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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

April 2016 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director


We made flower bouquets in paper bags that we colored to decorate the mantel. Maureen McCarthy made a portrait, Catherine Budd make a landscape, and Anne McTiernan made an abstract. Most of us are ready for winter to end and spring begin. Charlotte Hoffmann said March has her thinking of relaxing in the summer months. Harriet Kulbokas said "March winds and April showers bring May flowers."

Arts and crafts had us crafting shamrocks with scrapbook paper and giving them faces with googly eyes. Tina Schillings told us when she was little her grandmother would press four leaf clovers in the family bible. Millie Verderosa said her granddaughter picked clovers in the front of her house and would bring them to her as a gift.

We made bunnies from paper plates to hang in the sitting area, with pom-pom noses, and pipe cleaner whiskers. As we made our crafts we got a visit from the IGHL Day Program. They made stuffed bunnies for us to give as gifts, they also did a little dance for us. We enjoyed the visit and Peggy Tone told them to come by again, and we all agreed.

For the art in "McPeak's Gallery we colored pictures of Easter eggs with crayons and magic markers. They came out so beautiful. We love all the different art styles we have. We have some real talent here. Anne McTierman said she enjoys art and museums. Maureen McCarthy said hers was "Egg-stra" special.

We listened to some jokes before our visit with Pastor Bonfiglio. We sang songs with him and listened to his inspirational service. Bobbie Smith really enjoys these visits. We love to sing "Jesus loves me this I know", we also sing "Amazing Grace", luckily Pastor Bonfiglio remembers all the words.

We had a new activity Famous Fridays. This month we featured Lawrence Welk. We read a short biography and we were surprised to learn he was born in North Dakoda, with his accent we though he was an immigrant. We watched an episode of the "Lawrence Welk Show." with his trademark champagne bubbles. Marie Wieden and Helen Kalinowski enjoyed the show.

On DVD we watched "Victor Borge" a lot of us recalled his piano playing and comedy routine. Charlotte Hoffman laughed and laughed, as did Bobbie Smith. But not one of us saw his "Music Show" in NYC, which became the longest running one-man show in the history of theater with 849 performances, a feat which placed him in the Guinness Book of World Records.

We also saw on DVD "The Red Skelton Show – Bloopers and Blunders". It was very funny. Lois Martucci laughed during the whole show. Thomasine Mangano said it was hilarious. Celia Wysocki and Maureen McCarty recalled they used to watch him on TV. Some of us even recalled his radio show.

The sing along had us singing tunes from Frankie Vali and the Four Seasons. Phil Cantone and Rosemarie DeSiena not only enjoyed singing they also did some dancing. Dean Martian songs too are a favorite. Tonnie Arena likes Voltaire she said "That's Italian."

Easter had us coloring eggs with Skyler Boucher who does the actives on the weekends. We also played Easter games. We had a lot of fun doing an egg toss, no worries we used plastic eggs. We also had an Easter egg roll, with Anne McTierman the winner. We had to guess how many Jelly Beans we had in the container and Charlotte Hoffman won by guessing by only two off. Everyone was happy and won some candy.

We enjoy our Friday entertainment guests. George Marseli played his guitar and sang for us. Lucy Palazzo and Pete Vanderift clapped along. We had ice cream as a treat with the music. Tony Grant came by to sing and entertain us. We get a kick from his Elvis impersonation.
Every Wednesday we get a visit from the Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Therapy. Jessie came with her owner Jill. Mary and Peter Icolari love to pet and hold the little doggie. The dogs Sambuca and Martini also came with their owner Marlene.

Our top scorer on Monday bowling was Mike Morgese, with Catherine Budd and Millie Verderosa placing second and third. The bean bag toss had us cheering for high scores and this month Mike Morgese was the winner with Millie Verderosa coming in second place, and Margie Tsoukais in third place. This month's big bingo winner was Helen Link winning a prize for the most wins.

Birthdays Celebrated in April

  • George Reis on the 18h
  • Tom Bauer on the 28th

April Entertainment

  • Nina Et Cetra
  • Bruce Schneider

March's BINGO Winner
With the most games won

  • Helen Link

Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: second Monday
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: second Saturday
  • Pastor Bonfiglio: second and fourth Thursday
  • P.R.A.T.T. - Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: every Wednesday

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