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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

March 2016 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director


We made a Valentine theme display in the recreation room with cups filled with flowers and hearts and lace doilies. We placed them on the mantel with red and white Easter grass. Most of us prefer flowers over chocolate for valentine's. Mary Icolari likes sun flowers, most of us would like to have red roses. Lois Martucci told us she wants flowers and chocolate.

Arts and crafts had us making lady bugs from hearts with pipe cleaner antennas. We glued googly eyes on them which Maureen McCarthy says really brings them to life. We all agreed that lady bugs are good luck. Tina Schillings says it must be true because her grandmother told her so. We wondered what they eat and Millie Verderosa said "They live in the garden so they probably find good eats there."

For the art in "McPeak's Gallery" we pasted hearts on scrapbook paper and then put heart stickers and colored on them with magic markers. Thomasine Mangano said "I love with my heart and soul." Celia Wysocki as usual made hers with red because red is her favorite color. Rosemarie DeSiena put polka dots all over hers.

We made mice from paper plates to hang in the sitting area. They had craft paper ears and a pom-pom noses, then we took a pipe cleaner and made a curlicue tail. Tonnie Arena said they look cuter than real mice.

I told some jokes and tongue twisters before our visit with Pastor Bonfiglio. Anne Argento was pretty good at saying "An ape hates grape Cakes." We had the most trouble saying "bad money, mad bunny". Anne McTiernan and Tina Schillings gave it a good try though.

Reminiscing Maureen McCarthy told us when she was a girl living in Pennsylvania in the winter she would ice skate down the road in front of the house. They called it "ice ally". Marge Taylor said on Halloween as a prank the kids in the neighborhood took their out house and put it on main street, she and her parents didn't think it was very funny.

On DVD we watched "The Jack Benny Program". Mary Icolari and Lois Martucci and some of us used to watch that show in the early 1950's. Margie Tsoukais told us that show wasn't on the TV in Scotland, which is where she grew up. Anne McTiernan said her family had the first TV in the neighborhood and everyone on the block would come over to watch it. We also saw "Dean Martian Variety Show" with guest stars Sammy Davis Jr. and Andy Griffith. Catherin Budd recalls good times watching the old programs. Bobbie Smith especially enjoyed the singing and dancing from Sammy Davis Jr.

The sing along is always a fun time. We were impressed with Helen Link's voice, as she sung alone with the Ink Spots. She was so good we asked if she ever sang professionally. She told us "no, but I should have." Margie Tsoukais wanted to hear "This Land Is Your Land". Anne Argento was surprised to learn Judy Garland was only fifteen when she sang "Over the rainbow".

We recalled our favorite singers. Mike Morgese likes Mario Lanza, Tina Schillings favorite is Johnny Mathis, and Maureen McCarthy likes "old blue eyes" Frank Sinatra.

We read some poetry Celia Wysocki says the poems are so beautiful. This month we tried something new and wrote a poem together. Brian Dean was a big help.

I know I like to see the sun shine When your mine
The sun will shine
I love you all the time

As we read and wrote the pottery we listened to classical music and opera. Margie Tsoukais and Charlotte Hoffman as did all of us, liked that we did something different.

We enjoy our Friday entertainment. We had Freddie Prinze visit us to play the electric piano. A good time was had by all. Mike Morgese knows most of the words to all the music. Rosemarie DeSiena and Lucy Palazzo did some dancing. We enjoyed cheese and crackers with the music.

Every Wednesday we get a visit from the Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Therapy. Jill came with her dog Jessie. Pete Vanderift had a big smile when Jessie was on his lap. Marlene brings her dogs Sambuca and Martini. Pat Lindauer lights up to see the little dog. Thomasine Mangano doesn't like the dog to sit on her lap, but she enjoys petting him.

Our top scorer on Monday bowling was Mike Morgese, with Catherine Budd and Millie Verderosa placing second and third. The bean bag toss winner was Mike Morgese with the highest score. This month's big Bingo winner was Harriet Kulbokas winning a prize with the most wins.

Birthdays Celebrated in March

  • Mary Icolari on the 5th
  • Catherine Budd on the 6th
  • Bill Jones on the 30th

March's BINGO winner with the most games won is
Harriet Kulbokas

March Entertainment

  • George Marseli
  • Tony Grant

Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: second Monday
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: second Saturday
  • Pastor Bonfiglio: second and fourth Thursday
  • P.R.A.T.T. (Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy): every Wednesday

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