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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

July 2015 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director


The temperature was still chilly when we decorated the mantel in the recreation room in June. We had cups with a beach theme that we filled with yellow and purple flowers, then topped it off with pink flamingos and green palm trees. As we made our crafts for summer we we talked about keeping warm. Harriet Kulbokas had a cast iron stove they used to keep the house warm and made soup on the stove top to eat later in the day. Maureen McCarthy had a coal burning stove in Pennsylvania and her father worked in the coal mine. Anne Wanamaker said they would light the fireplace at night to stay warm. Marge Taylor remember that Saturday was bath night and the kids would take turns in the tin tub to bathe.

Pasteur Bonfiglio was here and we got to taking about the Sunday traditions we had. Catherine Budd's family would go for a drive down to the bay. Marge Taylor's family would go for a walk in the woods then if they were good they would get ice cream. Evelyn Grasso recalls the nice family dinners on Sunday nights. Millie Verderosa would get a nickel on Sundays to spend on penny candy.

Reminiscing about fashion when we were children Rose Russo said she wore hand me downs, a lot of us chimed in they did too. Millie Verderosa had little feet and her cousin had little feet so Millie would get her cousin's shoes when she grew out of them. Marge Taylor's mother would sew her clothes for her. Harriet Kulbokas remember going to the shoe store to buy brand new black patten leather shoes. Anne McTierman used to get her clothes at Gertz. Catherine Budd and Thomasine Mangano told us how they would order clothes from the Montgomery Ward or the Sears catalog.

We tried a new activity "Horse Racing" we each picked a cutout horse that was numbered one to six. Then we rolled a die to see which horse would run around the track to the first hurdle. The first horse to pass all twelve hurdles won. Our winner was Rose Russo in the first race with the yellow horse and two winners in the second race Evelyn Grasso and Thomasine Mango with the pink horse. Celia Wysocki said we should play this game again. We all agreed it was a good time.

We made some sailboats pictures for arts and crafts and Maureen McCarthy told us she's afraid of boats because she doesn't know how to swim. Frances Skotko told us she remembers renting a boat with her husband and sailing by the Brooklyn bridge. Marge Taylor used to row boat in the creek and Anne Wanamaker told us she used to go fishing and her brother would bait the hook for here because he was afraid she would stab her finger on the hook.

Arts and crafts had us using paper plates and jigsaw puzzle pieces (as the gravel) to make fish bowls. They look so nice and Maureen McCarthy was glad to hear the puzzle pieces were reused form puzzles that had been missing pieces and would have ended up in the dumpster. Millie Verderosa remembers a bad experience with a fish tank with the fish ending up going down the toilet. Anne Wanamaker recalls she had a gold fish in a bowl when she was a child.

The Brookhaven fair was in town and that got us talking about rides, food, and games. Madeline Pedota liked to eat candy apples. Most of us don't like to ride the roller coaster but Anne Wanamaker said she did like the roller coaster. Anne McTierman told us she rode the roller coaster at Coney Island. Evelyn Grasso and Catherine Budd said the carousel was more there speed.

We had some outside time on the schedule to spend on the grounds enjoying the outdoors. Maureen McCarthy and Antonia Levato commented on how warm it was but it was nice to sit in the shade where it was much cooler. Frances Skotko used the time to take a little cat nap in the fresh air. Florence Shegyn and Celia Wysocki said how pretty the grounds are. Gene Barbour's daughter showed up to spend time with Gene and the rest of us. Rosemarie DeSiena thought the outside was just wonderful.

Bruce Schneider and his crew came by to entertain us. We do enjoy the music especially Bobbie Smith. Lots of toe tapping and dancing. Rosemarie Desiena, Lucy Palazzo, and Phil Cantone all had happy feet moving to the tunes. Freddie Prinze also came by and gave us all a good time with his music and jokes. Joe Gold and Celia Wysocki had front row seats. We all had ice cream and soda which Joe Dambrusa liked very much.

We had Jessie the pet therapy dog come to visit us with her owner Jill. Ruth Beal thought he was just so adorable. We had Marlene stop by with her puppy Sambuca who is so cute. Marie Wieden and Mary Morris said he is the same size of a cat. We all enjoy these visits from the doggies. Phil Cantone would like to have the dog stay here all the time.

We had a couple of birthdays here at McPeak's this month Sue bakes a special cake for each of the celebrants. We had Peter Icolari blow out his birthday candles on the fifth, Joe Gold enjoyed his B-Day on the seventh, Maureen McCarthy had her cake on the tenth, and Rosemarie was the birthday girl on the fifteenth.

We had a couple of winners in the bean bags toss Millie Verderosa, Tomasine Mango, and Anne McTierman. Marge Taylor was also one of our winners and she managed to score in one turn the highest score of ninety six points. Bowling too saw a lot of winners Joe Gold, and Bobbie Smith were the big winners. Evelyn Grasso and Anne Wanamaker came in a close second. The bingo winner of the mounth was Millie Verderosa with the most games won.


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