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April 2018 Newsletter

By Maria Agrillo, Recreation Director


The first day of spring was March 20th, and with it we celebrate the start of flowers blooming, the births of new life on the farm and the turning of the winter weather to warmer days. April’s birthstone is the diamond, which represents innocence. The flower is the Sweet Pea, which symbolizes pleasure or good-bye. And the traditional colors for April are yellow and red.

In April we celebrate Easter with family and friends and reflect on its religious meaning. We have April Fool’s Day, a day for jokes and kind-hearted pranks. We also have Tax Day which is certainly not something we look forward to, but something we all should do.

Diane from Creative Connection was here to finish our Red Cardinals painting project. The residents were happy to see the completion of their work. Our residents love this class and do look forward to it. I see them smile when a painting is completed, and the pride they have from working on their canvases is evident. It makes me happy to see them enjoy what they are working on.

As always, we like stay fit with our sit and dance class, as well with music-motion and sing-stretch. While we do have fun with music and singing, it is keeping us physically fit.

Our resident yogi, Ruth, strives to keep our residents fit with chair yoga. We focus on our breathing and reaching to the sky. Our yoga classes are always full.

Singing is a lovely way to make us feel good and be happy. We had our group sing-a-long for St. Patrick’s Day. We sang “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling,” and “I’m Looking Over A Four-Leaf Clover.” Helen Link and Patrick Thomas led us in song, while others followed and happily enjoyed themselves.

Horse shoes is one of our games that we play in doors. We had a very large group of residents who were ready to compete. Joan Golden started us off with the first ringer of the morning. She led the group every turn she took. Joan took first place with a high score of 115 points. Second place went to Harriet Kulbokas, who scored 105 points. Third place was taken by Catherine Graffelner with 95 points.

We all have read poems, but how many have written or created one. So, in our Poem group, our residents got to create one of our own. Here it is:

Green Gets You Growing
The Ides of March winds are slowing.
But soon will be blowing.
While snow is piling.
The sun is brightly smiling.
The Green, Green, Grass of Home.
The Birds are singing-The violets and
Tulips are blooming.
Spring has sprung…
Written By: Catherine Budd- Catherine Graffelner- Charlotte Hoffman-Anne Lotocke- Janet Marsala- Maureen McCarthy- Mary Meier- Patrick Thomas-, Edith Sabella-, Dorothy Alloy

For our first movie showing, we had “Joshua.” It’s about a drifter that changes one small town and brings people together. If you have the time you just might take a chance and read the novel. Our residents truly enjoyed this movie. Everyone said,” It made us feel good.”

For St. Patrick’s Day we have The Irish Tenors, Live from Ellis Island. This is a live concert hosted by Martin Sheen. They sang: My Wild Irish Rose, Danny Boy, The Irish Medley. Our residents sang along with the dvd. We had a full room with lots of smiling faces. Patrick Thomas enjoyed the concert. Adeline Jahelka loved the songs picked to sing and enjoyed seeing the tenors. Margaret Tsoukias said, it took her back to Ireland.

On Friday morning after one of our recent snowstorms, we took a trip down memory lane with “Broadway’s Lost Treasures.” Carol Channing, Robert Goulet, and Harvey Fierstein were our hosts. We had clips from 42nd Street- Damn Yankees, Into the Woods, and West Side Story. We had a full Room. The residents wanted to see a movie with James Dean, so we watched “East of Eden”. We had a full room but did find the movie a little slow in its moving but in true James Dean fashion, he was a rebel and fighting with his own brother about a girl. Joan Golden just loves James Dean as does Emily Janelli. Some of the other ladies have stated he was just easy on the eyes! Bob Rush started us off for this month’s entertainment. He plays the keyboard and harmonica. He played songs from 40’s and 50’s and takes requests! Everyone enjoyed the shared donuts and soda pop.

We had Magic Dave come one afternoon and perform magic tricks for us. They were very good and certainly had us wondering “How did he do that?” Dave also played some songs on his guitar for us: Fly Me to The Moon- New York, New York- Summer Winds. All in all, very entertaining.

Bruce Schneider came to entertain us for our St. Patrick’s Day social. We had a lovely afternoon singing together and talking about the holiday. We all had a good time remembering old songs from our youth. Nina Et Cetera was here for a fun filled afternoon. We sang country songs with her and clapped our hands to the beat. Helen Link and Edith Sabella sang along. We enjoyed ice cream sundaes with whipped cream and some jelly beans on top. Everyone loved the dessert.

Corey the Dachshund came to visit as part of our pet therapy. He was sharing hugs and kisses with everyone and brightening up the day. The following week we had a visit from Bailey the poodle who was bowing and doing right paw / left paw tricks for us all.

Our baking class was a lot fun. We made old fashioned crumb cake. Everyone took turns mixing and we had designated egg cracker’s. Most remember relaxing and having crumb cake with coffee served to friends, or a leisurely Sunday looking over the newspaper. Catherine Graffelner recalled making a cake from scratch. Catherine Budd said she remembers the large tasty crumbs on top. We served our crumb cake as a snack during Bingo.

McPeak’s Gallery started off with the Art of Tattoo’s. Everyone picked their own “tattoo” and then got a chance to color it as they liked. Of course, we had a lovely rose with candle, next a large owl, a native cactus plant with mosaic titles and a salamander. Our pictures came out so bright with many colors. Another weekend, Skylar made colored eggs with everyone. Residents all had a different design and bright colors. Some people made very abstract looking designs We talked about making fancy Easter baskets and hiding eggs. We also celebrated with family and friends. For good luck we made a pot of gold with a rainbow.

Our “Remember When” activity took us back to New York City and the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We have a few residents that have gone to the parade or marched in one. Dorothy Alloy has been to view them and enjoyed the excitement of the crowd. Of course, many of our ladies have made corn beef and cabbage and potatoes for dinner. But Catherine Budd, Maureen McCarthy said, they just enjoyed the day with their family. Everyone said they wore some green on that day. I asked if anyone had ever found a four-leaf clover? To my surprise many had found one and saved it in a book. Catherine Graffelner said, she had lots of them growing in her back yard.

For a change of pace. We watched a travel log of Alaska. These showed places as Ketchikan, Skagway, Juno, British Columbia , Vancouver. They saw glaciers and Black Bears. The residents were excited as these were places I had visited this past August. They couldn’t believe I was in a boat, so close to the large whales.

Anne was here for our Animal Adventures program with Pinocchio the ornery duck. Patrick Thomas tamed the duck who became very quiet sitting in his lap. There were two chicks that sat with Mary Meier and Dorothy Alloy. Then there was the soft black and white rabbit who just loved visiting and sitting on resident’s laps. Of course, Eve the alpaca was here just making everyone happy. We took pictures with all our friends who spent the day making all of us smile.

Birthdays Celebrated

  • Margaret Walsh 4/5
  • Mario Escarlera 4/18
  • Marietta Arnott 4/25
  • Thomas Bauer 4/26
  • Janet Marsala 4/27


  • Ted Haiman - 4/5 & 4/17
  • Roberta Fabiano - 4/13
  • Ray Lani - 4/27


  • Salvation Army Visits
  • Creative Connection With Diane
  • Anne v. Biernacki
  • Animal Adventures
  • Ruth Vargas / Yoga

Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: Second Monday of Each Month
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: Every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: Second Saturday of Each Month
  • P.R.A.T.T. - Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: Every Wednesday

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