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December 2015 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director


In the recreation room we filled cups with a football theme with leaves of fall foliage and topped them with scarecrows. We placed them on the mantel with a sign that says "Happy Fall Y'All". We got to talking about the season and Maureen McCarthy told us she likes to rake leaves. Anne Argento doesn't like to rake leaves and would hire someone to do it. Nettie O'Halloran said she would get leaves everywhere when raking even in her underwear. Catherine Budd would start the raking alone thinking her family would come out and help her, but it didn't always work out that way.

Arts & Crafts had us making autumn leaves trees. We glued different colors and sizes of circles for leaves in the style of Kandinsky. They look so bright and cheery in the recreation room. We also made scarecrow faces with paper plates. Everyone got a different color hat and hair and we drew faces on them. Tina Schillings told us her grandfather in Prospect Virginia had two scarecrows, one for each cornfield. Celia Wysocki also had a scarecrow in her garden in which she grew vegetables and flowers. Catherine Budd's grandfather had cucumbers and tomatoes the scarecrow would look over.

We saluted our veterans and thanked them for their service. Bob Baumann-Marine, Phil Cantone-Navy, Peter Icolari-Army, Bill Jones-Navy, Ed Weinmann- Army. Bill Jones served on the USS Forrestal (CV-59) during the Cuban missile crisis. Ed Weinmann was a combat engineer in the 29th division some of the work he did was rebuilding bridges after they were blown up, they called it "donkey work". Phil Cantone was an electrician on the ships that came into port. Bob Baumann would volunteer his time to put on his dress uniform to sing for the Jerry Lewis muscular dystrophy fund raisers. Peter Icolari got his draft papers for WWII the same day his family got the notice his brother was killed in action. The Army gave him a three month difference. Peter said he wanted to go fight in Europe where his brother was killed but the army wouldn't send him into combat and sent him to Hawaii.

Trivia had a talking about Thanksgiving traditions. The first thanksgiving had lobster which I said I would like to make a tradition in my family. Nettie O'Halloran's mom would make venison for the holiday but Nettie said she cooks a duck. Marge Taylor's family couldn't afford turkey and they would have a thanksgiving chicken when she was a youngster. Helen Kalinowski carries on a family tradition by making mashed turnips like her mother made. Tonnie Arena would make homemade pound cake for dessert.

Football season is here and got us talking about sports, most of us enjoy baseball over football. Harriet Kulbokas likes the Mets, Lois Martucci likes the Yankees. Millie Verderosa told us her son is a scout for a major league football team. Charlotte Hoffman said the sport she likes to watch is ice skating. Frances Skotko said when she lived in Manhattan she would go to central park to ice skate.

For "McPeak's Gallery" we colored pictures of mittens and then added glitter and sparkles. It looks like a winter wonderland. Catherine Budd remembers she would have to mend her mittens to make them last. Marge Tayler said the oldest kid would get new mittens and they would have to make them last while being passed down to the youngest.

We enjoy our Friday entertainment guests. Bob Schneider came by with his friends he does a great Al Jolson. Mike Morgese likes to sing along. Marie Badamo listened along with her son Austin who was visiting. Nina Et cetra came by to play music for us. JoAnne Brooks likes the music as does Bobbie Smith. We all enjoy some ice cream too. Phil Cantone said "you can never have too much ice cream."

Trivia had us learn interesting facts like, no piece of paper can be folded more than seven times, and the TV show "The Lone Ranger" was the first to be put into reruns. Some interesting facts about ourselves is Tina Schillings speaks five languages, Maureen McCarty is left handed, and Frances Skotko daughter has twins boys.

This month we watched The Lucy Show on DVD. Celia Wysocki said it was lots of laughs, Tina Schillings said that Lucille Ball was a talented comedian, and Catherine Budd said she couldn't stop laughing. Peggy Tone said she would like to see the Mickey Mouse Show next week.

Pastor Bonfiglio stops by every other Thursday to visit us. We appreciate the time he makes for us. We got a thank you card for him we all signed... Lois Martucci enjoys the songs we sing. Peggy Tone likes the jokes told, and of course we all enjoy the sermon.

Every Wednesday we get a doggie visit from the Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Therapy. We have the usual visit form Jill and Jessie, and Marlene and Sambuca. This week we had Martini visit us. Pete Icalori just loved her. Mary Marko thinks the dogs are just the cutest little things.

We enjoy bowling on Mondays Anne McTierman was our top scorer, close behind we had Marge Taylor, Catherine Budd, and Harriet Kulbokas. The bean bag toss had Maureen McCarty and Marge Taylor tied for first place. Close behind tied for second was Nettie O'Halloran and third place went to Tina Schillings. This month's Bingo winner was Nettie O'Halloran with the most wins.

Birthdays Celebrated in November

  • Lois Martucci on the 9th

October's BINGO winner with the most games won is
Nettie O'Halloran

November Entertainment

  • Bob's Piano Favorites
  • Bruce Schneider
  • Nina Et Cetra

Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: second Monday
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: second Saturday
  • Pastor Bonfiglio: second and fourth Thursday
  • P.R.A.T.T. (Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy): every Wednesday

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