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May 2018 Newsletter

By Maria Agrillo, Recreation Director


May is a busy time for most of us. We have our gardens to plant, lawns to aerate and of course, our homes that we need to clean. We also can’t forget to dust off the patio furniture, open our pools, and make reservations for Mother’s Day!

The flower for the month of May is the Lilly of the Valley. This symbolizes happiness, humility, and sweetness. In the Victorian era, it was given as a romantic gift to say: “You have made my life complete.” April was started off with was a visit from the Salvation Army with Carol. We enjoyed some readings from the Bible regarding the story of Easter. They also shared some poems about Spring and Easter. Everyone got to enjoy a Hummel Crumb cake, which was wonderful.

Our baking class in April was carrot cake. Dorothy Alloy had fond memories of making carrot cake. Most were not too sure it would turn out to be edible! We checked on it during the cooking stage, it looked very good and smelled great. Luckily it came out great and we got have it during bingo that afternoon. Everyone enjoyed the cake! It was so yummy! Patrick Thomas said he never doubted it wouldn’t be good. Catherine Budd, Charlotte Hoffman, Emily Janelli, Anne Lotocke, and Mary Meier all agreed.

Every Wednesday we have visits from our furry four-legged friends from P.R.A.A.T. The first visit was Hanz, he is a 6-year-old standard poodle. His color is black. We learned that Bailey who visits us is Hanz’ father. Corey, a Dachsund, was our next visitor who came with his owner Mary. He was in such a happy mood. He spent the afternoon with the residents, loving them up and making everyone smile. Bailey came next and boy was everyone so excited to see him. He just gave everyone tons of kisses and hugs. They just love to see him showing off his tricks to them.

Our piano player, Ted Haiman, was here to start the month off. We had a full room for him and everyone was ready to sing and clap along as well. Helen Link of course sang along with Patrick Thomas, Edith Sabella, and Frances Manning all joining in. Others enjoyed clapping and tapping their feet. We had show tunes, songs from Porgy and Bess, Show Boat, and the Entertainer. Ted returned to play for us on another day with different pieces of music. Some of the pieces were about immigrants coming to America. Margaret Walsh, Joan Golden, Frances Manning, Edith Sabella, and Milly Verderosa helped to keep everyone singing.

Our “Remember When” session took us back to our youth or young adulthood. We talked about the zoos we had been to. Of course, many had visited the Bronx Zoo and Central Park Zoo. Then we had two people who had been to the Bush Gardens Zoo, and the Safari. Also, there was a person who had been to the San Diego Zoo, and one to the Washington D.C. Zoo. After our discussion, we created some animal art. We had Giraffes, Frogs, Birds, and Butterflies. All finished pieces can be seen hanging up in our resident’s rooms.

We kicked off our first Friday concert with Elvis Presley. This was a concert plus it told us about his life. The ladies packed our viewing room first. Joan Golden, Emily Janelli, and Edith Sabella, stated they enjoyed his music and were large fans. Patrick Thomas said, he enjoyed his music. All who came to view the concert seemed to enjoy themselves.

Matilda was our first movie showing, starring Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman. Based on a novel by Roald Dahl, it is the story of a young lady with a gift for magic who uses her powers to help others. There were lots of laugh’s and the story made everyone feel good in the end.

For our Friday movie viewing we showed Night at the Museum starring Ben Stiller and Robin Williams. The New York City Museum comes alive at night time and so does a very interesting mystery. Everyone was glued to the screen, enjoying watching the tale unfold.

In the spirit of keeping our bodies in good shape, we stay fit with our movement programs. Sit & Dance, Sing & Stretch, and Music & Motion. These all combine music, singing, and exercise while seated in a chair. Then we also enjoy Yoga with Ruth, which is also done while seated, in a quiet place with lights out and very soft music in background. Then for fun, we sometimes have ball toss to music. This gets everyone moving and laughing. We use our grippy-ball, so it makes it easy for people to catch.

To keep our creative juices flowing, everyone participated in writing an Acrostic Poem. An Acrostic Poem is a composition in verse, in which the initial or final letters of the lines taken in order, form a word or phrase. Below is our poem:

Sweet smell of spring
Picture, perfect, pansies
Rising sunshine fills the sky
Indulge in your senses
Nature has its own beauty
Grasshoppers appear in high, tall grass

Written By: Catherine Budd, Catherine Grafffelner, Charlotte Hoffman, Emily Janelli, Harriet Kulbokas, Anne Lotocke, Janet Marsala, Maureen McCarty, Patrick Thomas, Mildred Verderosa, Dorothy Alloy, Joan Golden

Diane from Creative Connection came by in April. We finally finished our Red Cardinals. Our residents were so excited to be back painting. They enjoyed the music and small talk. After they had finished the Red Cardinals it was on to Cherry Blossom Trees. Caroline Mott and Margret Walsh attended our group this morning. They talked about the Cherry Blossom Trees in Washington D.C., which led into a discussion on who had seen the lovely trees. Our lovely paintings are displayed over the fireplace mantle for all to see. She came back on the 26th and guided us in painting Spring Tulips. They all come out wonderfully and each residents Tulip has a character all its own.

Our live entertainment started off with Roberta Fabiano who everyone just loves. She takes us back to an earlier era through song. Everyone had an enjoyable afternoon. For our snack we had cheese ≈ crackers with soda pop.

Ray Lani was here to sing and play his guitar for us. He played sing -a-long music like the Beatles, some country music and sang happy birthday to Janet Marsala. It was a very pleasant afternoon.

To exercise our minds, we had our group game of Taboo. Folks really enjoy the wordplay aspect of this classic game. We play hang-man which gets competitive with words to guess. I must say Patrick Thomas, Helen Link, Emily Janelli, Margret Walsh, and Dorothy Alloy, are all very good with clue games. “50 Questions” is a game that was played on TV many years ago. We gave it a try, and all seemed to enjoy it. There’s a topic given, and the group must come up with the correct answer by asking a series of questions. We had lots of laughs.

Once again, we had a packed room for our Animal Adventures Program with Anne Biernacki. On this adventure she brought with her a four-month-old baby parrot named Boo-Boo. This parrot is being hand raised by an 81-year-old man who feeds Boo-Boo every four hours by an eye dropper. We learned it gets fed baby parrot formula. It makes soft cooing sounds and is learning to perch.

Our residents were so taken with little bird. Patrick was in charge of the parrot once everyone had seen or held Boo-Boo. Our next little friend to visit was Clementine a three-week-old baby goat. Once she entered the room every resident heard her calling out for her momma. So, more residents came to see who was visiting us. Clementine has a light white and brown coat. She is very soft and so friendly. We all had such a good time visiting with our little friends.

Birthdays Celebrated

  • Edwin Weinman 5/14
  • Thomasine Mangano 5/21
  • Robert Palmer 5/22
  • Mildred Verderosa 5/25


  • Ted Haiman - 5/3
  • Nina ET Cetera - 5/11
  • Ted Ricci - 5/13
  • Bruce Schneider - 5/25


  • Salvation Army Visits
  • Creative Connection With Diane
  • Anne v. Biernacki
  • Animal Adventures
  • Ruth Vargas / Yoga

Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: Second Monday of Each Month
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: Every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: Second Saturday of Each Month
  • P.R.A.T.T. - Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: Every Wednesday

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