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August 2018 Newsletter

By Maria Agrillo, Recreation Director

August is a very busy month across the country. There is that special back to school feeling in the air as kids and parents alike get ready to for their first days back. It is also a very busy month for weddings, vacations, and family trips.

This month’s birthstones are Sardonyx and Peridot. The flower is Gladiolus. Its colors are Orange and Red. We also know August is home to the “dog days of summer,” which historically charts the rising of the dog star, Sirius.

We kicked off our July by inviting Terry Uss to be here on July 4th to entertain us with patriotic songs. Everyone had a ball and even some of the residents got to sing into the microphone. Edith Sabella sang, Frances Manning, Dorothy Alloy, and Joan Golden also did a great job. Everyone was wearing their finest Red-White-Blue.

Next on the calendar was Ted Haiman who played patriotic songs on piano. Ted always packs the room and does a great job getting everyone to sing along. Frances Manning is 1st to take a front row seat. Caroline Mott loves to attend as well so she can learn the history of where the songs came from.

Nina Et Cetera was here on Friday to take us down memory lane with some classic country music tunes. We had fresh fruit salad with whipped cream for our refreshments. Mario Escalera really enjoys the Patsy Cline songs while Helen Link enjoys Roy Oribson songs. Everyone just has a good time.

Bob Shade comes to play the piano for us as a volunteer.

Bruce Schneider and his buddies were here to entertain everyone. They sang songs from the 50’s and 60’s. Our snack was strawberry short cake that our handyman Martin made for us. Not a bad way to spend a hot summer afternoon.

We have started doing more active games in the common area from 2 to 2:45. Some of these games include frisbee toss, bean bag toss, mini golf, birdie toss, basketball roll, and a ball toss to music. We encourage family members to join, so if you want to try some of our games, please come and find us in the common area. Dorothy Alloy likes all the different games. Joan Golden enjoys the laughs with others. Frances Manning enjoys watching as she finds it exciting.

Yoga with Ruth Vargas is twice a month from 3 to 3:30 on Monday’s. We do stretching, seated poses, and breathing exercises. We have a nice group that enjoys keeping in shape. During the week, in afternoons, we still have sit and dance/ sing-stretch/ music-motion, all done to music sitting in chairs.

Diane from Creative Connection comes twice a month with different ideas for us to paint. Our residents love to participate in her classes. Look for their art work in residents’ rooms or hanging around our home. For our July project we painted sailboats and lighthouses with a sunset back ground. Caroline Mott can’t believe what she paints. Dorothy Alloy and Joan Golden just enjoy the class and the company of others. Edith Sabella and Anne Lotocke enjoy the colors and love listening to music.

Our second painting session with Diane was the ocean with a beach and palm trees and some pink flamingos. They look amazing because everyone’s skies are all so different.

McPeak’s Gallery of art has our popcorn statue of liberty with fireworks.

Of course, we would like to thank our friends at Patchogue Rotary Animal Club for coming to visit us. Corey, who’s owner is Mary Kissinger, brings him on Wednesday to see us. Also, Bailey, who’s owner is Edith, brings him to see us as well. Both dogs make everyone smile and make our day special.

Anne, with Animal Adventures, is a huge highlight for us. She comes once a month. We never know what she’s going to bring us. On this sunny day we were so surprised to see a baby pig! His name is Conan and he is only four weeks old. He has a job attending birthday parties. We also had three bunny rabbits and their mother. Another surprise for us was two little ducks, which our residents named M & M. It was a wonderful morning.

We started off our concert series with; “To America” by Lawrence Welk. We had a full room as everyone loves Lawrence Welk. Residents were singing, clapping hands and enjoyed the costumes. Catherine Budd, Catherine Graffelner, Emily Janelli and Anne Lotocke all had a good time.

For our movie goers that enjoy laughing we watched, Dean Martin’s Variety Show staring Florence Henderson, Jonathan Winters, and Phyllis Diller. Caroline Mott said, she enjoys watching this show and laughing. Joan Golden was laughing so hard she was crying. We had tons of laughs and some singing as well.

We have been doing some armchair traveling lately. First stop was Switzerland; a lovely place to visit. Next was Germany with our tour guide Joseph Rosendos. First stop Wittenberg’s Castle Church and we learned about Martin Luther. After this we went to Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania by riverboat cruise.

One of the games we do is crossword puzzle. It has us working together and using our minds. Helen Link, Patrick Thomas, Anne Lotocke, Emily Janelli, Catherine Graffelner, Priscillia Cohen. Everyone did well with the clues and guessing the correct letters. We had our last movie for the month which was a mystery. Annabelle Hooper and the Ghost of Nantucket. Everyone loved it and even stayed till the end!

Please Join us August 28th, weather permitting, for an outdoor barbecue and a visit from our resident Favorite Anne’s Animal Adventures. Please inquire for details.


  • Jerry Cardone 8/3
  • Bob Shade 8/6
  • Ray Lani 8/7
  • Ted Haiman 8/9
  • Lendra-Belly Dancers 8/17
  • Bob Shade 8/20
  • Ted Haiman 8/23
  • George Maselli 8/24

Salvation Army Friendly Visits Creative Connection With Diane:
Anne v. Biernacki
Animal Adventures
Ruth Vargas / Yoga


Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: Second Monday of Each Month
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: Every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: Second Saturday of Each Month
  • P.R.A.T.T. - Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: Every Wednesday

June Bingo Winners

  • Charlotte Hoffman
  • Joan Golden
  • Dorothy Alloy
  • Caroline Mott

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