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February 2018 Newsletter

By Maria Agrillo, Recreation Director


When we think of February we have thoughts of Valentine's Day. We write cards, get chocolates for that special someone, send roses and above all show our appreciation for the person we love. Of course, there's also the Super Bowl for our football fans. Who can't resist parties with friends and lots of good food?!

Mardi Gras takes place down in New Orleans this month as well. The event is marked by great music, delicious Creole food, and plenty of celebrating. As if that weren't enough to keep someone busy, this year we have the Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. They start on Feb. 9, 2018 and go through Feb. 25, 2018. What's your favorite event? And since there is no rest for the weary February is also the home of; Black History Month, Lent, President's Day, and then Purim. Thats a whole lot for just 28 days.

Our New Year started off with George Maselli entertaining us on New Year's Day. We had holiday cookies and soda and enjoyed a truly lovely afternoon.

Don Anthony was next to visit us. He had everyone singing and moving in our chairs. The room was full. Helen Link sang along and danced in her chair. Patrick Thomas sang with Don Anthony. Catherine Budd was tapping her feet and moving her hands to the music. I'd say we all had a good afternoon.

We had a wonderful afternoon with Nina Et Cetera. She played all kinds of country songs and some love songs as well. Helen Link and Adeline Jahelka sang with her. Edith & Reggie Sabella were holding hands and having a great time to the music. Peter Icolari was singing to the music as well. We also got to enjoy some cheese & crackers and soda pop.

For our movies this month we started off with "Where There's a Will." The movie takes place in a small town in Texas. It's about a grandson and grandmother. We had a full house for it and everyone enjoyed watching; the ending touched everyone's.

Next, we watched, "Out of The Woods", Starring Edward Asner, Jason London, Mel Harris. It's about a family and the spirit of the Indians. Teaching all about keeping life in balance. The movie took place in the mountains of California and was beautiful to watch.

Our residents voted to watch a concert this time. Their choice was, "The Tenors live from Las Vegas". It was a very moving concert. Helen Link said it was very good. Emily Janelli enjoyed how they looked and their amazing voices. Patrick Thomas said, it was nice to see young people perform and dress well. He also, enjoyed the songs.

For McPeak's Art Gallery we started off with our Water Colors project. These were Snow Globe Scenes. Residents had the choice of a lovely church scene or Reindeer scene for their globes. Patrick Thomas made an art-deco reindeer. Adeline Jahelka made a very lovely pastelwater-color globe. Catherine Budd made a church scene look like a Norman Rockwell.

We also made Winter Tree Scenes that turned out amazing. Each one looks so different and original. Helen Link was surprised how good it turned out. Patrick Thomas made a palm tree in winter. Millie Verderosa looks as if it's in a blizzard. Mary Meier made one as if it's in a clearing. Our group has so much hidden talent.

Diane from Creative Connection was here with another amazing project to make. We made winter penguins on the ice. Some have scarves and others are looking up into the sky. Adeline Jahelka is working on a water color print. Dorothy Alloy finished her project and was so pleased and surprised with herself. Millie Verderosa, Joan Rogers, Mary Meier and Maureen McCarthy were all just so happy with their painting skills. We will continue to work on these projects in the next class as well. For our second painting project Diane brought Red Cardinals sitting in a tree. They also came out great. Dorothy Alloy was so happy with her painting. Diane thinks she is a hidden artist. Maureen McCarthy loved her red cardinal and enjoyed painting. All of our paintings are displayed around the building, so please come and see them.

Trivia had us laughing. We have a very knowledgeable group. They all love to learn new facts. We started off with Trivial Pursuit for seniors. We had science facts, entertainment and sports with literature as well.

Our reminiscing activity took us back to our resident's youth. We talked about House Calls in the days when a doctor really came to your home. Ladies and young girl's wearing a girdle. We had some good laughs on this topic. Dorothy Alloy and Catherine Budd said, "We hated those things, so uncomfortable". Catherine Graffelner said, "We all looked alike in them". We also discussed gas station attendants which have mostly gone by the wayside, and the best extra room in your apartment "fire escapes". Boy did I learn a lot on this one. It was dad's grilling spot, a space for kids to hang out with friend, a hideaway for the ladies to gossip, and these were just a few among so many uses.

We had our first baking class. In this class we each had a group make honey cornbread. One group made a loaf, the other group made a squared design. Residents enjoyed putting the ingredients together and mixing. We ate our cornbread during bingo for our snack. It turned out very good.

The Salvation Army paid us a visit this month. They brought us a treat and played a game with us. They also shared a simple sermon with us, making everyone feel special and loved.

The yoga instructor was here twice this month with Ruth leading us in new chair moves plus helping breath better. Adeline Jahelka enjoys yoga, she told us that this was something she did when she was younger, so she enjoys it now as well. Kay Chester, Mary Meier, Anne Lotocke, all enjoy the class, they say it's relaxing.

Our physical games this month were horseshoes and ring toss. Our high scores in horse shoes were Catherine Graffelner with 75 points! Than we had Patrick Thomas in second place with 70 points. Third place was Mary Meier. Ring toss had Dorothy Alloy with a score of 80 points. Second place Patrick Thomas with 35 points. Third place was Janet Marsala and Anne Lotocke both scored 25 points.

Our friends from P.R.A.A.T came to visit us on Wednesday were Baily, a Poodle, who makes everyone smile and laugh. He learned right paw and left paw. Also, he has been bowing. Next was Corey the wired hair Dachshund who gives everyone kisses.

Anne was here from Animal Adventures. On this visit she came with two alpacas Eve & Ruddy, who have grown since we last had seen them. They now love to eat treats. Edith Sabella loved how soft they were and Reggie Sabella at first thought they were large dogs. We had one small quail that was a bit wild in nature but once Mary Meier held it, boy did it calm down. Next, we had two large brown show pigeons. They were making noises at each other, a gentle soft sound. Anne Lotocke enjoyed them, and said they were very soft. Dorothy Alloy loved how soft and quiet they were. Catherine Graffelner held a dwarf rabbit, that was all shades of brown. Kay Chester held a very large rabbit which fell asleep in her arms and lap. We took lots of pictures, and everyone really had a great time.

Birthdays Celebrated

  • Denise Perrone 2/16


  • Rishard - 2/9
  • Terry Uss - Valentine's Day 2/14
  • Roberta Fabiano - 2/23

January Bingo Winners

  • Catherine Graffelner
  • Emily Janelli
  • Helen Link
  • Anne Lotocke
  • Maureen McCarthy


  • Salvation Army Visits
  • Creative Connection With Diane
  • Anne v. Biernacki
  • Animal Adventures
  • Ruth Vargas / Yoga

Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: Second Monday of Each Month
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: Every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: Second Saturday of Each Month
  • P.R.A.T.T. - Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: Every Wednesday

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