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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

September 2016 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director


We decorated the mantel with flowers we put in beach themed vases with a bird, or a butterfly on the top. Talking about summertime Peggy Tone told us she would go the beach a lot. Catherine Budd recalled as a child she would go to her aunt's beach house in Rocky Point. Maureen McCarthy said she was always on the go visiting friends. Thomasine Mangano used to take her kids camping upstate in a tent.

For arts and crafts in the recreation room we made purple teddy bears. We had a lot of fun. We crafted the eyes, nose and mouth with crayons. Catherine Budd had her bear sticking out his tongue. None of us has seen a real bear in the woods but we've all seen one at the zoo.

The arts and crafts we made to hang in the sitting area we had us using paper plates that we colored with crayons. Then we pasted craft paper water and put a yellow duck floating on top. Ruth Levy and Thomasine Mangano joked that the craft was a "bird brain" idea. Peggy Tone said "birds of a feather flock together".

For "McPeak's Gallery" we made abstract art. We glued strips of paper in different colors to a black or white background. We got to talking about doing crafts at the dining room table. Tom Heltz reminded us not everyone had a dining room. Millie Verderosa said she had leaves on her table, so there was never a worry if company stopped over. Marge Taylor said her mom set up a tin tub on the table where she would bathe her and brothers and sisters.

The "Remember When" activity had us thinking about the past. Helen Kalinowski told us when her sister was born at home the doctor came to the house with his black doctor's bag and she thought the baby was in his bag. Evelyn Castrataro said her mother died when she was nine months old, and her father raised her and five brothers and sisters by himself. Maureen McCarthy recalled she bought a set of encyclopedias from the door to door salesman. Tonnie Arena said she used to play a game called "punchball".

Bob Shade came by and played his piano favorites for us on the second Friday. We enjoy the old standards listening to Ira Gershwin and Cole Porter songs. Maureen McCarthy said she took piano lessons for five years. Peggy Tone could be on "Name This Tune" because she could tell us almost every song he played.

Mike "The Music Man" came by and played the piano and some harmonica too. He plays mostly Elton John and Billy Joel songs, but he did play some Glen Miller for us. Unfortunately, he will be back to school in September and won't be able to play for us on weekdays.

We watched a "Victor Borge" special on DVD. Lots of laughs as he missed the piano bench or shuffled the sheet music. Surprising a number of us do not recall him. He was a comedian, conductor, and great pianist.

We watched a DVD of "Rin Tin Tin", and were surprised to find that that is wasn't the TV show from the 1950's but The Adventures of Rex and Rinty from 1935 that was a film serial starring the equine actor Rex ("The King of Wild Horses") and canine actor Rin Tin Tin, Jr. Catherine Budd said she really enjoyed all the action and can't wait to find out what happens. Resident Tom Heltz was a WWII veteran, and he brought us a DVD.

Resident Tom Heltz was a WWII veteran, and he brought us a DVD about the time he served on the USS Dayton. We found it very interesting and we gave him a round of applause and thanked him for his service.

The sing along had as singing songs from the past. Peggy Tone, Maureen McCarty and Evelyn Castrataro knew the words to "Show me the way to go home". Anne Argento was singing "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" by Johnny Mercer. We all had a good laugh after listening to the original "Woody Wood Pecker" from 1947 and then we tried to imitate woody wood pecker laugh. We agreed Charlotte Hoffman did it the best.

We enjoy our Friday entertainment guests. Everyone was excited to hear Tony Grant was coming by. He did a Hawaiian themed show for us being that Hawaii became the 50th state on August 21, 1959. Ruth Levy had fun singing along, as did Ed Weinmann. For snacks we had donuts and soda which Santine Sanacore liked a lot.

Rob Von Bernewitz came by and played his guitar and sang songs. Ruth Levy just about knew all the words to all the songs. Ed Weinmann also impressed us with his singing. We had chocolate ice cream and soda for a treat.

Every Wednesday we get a visit from the Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Therapy. Barbra and Lucy a cute little cocker spaniel was here. Barbra had Lucy in a little dog stroller. Millie Verderosa said she looked just like a little baby.

Our top scorer on Monday bowling was Marge Taylor, with Mike Morgese in second place, and Anne McTiernan in third place. This month's big bingo winner was Evelyn Castrataro.

Poetry Corner

Written by the Residents


Sitting in a pew

Singing songs

and praying

Wondering why

they called it a pew.

Birthdays Celebrated in September

  • Tina Schillings on the 10th
  • Mary Marko on the 29th

September Entertainment

  • Bob's Piano Favorites
  • Freddie Prinz
  • George Maselli
  • Bruce Schneider

August's BINGO Winner
With the most games won

  • Evelyn Castrataro


  • Marge Taylor
  • Mike Morgese
  • Anne McTierman

  • Ongoing Activities

    • K of C BINGO: second Monday
    • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: every Sunday for Communion
    • Grace Gospel Church: second Saturday
    • Pastor Bonfiglio: second and fourth Thursday
    • P.R.A.T.T. - Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: every Wednesday

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