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JUNE 2018 Newsletter

By Maria Agrillo, Recreation Director

Wow, June is here!  The month for backyard BBQ’S, weddings, pool parties, and long days spent at the beach.  The time for wearing sunscreen, sandy toes, and nights spent with friends around a bonfire.

Did you know that June’s birthstone is the Pearl and that it stands for longevity and good health? We think that is wonderful.  The flower is the Rose, which conveys the message of love, gratitude, and appreciation.   

On a side note, each color of a rose has a unique meaning.  If you’ve ever wondered what color rose to give someone, here’s a list to go by:
     Orange- Fascination
     Red- Love, Respect, Courage
     Pale Pink- Grace, Joy, Happiness
     Deep Red- Beauty, Passion
     Yellow- Joy, Friendship, Jealousy, Hope, Freedom
     Black- Farewell
     White Rose Bud- Girlhood
     Tea Rose- I’ll Remember Always
     One Dozen Red Roses- I Love You
     Lavender- Enchantment Uniqueness
     Dark Pink- Thankfulness, Friendship
     Peach- Modesty, Gratitude, Sympathy
     White- Purity, Secrecy, Humility

We started off May with our Sing-a-Long series.  As always, we had a large crowd with plenty of good singers.  We also used YouTube to help us find some popular songs and singers.  This is lots of fun as it brings back many good times memories.

Our friend Ted Haiman came to play the piano for us on two occasions.  He plays sing-a-longs for all of us to sing with. Then he leads us, with music, through the historical period of mass immigration to America, followed by classical pieces of music with a touch of history that he explains.  Frances Manning enjoys the piano music so much, she wouldn’t miss it for anything.  Edith Sabella loves to just and sing with the music.  Caroline Mott finds it most enjoyable and relaxing as it’s one of her favorite activities to attend. 

For Mother’s Day we had Ted Ricci here who plays the electric piano.
Everyone enjoyed his playing and special songs for this day.  I was told everyone had a lovely time with him. 

This month we had a full calendar of entertainment, starting off with Nina Et Cetera, she plays country music and has a voice like Patsy Cline.  Everyone just loves when she comes.  We had soda & ambrosia fruit salad.  This was a popular treat!  We would like to thank Martin for making it for us.   Our next performers were Bruce Schneider and his buddies.  They take us down memory lane with songs from the 40’s & 50’s.  Everyone loves to relive their youth with all the fun songs they remember.  Helen Link, Patrick Thomas, Edith Sabella, Emily Janelli, all sway and clap to the music.

Carol from the Salvation Army was here to do a paper flower project with us.  We also shared poems of Mother’s Day.  Carol brought cupcakes for everyone to enjoy at bingo in the afternoon.  Our paper flowers came out very nice, and a few of the ladies put them on their walkers to decorate them.  We also listened to the song Paper Roses by Marie Osmond.

Diane from Creative Connection came, and we explored different forms of painting.  Some of our residents were given a white background with instructions on what to paint on the canvas.  Others were given a blacked-out canvas board and step by step instructions.  Diane is always pushing them to do more with their creativity and not to be afraid.  The project we worked on this week was Humming Birds with a spring background with butterflies in tall grass.  After we finished we were given bird houses to paint in whatever color they most enjoyed.   We all had a great time.

Something new we are doing is Arm Chair Travel.  Our first destination was Greece!  We toured Crete, Meteora, Mikonos, P’eloponnese, Rhodes, Santorini, and Thessaloni. They were all so very colorful and beautiful.  Caroline Mott enjoyed the travelogue as she had visited Greece in the past.  Emily Janelli, Catherine Graffelner loved the blue waters and white buildings.   Patrick Thomas and Helen Link said, “The music was wonderful”.

They all agreed this type of traveling was stress free and they appreciated there being no lines or crowds. 

Our baking group made Angel food cake with pineapple inside, which we enjoyed during bingo for our snack.  

McPeak’s gallery has our tropical birds that we created hanging up on the wall.  Tropical birds are bright in color so they all stand out so well.   Patrick Thomas, Joan Golden, Dorothy Alloy, Edith Sabella, Mildred Verderosa, all had a nice time with this project.

Our group Crossword Puzzle had us really thinking this time.  Our first puzzle was all about Famous Inventors & Inventions.  It really had us thinking about important historical people and events.  Next it was to solve Turtle Trivia, which took us to a conversation about the tropics.  We also discussed how the sea turtle is an endangered species and how we may be able to help save them.  After that we were off to learn about colors and how it affects us when we paint a room.  We had a very interesting morning.

Hangman had us really working on our word play.  It was a challenging game for everyone.   Some of the words were:  Kazoo, Kangaroo, flautist, burrito, pew, magnolia.  Dorothy Alloy enjoys this game as she likes to learn new words and meanings.   Patrick Thomas enjoyed this game as it keeps his mind fresh. 

P.R.A.T.T was here to visit us with our furry friends. Mary came with Corey who just makes everyone feel so happy to see him.  Loves to sit with us and give us plenty of hugs & kisses.

Next, we have Cindy who brings her pal Bell.  She’s a 12 ½ year old lab who was a seeing eye dog, she’s now retired so she visits us in her spare time. Bell is very quiet and just loves to be patted and loves having her belly rubbed as well.  Cindy also came on a gloomy Wednesday with Hanz, a 7-year-old standard poodle who is black in color.  Hanz is very calm and loves to lean his head on your lap and give some kisses.

Exercise is a very important thing for seniors to do so, of course, we have plenty of that, starting off with sit & dance as well as Music in Motion, Sing & Stretch, which are all done to music following a DVD. Resident participate as much or as little as they comfortable with when it comes to excercising. 

Ruth Vargas, our resident yogi, is here two Mondays a month, to help keep us fit and moving.  Ruth teaches us safe yoga movements while sitting in a chair.  Our residents have learned to breath better and stretch their limbs so we remain flexible.  We have full groups for all classes.  

Anne Biernacki comes at the end of every month with all kinds of different animals for us to touch & learn about.  It’s the highlight of our resident’s month.  We always have a packed house as everyone can’t wait to see what she’s brought for us.   So, on this sunny day we had two dwarf white bunnies, a four-month-old baby lamb that we were able to bottle fee.  To our surprise JoJo the blue macaw came to visit us.  JoJo said, Hello, Goodbye, and even mentioned bubble gum!  We all had a great time with JoJo.

If any family members are interested in participating or observing recreation activities, please contact us or see our website,, for a calendar of events.


  • Bob Shade 6/4
  • Roberta Fabiano 6/8
  • Ted Haiman 6/14
  • Bob Shade 6/18
  • Ray Lani 6/22
  • Ted Haiman 6/28

Salvation Army Friendly Visits Creative Connection With Diane
Anne v. Biernacki
Animal Adventures
Ruth Vargas / Yoga


Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: Second Monday of Each Month
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: Every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: Second Saturday of Each Month
  • P.R.A.T.T. - Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: Every Wednesday

May Bingo Winners

  • Anne Lotocke
  • Maureen McCarthy
  • Dorothy Alloy

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