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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

March 2017 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director


We decorated the mantel for February with cups of red, white and Pink for valentine's day. We added flowers and hearts and lace dollies to make them look pretty. Anne Lotocke said her husband would give her a heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentine's, Eugene Raka would give his wife red roses. Maureen McCarty said she would like to get jewelry and Charlotte Hoffman loved to receive flowers.

For arts and crafts in the recreation room we made a bouget of hearts with glitter. Anne Lotocke said she liked to get a heart shaped box of chocolates for valentine's day. Ellen Anders said she likes to have chocolate on any holiday. Reggie Sobella would give his wife flowers, red roses.

For the sitting area arts and crafts project, we took Styrofoam monkeys, loins, and elephants and glued them on pink paper plates. Then took felt heart stickers and made them look like funny valentines. Anne Lotocke said her monkey valentine was "bananas", which gave us all a good laugh.

For McPeak's Gallery we made cat silhouettes we colored to look like stained glass. Tonnie Arena said "Meow", Hans Schroder made his cat with a nose like a pig. But we all agree that's the beauty of art there is no right or wrong.

Reminiscing had us looking back on our family's, husbands, wife's, and kids. Remembering what the jobs our parents had Harriet Kulbokas father was a milkman and she met her husband Pete at the dairy. Millie Verderosa father was a dentist and her mother was a millinery (hat maker). Both of Eugene Raka parents worked at Western Union, in fact that's where they met. Evelyn Castrataro told us her father was a single parent and he was a barber.

Word games had us thinking of books and magazines we have read. Marge Taylor read "The good book" the bible. Harriet Kulbokas told us her favorite book is "The good earth" by Peal S. Buck. Tina Schillings likes" Readers Digest" because of the diversity of the articles. Maureen McCarthy likes to read the Magazine McCall, in fact she had a subscription deliver to her house.

Brain Games had us put our thinking caps on. We had questions on geography, Anne Lotocke was very good in this category. The science questions were hard and Catherine Budd said she thought we should have paid more attention in school.Tina Schillings did very well on all catorges.

On DVD, we watched Red Skelton's bloopers, blunders, & ad-libs. Ruth Levy said it was hilarious. Millie Verderosa favorite character was "Deadeye "who was an inept sheriff in the Old West. Peggy Tone got a big kick seeing Harpo Marx as a guest star. Charlotte Hoffman remembered Audrey Meadows as "Alice" on the honeymooners.

Another DVD we saw was the "Planet Earth" by the BBC, we saw "seasonal forests" and "ocean deep". Harriet Kulbokas said it was very interesting to see how life on earth is allways changing.

Ray Lani brought his guitar and sang songs for us. Pete and Mary Icolai We enjoyed a glass of soda and some chocolate and vanillia sandwich cookies.

Every Wednesday we get a visit from the Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Therapy. Edith was here with Bailey who is a standard white poodle. He has learned to give his paw when receiving treats from us. Tomasine Mangano even like to pet him because he is so friendly.

Skylar Boucher and Genesis Carrasquillo are here on the weekends.

Our top scorer on Monday bowling was Marge Taylor, in second place, was Mike Morgese, and Evelyn Castrataro was in third place. This month's big bingo winner was Millie Verderosa, wining the most games.

At the end of March, the Recreation Director, Liz Turner will be leaving, as much as she loves all of us at McPeak's. She is going to pursue other opportunities. We said we will miss her, but she has assured us that will be having as much fun and activities with the new Recreation Director.

Birthdays Celebrated

Mary Icolari on the 5th
Catherine Budd on the 6th


  • Ray Lani

February's Winners!!!!

BINGO Winner
  • Millie Verderosa
  • Marge Taylor
  • Evelyn Castrataro
  • Anne McTiernan

Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: second Monday
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: second Saturday
  • Pastor Bonfiglio: first and third Thursday
  • P.R.A.T.T. - Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: every Wednesday

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