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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

May 2015 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director


April had us decorating the mantel in the recreation room with spring flowers in pastel colored tin pails surrounded with tissue paper. They look so nice and have everyone looking forward to the change of seasons. Spring is in the air which has Tomasine Mangano thinking of flowers. Millie Verderosa likes to listen to the birds, as does Charlotte Hoffman. Celia Wysocki is looking forward to put away her winter clothes and start wearing her summer clothes. Mildred Hartman associates spring with love in the air. When Maureen McCarthy thinks of Spring she thinks of house cleaning.

For spring cleaning at home most of us would take the winter drapes down and hang up summer ones. Catherine Budd remembers how she would then wash the windows, Marie Badama would clean the blinds in the bath tub but found it easier to hang them on the clothesline and spray with the hose. Evelyn Grasso would hang the rugs out on the clothes line to beat them to get the dust out.

We had Joe from the Blue Point Salvation Army Corps come to visit us. He talked about Easter and also shared some of the history of the organization It was started in England in 1865 by Methodist Reform Church minister William Booth and his wife Catherine who sought to bring salvation to the poor, destitute and hungry by meeting both their "physical and spiritual needs". Joe talked about Easter and was a funny guy so we had a lot of laughs. He also gave us some gifts. Richard McPartland stated that "The Salvation Army is the one organization that really shows up to help."

Good Friday had a coloring Easter eggs beautiful pastel colors, yellow, blue, orange and pink. They all looked good enough to eat, which we did for dinner as egg salad sandwiches. We also did an "egg roll" we took turns rolling plastic eggs down the hallway with Charlotte Hoffman rolling her egg the farthest, almost into the kitchen. Julie Franco came by in the afternoon to sing to us all the great songs from the past. Lucy Palazzo just couldn't stop dancing and smiling. Tom Bauer and Bobbie Smith danced tougher before the ice cream and soda was served. Larry Judson and Phil Cantone even did a little singing into the microphone.

For arts and crafts we took construction paper and traced our hands and glued bouquets of flowers in them. They look so beautiful it had us remembering our favorite flowers. Maureen McCarthy likes orchards, Peggy Tone and Frances Skotko like roses. Celia Wysocki favorite was the snowball bush. Lois Martucci had a flower girl when she got married. Marge Taylor used to bring a bouquets of flowers to the neighbor who would then give her a nickel.

We did more arts and crafts using leftover pieces of yarn that we made into bird nests that we put a cutout paper bird in and colored a background. Some of us had birds as pets Anna Wanamaker recalls her mother had a canary that she would let out of it's cage to fly around the house. Maria Badamo had a bird that was so noisy that had to keep his cage covered with a black cloth. Anne McTiernan didn't have any birds but she did have rabbits. Tina Schillings remembers on the farm in Virginia the birds would build nests all over the place.

Bob came on a Friday to volunteered his time to play the piano with the music we loved from days gone by. We all sang along and clapped our hands as he played. We remember our favorite songs from the past. Maureen McCarty likes anything by Frank Sinatra. Evelyn Grasso favorite song is "I love you truly" Celia Wysocki also likes that song too. Marie Babamo favorite is "Bewildered, bothered, and bewitch". Marge Taylor told us "Jesus loves me so, this I know" is her favorite. The "Star spangle banner" is Peggy Tone's. favorite. Tom Bauer said he likes all kinds of music.

We have the pet therapy dogs visit with us. We all think the little doggies are so cute. Many of us look forward to bowling we had some high scores this mounth. Our bingo winner of the mounth is Harriet Kulbokas with over twenty five wins. So as the winter turns to spring we keep saying March winds and April showers bring May flowers.


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