November 2016 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director

This month we decorated the mantel with trick or treat cups of black, orange, and purple which we filled with flowers. Anne McTierman said she liked to ride her motorcycle in the cool weather. Catherine Budd said she likes the leaves on the trees changing colors. Antonia Levato told us she likes to make tomato soup, not homemade, out of a can. Harriet Kulbokas likes to carve pumpkins in the fall.

For arts and crafts in the recreation room for the mouth of October we made witches with a green face and black hat. Some us had happy withes while others had sad or angry witches. Anne McTierman told us she visited Salem, Massachusetts where they had the Salem witch trials. Catherine Budd said on Halloween she would come to the door in a witch mask to scare the trick or treaters instead of their scaring her.

We took paper plates to make patchwork apples for our crafts to be hung in the sitting area. We used squares of red scrapbook paper we glued with a stem and leaf. Anne Argento said we “should have had a worm in it”.

For “McPeak’s Gallery” we made a forest of trees of construction paper in pastel colors on a turquoise background, then drew branches on them. Anne Lotocke said she had a small yard so she would take walks in the woods to see the fall colors.

On “Famous Fridays” I invited Owen Quin to speak with us. He was the first person to parachute off one of the towers of The World Trade Center (twin towers), on July 22, 1975. When he landed, he was arrested and charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct, and reckless endangerment. But within the course of a year the case was dropped. He reminded us he is a professional with more than a thousand jumps and has a jump-master license. He told us in 1978, he appeared on the game show To Tell The Truth, along with guest appearances on talk shows.

For Reminiscing we recalled laundry day. Kay Chester said she used “Rinso” to wash her clothes Evelyn Castrataro used “Lux” for her delicates. We recall hanging the sheets out on the line to dry. Some of us used “bluing” to keep our whites white. Anne Lotocke reminded us that after all the washing was done she would have to iron.

For “Brain Games” the question was asked “If you could do anything in the world what would you do? Tina Schilling said she would be a billionaire, Maureen McCarty said she would cure the sick, Tonnie Arena wanted a cup of coffee, Anne Lotocke wanted to go to the moon. And Harriet Kulbokas wants to travel the world.

Bob Shade played his piano favorites for us. He started off with “Over the Rainbow”, and continued with a lot of the songs we used to listen to. Mike Morgese sang along with “Taking a Chance on Love” and followed that with “I’m Though with Love”; Peggy Tone was tapping her feet to the music along with Ed Weinmann.

At the sing along Thomasine Mangano surprised us by singing with Dean Martin on “Luna Mezza Mare”. The lyrics were Italian but she sure sounded like she knew them. Evelyn Castrataro had a smile on her face singing “Show Me the Way to Go Home” by Ray Anthony. All of us chimed in to sing “High Hopes” from Frank Sinatra.

We look forward to our Friday entertainment guests. Tony Grant surprised us all when he showed up with an accordion. He played a variety of Octoberfest and Halloween music. Helen Kalinowski told us she also played the accordion. Ellen Andersen was happy to sing in German to some polka songs. A good time was had by all. Ruth Levy said she was glad for something different.

A surprise guest was here for Halloween, Magic Dave “The Great Santina”. He had us in awe with his magic tricks, pulling a chicken out of a hat and making a dollar bill magically appear across the room. Evelyn Castrataro helped him by waving a magic wand. Peter Icolari had him mind reading the 2 of hearts he picked from a deck of cards.

On DVD, we watched “The Carol Burnett Show”. Harriet Kulbokas said she used to watch that show. Anne Argento said the show was very funny. Mary Morris said she lived in Brooklyn and told us there used to be a film studio there. She used to watch the silent film stars coming on to work, and they don’t make movies like that anymore.

Every Wednesday we get a visit from the Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Therapy, and this last week Chip came to visit us. He is a “Chiwennie” which is a cross between a Chihuahua and dachshund. Lucy Palazzo was happy to see him. Thomasine Mangano gave a treat to Mac, who is a year old now and has been visiting here since he was a baby. We had Bella who is a big Labrador retriever and a retired Army dog who served in Afghanistan. Margie Tsoukais and Denise Perrone like the standard poodle Hans the best.

Our top scorer on Monday bowling was Mike Morgese, Helen Link was in second place, and Harriet Kulbokas was in third place. This month’s big bingo winner was Evelyn Castrataro! Of course, we all enjoy the prizes the K of C brings for their monthly bingo.

No residents have Birthdays to be celebrated in November.

Poetry Corner
By the residents

Pumpkin Picking
It’s such fun
When it is cold
I will love each one
Even if my nose does run


  • Bob’s Piano Favorites
  • Bruce Schneider
  • Nina – et – Cetera

October’s Winners!!!!

BINGO Winner

  • Evelyn Castrataro


  • Mike Morgese
  • Helen Link
  • Harriet Kulbokas

Ongoing Activities

  • K of C BINGO: second Monday
  • Mount Carmel Roman Catholic Church: every Sunday for Communion
  • Grace Gospel Church: second Saturday
  • Pastor Bonfiglio: first and third Thursday
  • P.R.A.T.T. – Patchogue Rotary Assisted Animal Assisted Therapy: every Wednesday

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