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McPeak's Assisted Living Newsletter

June 2015 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director


We started the month decorating our mantel in the recreation room with watering cans that we arranged with flowers and topped with butterflies. They look so beautiful. It reminded us of the gardens we used to have. Catherine Budd told us she had flower borders all around the house and her husband had a vegetable garden. Harriet Kulbokas used to grow apple and pear trees, and she would freeze the fruit for the winter. Celia Wysocki told us how a neighbor once gave her a can with a seed in it that she watered and it grew into a tomato plant. Marge Taylor's father had a big vegetable garden that he would have to water from the well.

Arts and crafts had us making owls with scrapbook papers that we then added our personalized touch by drawing eyes and eye lashes. As we were crafting, Tina Schilling told us on her farm in Virginia they had barn owls. Millie Verderosa remembered a little owl that lived in her neighbor's tree in Florida. Marge Taylor had owls in the attic in Greenport, and Madeline Pedota said she never heard any owls in her backyard. Another day we made beautiful butterflys from coffee filters that we colored with magic markers then dampened so the ink ran and looked like watercolors. We each picked out a color pipe cleaner for antennae. They all turned out so pretty and colorful. For McPeak's art gallery we made abstract pictures we colored in. We love that we can express ourselves that art is from the heart. As we worked we talked about art and crafts, Harriet Kulbokas remembers taking art classes in school, and Peggy Tone said her sister used to paint portraits. Marge Taylor said her husband used to do drawings. Caroline Martian recalls she used to like to do drawing and painting, and Millie Verderosa is sure she probably did some paint by numbers at one time. Asked what our favorite artists are, Anne McTeiernan answered she likes Man Ray while Maureen McCarthy likes Rembrandt. We all knew the Mona Lisa painting, and after we saw the picture we all knew "American Gothic" by Grant Wood.

Reminiscing about neighbors we had. Millie Verderosa told us she had noisy neighbors that would check her garbage cans. Celia Wysocki said they used to have block parties in Brooklyn and everyone would play music and dance. Catherine Budd remembers that Patchogue was like the country, and had only three family's living on her street. Harriet Kulbokas recalls big B-B-Q, s where she would bring a special dish. Thomasine Mangano also recalls she would bring a casserole to the neighbor's house when she visited. Marge Taylor told us she played cards with the neighbors and brought popcorn. Tom Bauer lived on a horse farm and rode horses; his family would trailer the horses to different horse shows.

Reminiscing about desserts we used to make, Catherine Budd told us she would make a "Tomato Soup" cake - a spice cake similar to gingerbread that was roped with a cream cheese icing. Rose Russo used to make a cheese cake; Harriet Kulbokas used to bake a fruit cake for the holidays. Evelyn Grasso did a lot of baking, mostly apple pies. Bobby Smith who is from Maryland joked she made Crab Cakes. Tina Schillings added she made Pancakes.

We had a sing a long that both Rosemarie DeSiena and Rose Russo really enjoy moving and a grooving to the music. We have our favorite singers: Maureen McCarty likes Frank Sinatra, Lois Martucci likes Bing Crosby. We listened to the original "Bunny Hop" and the "Hokey Pokey". Anna Wanamaker told us not to forget about the "Charleston". Anotina Levato was able to sing along in Italian to Julies La Rosa's song "Eh Cumpari". Millie Verderosa told us she would sing "A Bushel and a Peck" to her granddaughter.

Pastor Bonfiglio paid us a visit. We sang songs. He told some jokes. We listened to his sermon, in honor of Memorial Day, about the war veterans who gave their lives for our country, and how Jesus gave his life for us. As always we enjoyed our time with him and look forward to his next visit. We also got a visit from Rev. John Mercurio, who filled in for Pastor Bonfiglio.

Friday we have Rockin' Robin play music that we all enjoy from the 50s and 60s. Anotina Levato was tapping her toes, and Rose Russo was dancing as was Joe Gold. Lots of fun when Viv & John come by to sing to us. Bobbie Smith, Gene Barbour, and Lucy Palazzo just can't stop dancing. We look forward to the ice cream and soda we have with the music.

We also have our regular bowling with Charlotte Hoffman and Joe Gold scoring high points. The bean bag toss has Harriet Kulbokas with the highest score, followed by Anna Wanamaker. We get a visit every Wednesday from the Patchogue Rotary Animal Assisted Therapy. Ed Weinmann looks forward to petting the dogs, as does Susan Lindauer. A lot of us enjoy Bingo and the big winner for the month is Peter Icolari.


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