a hit with Maureen McCarthy, Fran Skotko and Charlotte Hoffman.

Our exercise program keeps us all in fine form and it is great to see Bill Jones, Lois Martucci and Marjorie Taylor doing so well at our workouts. In fine form too are Evelyn Grasso, Joe Gold, Peter Icolari and Bobbie Smith who have all bowled over 200 this past month.

Congratulations to Larry Judson who was our monthly bingo winner for September. Larry beat some really high scores that were made by Ruth Beal, Lee Kulakowski and Tina Schillings.

Our interest in apples will soon be changing over to pumpkins as we head into October and begin our preparations for Halloween. There will be some Jack O' Lanterns I'm sure as well as black cats, bats, and spiders galore. There will also be fantastic entertainment by Lou Paioli and Sasha's Belly Dancers as well as some new and exciting games including eyeball bingo. So be ready for lots of trick and treats ahead.



If one is seeking an ideal residence
For a short stay or for several weeks
You will not experience one single wince
When you mention the name "McPeaks"
The staff will gladly attend
To your each and every need
And with courtesy and a smile extend
A hand, after they have done each deed
So, if it's all the comforts of home
Which one occasionally seeks
There is no need miles to roam
Everything is here at good old McPeaks!
By: Tina Schillings


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