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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

July 2016 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director


We decorated the mantel with beach themed glasses we filled with flowers. We added green palm trees and pink flamingos to the bouquets. Tonnie Arena said summer makes her think of the sun, Anne Argento said she thinks of the beach. Maureen McCarthy recalls picnics in the summer and Anne McTierman said summer reminds her of good times.

For arts and crafts in the recreation room we pasted construction paper foxes on purple paper and put a scrap book paper tail and breastplate on him. Some of us have seen foxes in our yards, Catherine Budd saw one across the street from her house in the woods. Thomasine Mangano also saw one in the woods. Lois Martucci told us she had a fox stole at one time.

On Flag Day we made arts and crafts flags on paper plates to hang in the sitting area. We had a good time listening to patriotic music as we made our crafts. Tina Schillings and Sheila Pomann are very knowlegdeable on the singers and song writers. It was also Maureen McCarthy's birthday so we played a funny birthday song "The happy birthday song" by Arrogant Worms, which we all enjoyed.

For the art in "McPeak's Gallery" we had a mandala style bird we colored with crayons, then mounted in a frame that we decorate with foam stickers of flowers. Evelyn Cartratare has a real artistic talent, even her daughter joined us for the coloring fun.

We talked a little about this and that and some things we learned about each other were: Anne McTierman went to "FIT" The Fashion Institute of Technology. Rosemarie DeSiena loves ice cream. Joe Gold enjoys listening to classic rhythm and blues music. Irwin Smith likes to be called "Smithy." Tom Bauer likes horses. Pete Vander Drift can play the bongo. Millie Verderosa likes to watch westerns. Bob's piano favorites is always a good time. Anne Argento was good at naming the songs he played. Rosemarie DeSiena did a little dancing to the music. Peggy Tone told us she can play the piano, but only with one finger! Helen Link liked that Bob played the music of his generation.

We tried a new activity: "What's in the bag?" We had a lunch bag that had a hidden object in it that we had to feel and try to guess what it was without looking at it.

We watched "The Dean Martin Celerity Roasts" on DVD. Some of the jokes heard would most likely not be heard on network TV today. Anne Argento said it was different times back in the 1970's. Harriet Kulbokas said it was all done in fun and nobody was mean spirted.

We also watched "The Lucy Show" on DVD. Catherine Budd and Thomasine Mangano couldn't stop laughing in the episode where Lucy gets accidently drafted into the Marines. Another epode had guest stars Mel Torme and John Bubbles who is known as the father of "rhythm tap," a form of tap dance. Peggy Tone said it was a real treat to see him and Lucy dancing together.

At the sing along we sang a lot of songs. Anne Argento sang along with "That's Amore" by Dean Martin. Mary Icolari knew the words to "Bicycle built for two" by Nat King Cole. Of course Mike Morgese sang along with "Michele row your boat" from the Beach Boys, He also told us he had a boat at one time and his friends would go water skiing.

We enjoy our Friday entertainment guests. George Maselli came by and played his guitar and sang songs. We enjoyed cheese and crackers with soda. Tony Grant too came by and played the electric piano. We all had some ice cream and sang along with the toe-tapping music.

Pastor Bonfiglio comes to visit twice a month. He told the story of Jonah and the whale which Peggy Tone says he enjoyed hearing. Ed Weinmann thanked him for coming to pray with us. We also sing songs like Amazing Grace. We all agree Helen Link has a very nice voice.

Every Wednesday we get a visit from the Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Therapy. Renee came by with Hans, Gloria Kormylo was so excited to see and pet Hans the standard poodle she said his fur is so soft. Phil Cantone also enjoys the pet visits.

Our top scorer on Monday bowling was Mike Morgese, with Denise Perrone and Mary Marko placing second and third. This month's big bingo winner was Helen Kalinowski winning a prize for the most wins.

Birthdays Celebrated in July

  • Charlotte Hoffman on the 7th
  • Anne McTiernan on the 14th
  • Anne Argento on the 25th

June Entertainment

  • Bob's Piano Favorites
  • George Maselli
  • Tony Grant

June's BINGO Winner
With the most games won

  • Helen Kalinowski

Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: second Monday
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: second Saturday
  • Pastor Bonfiglio: second and fourth Thursday
  • P.R.A.T.T. - Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: every Wednesday

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