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May 2017 Newsletter

By Maria Agrillo, Recreation Director


We decorated the mantel for Easter with bunny ear baskets full of assorted flowers and eggs.

We filled McPeak's Gallery with colorful butterflies and cute bunny rabbits. In addition, the residents created beautiful Japanese Cherry Blossom trees. Everyone talked about getting Easter lilies, and special holiday treats such as Easter bread, leg of lamb, fresh ham, hot cross buns and many types of pastries. Catherine Budd remembers doing all the cooking. Marie Paxson said that her family always came together. Millie Verderosa remembers eating a lot of food and attending church in the morning.

Over the weekend, Skylar Boucher made little bunnies with the ladies and put them in a lovely design on our recreation wall. On another wall of our room, we hung up our "Trip Down Memory Lane" crafts. Everyone tried to remember where they have traveled, lived, pets they had, and pleasant memories. Stop by and read them sometime! Dorothy Varanelli has traveled to many places, Catherine Budd has a story about how she met her husband. Marie Paxson tells of her travels as a young single lady, playing the piano, and meeting Albert Einstein. Maureen McCarthy tells us of her life married and raising kids with her sisters.

Genesis Carrasquillo held a modified Easter egg hunt for the residents on Easter Sunday. We had them color large eggs that were printed on paper. She then stapled sandwich bags full of prizes to the back and hung them around the house for everyone to find. We ended the holiday by raffling off three original Easter baskets. The residents had a great day and were very thankful for all the effort made.

Reminiscing had us going back to Jane's Ice Cream Parlor! We spoke about the kitchen sink that had 10 flavors of different ice cream and all kinds of toppings. Kay Chester told us it was a way to spend time with your friends. Catherine Budd mentioned it was a good way to meet boys. Maureen McCarthy said, "The ice cream was just so good!"

Our second session of Reminiscing had us talking about the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue in New York City. Kay Chester reminded us that as a little girl you would wear your new Easter dress with black shoes and white gloves. But that's not all, everyone had an Easter bonnet as well. Patrick Thomas reminded us that boys had to wear knickers. Marie Paxson told us that Church always came before the Easter Parade.

Our exercise class has a new twist as well, we have added a "Sit & Dance" to the exercise schedule. The residents really enjoy it because it has been a fun and easy activity to take part in. Some even sing along while we exercise, We also added Musical Bingo to the list of new activities. We play a song for them to figure out and then find on their bingo cards. Helen link got a kick out of it. She even grabbed Genesis and started spinning her around when we played "When The Saints Come Marching In".

We ventured into a new form of art this month. The ladies discovered edible art using dried fruit and frosting to make Easter eggs. Each egg looked different and everyone had fun working on them. Once completed we showed them off to the staff before the real fun began. We all ate our creations and they were scrumptious!

The newest addition to our program is a Yoga Group! Instead of a DVD we now have instructors by the names of Jordan & Harriet come in. It was a huge hit and the residents were very pleased. We all learned to relax and breathe in order to release stress and tension. We did simple stretching and focused on smiling while sitting comfy in our chairs. The smiles were radiant. Mr. & Mrs. Raka both enjoyed the class. Hans Schroeder said he felt as if he were dancing. Janet Marsala simply had a nice time at her pace while Anne Lotocke enjoyed the easy movements. If you haven't given it a try please come to our next class!

On our movie showings, we watched "Andre Rieu in Tuscany". Everyone was singing and swaying to the classical music. Reggie Sabella enjoyed the music and scenery. Antonia Levato liked the language while Millie Verderosa said, "It's just beautiful." The residents also enjoyed watching a DVD about a true story titled, "Miracles from Heaven". We had a large crowd and everyone liked the movie. It made everyone remember that miracles do happen every day; just in time for Easter. Genesis also shared Annie with the residents since the movie took place in their era.

Nina of ET Cetera was here to entertain on April 7, 2017, she sang and played the guitar and harmonica to lots of our country favorites. The residents felt she did a good job. Hans Schroeder danced with our aide Carmen while Helen Link and I danced together. Mario Escalera and Reggie Sabella both found the performance entertaining. Dorothy Varanelli said, "She sounds like Patty Cline." Bruce Schneider came over to see us with a couple of his buddies. They played the keyboard, sang and really got the crowd going. Al Jolson and some other 50's music was a part of their itinerary. Mike Morgese was dancing in his seat while Helen Link twisted and turned the afternoon away. Every entertainment event is accompanied with goodies; this month we had Dixie cups and soft pretzels!

Every Wednesday this month we received a visit from P.R.A.T.T. & our furry friends. Lori Underwood came with her 11-year-old Lab named Zeke. He served as a service dog for our soldiers in Alaska as well as two tours in Iraq. We also had a visit from Sophie, a Golden Lab Retriever, along with her owner Rich. Sophie is 3 year-old and loves her Curious George toy. Bailey was here to visit us as well accompanied by his owner Edith. He just loves to get his treats from everyone.

We had a special visit from the Salvation Army on April 11,2017. Carol Gambino brought us Songs and Prayer bags as well as gift bags and fleece blankets. We all sang, "How Great Thou Are", "Holy-Holy", "When the Saints Come Marching In", and lastly "Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail". Mike Morgese and Ed Weinmann agreed that it was well done and they should come again. Pastor Bonfiglio came for his usual visits this month. The residents enjoyed singing with him and discussing Lent as well as Easter. He ended each visit with a group prayer and a blessing as always.

Overall, the residents had a busy month filled with both artistic and cognitive recreation. They explored more physical activities such Sit & Dance and chair yoga. It was a huge success and we plan to try more new things.

Birthdays Celebrated

Ruth Levy on the 5th
Dorothy Varanelli on the 5th
Evelyn Castrataro on the 10th
Mario Escalera on the 18th
Thomas Bauer on the 26th
Janet Marsala on the 27th
Hans Schroeder on the 28th


  • Nina Et Cetera
  • Bruce Schneider


  • Salvation Army – Friendly Visit
  • Anne V.Biernacki – Animal Adventures
  • Jordan Miller – Yoga

April Bingo Winners

  • Mildred Vederosa
  • Tina SchiHings
  • Harriet Kulbokas
  • Larry Judson

Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: Second Monday
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: Every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: Second Saturday
  • Pastor Bonfiglio: First and third Thursday
  • P.R.A.T.T. - Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: Every Wednesday

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