May 2015 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director

April had us decorating the mantel in the recreation room with spring flowers in pastel colored tin pails surrounded with tissue paper. They look so nice and have everyone looking forward to the change of seasons. Spring is in the air which has Tomasine Mangano thinking of flowers. Millie Verderosa likes to listen to the birds, as does Charlotte Hoffman. Celia Wysocki is looking forward to put away her winter clothes and start wearing her summer clothes. Mildred Hartman associates spring with love in the air. When Maureen McCarthy thinks of Spring she thinks of house cleaning.

For spring cleaning at home most of us would take the winter drapes down and hang up summer ones. Catherine Budd remembers how she would then wash the windows, Marie Badama would clean the blinds in the bath tub but found it easier to hang them on the clothesline and spray with the hose. Evelyn Grasso would hang the rugs out on the clothes line to beat them to get the dust out.

We had Joe from the Blue Point Salvation Army Corps come to visit us. He talked about Easter and also shared some of the history of the organization It was started in England in 1865 by Methodist Reform Church minister William Booth and his wife Catherine who sought to bring salvation to the poor, destitute and hungry by meeting both their “physical and spiritual needs”. Joe talked about Easter and was a funny guy so we had a lot of laughs. He also gave us some gifts. Richard McPartland stated that “The Salvation Army is the one organization that really shows up to help.”

Good Friday had a coloring Easter eggs beautiful pastel colors, yellow, blue, orange and pink. They all looked good enough to eat, which we did for dinner as egg salad sandwiches. We also did an “egg roll” we took turns rolling plastic eggs down the hallway with Charlotte Hoffman rolling her egg the farthest, almost into the kitchen. Julie Franco came by in the afternoon to sing to us all the great songs from the past. Lucy Palazzo just couldn’t stop dancing and smiling. Tom Bauer and Bobbie Smith danced tougher before the ice cream and soda was served. Larry Judson and Phil Cantone even did a little singing into the microphone.

For arts and crafts we took construction paper and traced our hands and glued bouquets of flowers in them. They look so beautiful it had us remembering our favorite flowers. Maureen McCarthy likes orchards, Peggy Tone and Frances Skotko like roses. Celia Wysocki favorite was the snowball bush. Lois Martucci had a flower girl when she got married. Marge Taylor used to bring a bouquets of flowers to the neighbor who would then give her a nickel.

We did more arts and crafts using leftover pieces of yarn that we made into bird nests that we put a cutout paper bird in and colored a background. Some of us had birds as pets Anna Wanamaker recalls her mother had a canary that she would let out of it’s cage to fly around the house. Maria Badamo had a bird that was so noisy that had to keep his cage covered with a black cloth. Anne McTiernan didn’t have any birds but she did have rabbits. Tina Schillings remembers on the farm in Virginia the birds would build nests all over the place.

Bob came on a Friday to volunteered his time to play the piano with the music we loved from days gone by. We all sang along and clapped our hands as he played. We remember our favorite songs from the past. Maureen McCarty likes anything by Frank Sinatra. Evelyn Grasso favorite song is “I love you truly” Celia Wysocki also likes that song too. Marie Babamo favorite is “Bewildered, bothered, and bewitch”. Marge Taylor told us “Jesus loves me so, this I know” is her favorite. The “Star spangle banner” is Peggy Tone’s. favorite. Tom Bauer said he likes all kinds of music.

We have the pet therapy dogs visit with us. We all think the little doggies are so cute. Many of us look forward to bowling we had some high scores this mounth. Our bingo winner of the mounth is Harriet Kulbokas with over twenty five wins. So as the winter turns to spring we keep saying March winds and April showers bring May flowers.

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April 2015 Newsletter

McPeaks Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director

Hand Made Talk
We stared our arts and crafts project for the month of March making decorated gift bags with shamrocks and shiny four leaf clover garland for our mantel. Marge Taylor was so impressed she ask everyone for a round of applause. A couple of us are of Irish descent but no one has traveled to Ireland. Marie Badamo told us she remembers visiting her family in Italy and seeing Mt. Vesuvius and it was smoking. When Phil Cantone was in the Navy he was stationed in Japan and China, Tom Bauer has been fly fishing in Canada. Maureen McCarthy used to travel with her husband on business trips but Tina Schillings is probably our most traveled, being easier to ask where she hasn’t been.

The arts and crafts we did for the recreation room had us pasting shamrocks cut from magazine pages with a smiling face foam clover on top with googly eyes. Frances Skotko told us about how she used to do the Irish jig with a shillelagh. We had to ask her what a shillelagh was and she explained it was like a cane or a wooden walking stick. It was agreed that we could all be Irish for Saint Patty’s day the whole month of March.

We did an abstract art project for the hallway, which we are now calling the “art gallery”. We took paint and puddled it on the paper, and then blew on it with a straw or moved the straw thorough it like a paint brush. Bobbie Smith just used the brush technique as did Tina Schillings. Mildred Hartman was very impressed with how hers turned out. Everyone does such a beautiful job and they are truly works of art.

For Monday’s Bowling we mix it up a bit switching between using mini pins and a shuffle disc and our regular bowling equipment. Mildred Hartman does quite well as does Pat Lindauer. Bobby Smith and Joe Gold are our top scorers. We talked about some of the books we read as we bowled. Marry Morris said she liked to read detective novels. Millie Venderosa and Charlotte Hoffman liked mysteries novels. Marie Badamo read all the books by Nero Wolf and Celia Wysocki liked to read the romances by Daniel Steel.

Road Trip
I drove on a business trip to the Activities Directors Conference. That got us remembering the cars we drove. Millie Venderosa had a station wagon and Celia Wysock had a white four door Chevy, and Mary Morris drove a Buick. Marge used to help her friends and neighbors by driving them around to help with errands. Ellen Anders told us she was a nervous driver so she didn’t drive, and Marie Badamo didn’t learn to drive until she was in her thirty’s.

Bob came in to play some of his and our piano favorites. Both Maureen McCarthy and Marie Badamo used to take lessons and play the piano. Phil Cantone said he used to play the horn. Harriet Kulbokas came from a musical family and sang in the church choir. Anna Wanamaker and Millie Venderosa enjoyed the old songs and knew most of them, as did everyone as we sang along. Gene Barbour even did some dancing with Evelyn Grasso.

On a rainy Saturday morning we had Matt, and Sam doing community service for their school in to help us with Bingo. Sam had just returned from a vacation to Germany and told us how she traveled on the Ice Train, saw the alps, did some shopping and had a great time.. Matt also had been on vacation last year with his family and told us in Jamaica he was swimming and they had to leave the water because a poisonous fish was in the water with them!

Remember When

During our word games and reminiscing we remembered that Maxwell House coffee was “good to the last drop”, Evelyn Grasso told us she would open the can with a can opener and loved the smell of fresh coffee. Charlotte Hoffman remembered the musical cereal Rice Krispys that went “snap, crackle, pop”. Tina Schillings recalled an old Lifeboy commercial that said, “the soap protects against BO”. Maureen McCarty recalled the commercials for “Mr. Bubble”. Joe Gold liked to hear Tony the Tiger say, “they’re great”.

More Fun!
Playing our Table Games talking about summertime Mary Morris stated that swimming in a lake you don’t go up and down like you do in the ocean. A few of us had pools in the back yard. Millie Verderosa and Anna Wanamaker had pools but did not swim in them, and Maureen McCarty didn’t swim in her pool but her dog did. Phil Cantone was in charge of grilling on the BBQ. Maria Badama remembers “Tar Beach”, sunbathing on the rooftop.

Talking about the fun we had as children Harriet told us she was a tomboy and liked to climb trees and play baseball. Marge used to have a big doll she would push around town and the adults would comment “what a pretty baby!” and Anne Wanamaker used to make doll clothes for her doll. Gene Barbour would trade marbles looking for “Pureys” which were small clear, brightly colored, glass marbles. Lois Martucci remembered playing hide and seek.

We had entertainers Rocken’ Robin and Bruce Schneider come play for us. As usual we had a lot of singing and dancing. Ellen Anders and Joe Dambruoso enjoyed the songs. Lucy Palazzo was dancing and singing along. We all enjoyed some ice cream and soda. At the end we had Gene Barbour and his daughter Jean doing a kick line to Frank Sinatra “My Way”.

For Bingo we had Harriet Kulbokas with the most games won. Followed closely behind was Catherine Budd. Sometimes Bill Jones will help call some of the numbers. As always we enjoyed the visits from the pet therapy dogs Marlene who brings Martini, and Jill who brings Jessie.

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March 2015 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director

We started the month of February arranging Valentine vases for the mantel in the recreation room, with hearts and flowers; we added pipe cleaners and some holiday pencils. They all looked beautiful, everyone is so creative. As we made our crafts, listening to some love songs, Frances Zummo told us her wedding song was “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”. Maureen McCarthy remembers her wedding dress had a bustle with a long train. Celia Wysocki shared that she had a church wedding with a flower girl, and Marie Badamo recalls on her wedding day, her wedding hat flew off her head across Park Ave. She was so upset she wanted to call off the wedding, of course she didn’t.

For the wall in the recreation room, we made Valentine snails. We all agreed we had never seen a snail for Valentine’s Day, but we thought it was a unique idea. Mary Morris said that it was very creative and they all looked very nice. Charlotte Hoffman told us how she would receive red roses on Valentine’s Day, and Carolina Martin said that she would go out for a nice steak dinner. Both Maureen McCarthy and Frances Skotko thought Valentine’s Day was a day to show how much you care for your loved ones.

We did a crafts project for the sitting area. We started by coloring filter, that was cut out in a heart shape, with magic markers. After we were happy with our doodles, we took a damp paper towel and blotted it so all the colors smudged and they looked like a beautiful water color. It was then glued to paper heart doilies. Catherine Budd and Marge Taylor thought it was very clever. Charlotte Hoffman and Maureen McCarthy looked like works of art, as did everyone’s heart.

We had a lot of fun as we did a bean bag toss. Anne McTiernan was the big winner, with Joe Gold and Pat Lindauer also with high scores. Remembering games we used to play, Tina Schillings said she used to be good at double Dutch jump rope. Celia Wysocki liked to play jacks and ride her bicycle. Anna Wanamaker told us how she liked to play volleyball in school. Philip Cantone told us he used to coach soccer.

Our word games can be very interesting, bringing back memories. We completed the words to childhood songs. “A Hunting We Will Go” reminded Maureen McCarthy how she used to go hunting with her future husband and uncle in the woods in Pennsylvania. “Row Your Boat” had Anne McTiernan remembering when her family would take vacations. Marge Taylor said growing up in Greenport her family’s house had a sign that said “George Washington slept here”

Celia Wysocki and Harriet Kulbokas have high scores for our Monday bowling games, with Edwin Weinman coming in a close second. Joe Gold is the top winner of the month.

Reminiscing about the good old days, Marge Taylor tells us about when the ice man would come and all the kids would beg for a chip of ice, only to be told “to get out of here”. Both Maureen McCarthy and Marie Badamo recall the cake man coming to the house. Maureen McCarthy told us how he would ring his bell to alert the whole neighborhood he was there.

Almost everyone had the milkman deliver the milk. Evelyn Grasso remembers that the cream was on the top of the milk. Mary Morris remembers when she was a child the toilet was gravity fed, which had the tank on top and you had to pull down a chain to flush.

Listening to a variety of music from the 1940s to the 1960s, Philip Cantone had us all impressed with his knowledge of songs and artists — He would have made a good contestant on “Name That Tune”. He also told us he saw Bobby Darrin in concert. Anna Wanamaker recalls going to see Bob Hope in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Edwin Weinman also saw a Bob Hope’s USO show when he was stationed overseas with the Army. Besides going to the opera, Tina Schillings saw Fats Domino when she was younger.

Lois Martucci remembers her first job was babysitting. Celia Wysocki used to work as “Rosie the Riveter,” putting the bolts on airplanes when she lived in California, and Frances Skotko used to work as a secretary taking notes in Gregg short hand. Millie Verderosa used to volunteer her time at the hospital when she wasn’t working at Dillard’s.

Roland Basini was reading the book, Killing Patton. He told me he was with General Patton at the Battle of the Bulge in the army, and on January 9th,1945, he was wounded after being shot in the buttocks. The bullet traveled through him, down his left leg, to behind his knee. That bullet was with him for thirteen years, and in 1958, it worked itself out and just fell out— he still has the bullet today.

For entertainment we had Ron Von Bernewitz come in to play his guitar and sing some songs with us. JoAnn Brooks was up and dancing when Rob asked “How you learn to dance like that?” and she answered “My feet”. In fact, most of us were up and dancing including Lucy Palazzo, Bobbie Smith, and Philip Cantone. Rob also brought some tambourines and maracas for us. Bill Jones was keeping the beat with a tambourine as was Mildred Hartman.

When Jessie the pet therapy dog came to visit us on a cold Wednesday she had on a red sweater that Ruth Beal thought was just so adorable. We had Marlene stop by with her puppy Sambuca. Charlotte Katen got a visit from the puppy which is about the same size of the cats she used to have. We all enjoy these visits from the doggies. Thomas Bauer recalls his dog was a bird dog and he would go hunting birds with him.

We had a couple of birthdays here at McPeak’s this month Sue who cooks all our delicious meals was on the sixth, the staff surprised her with a cake they brought in. Bobby Smith blew out her birthday candles on the tenth, and Ruth Beal had her cake and ate it too on the seventeenth.

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February 2015 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director

The New Year is here at McPeak’s. We decorated our mantel with decorative Chinese takeout boxes that we filled with tissue paper and snowmen and pine cones. Millie Verderosa put two snowmen in hers. Marjorie Taylor and Maureen McCarthy were so impressed with how it looked. We also made penguins for the wall in the recreation room. Carolina Martin thought they looked formal in there tuxedos.

This month we also did some drawing. With the help of her son Will, Charlotte Katen did an abstract doodle that was very impressive. Anne McTiernan did an impressive version of a pine tree. Even though we had no snow we made snowmen out of paper plates with brightly colored ribbons for scarfs. Millie Verderosa gave her snowmen eyebrows; Marie Badamo put eyelashes and eyebrows on hers. They all looked beautiful.

We had a sing a long this month and Mary Morris sang along with Perry Commo’s “Papa Loves Mambo and commented that they don’t write songs like they used too. Charlotte Hoffman was glad to hear “Music! Music! Music” by Teresa Brewer and Frances Skotko remembers the song “Barney Googly “, with the goo-goo-goo-ga-ly eyes. We have some good singers here at McPeaks like Gene Barbour and Carolina Martin have a good singing voice, and I here Robert Bauman has a great voice too.

Bob Shade visited and played the piano with some oldies but goodies. Robert Rogerson who used to play the drums accompanied Bob by playing the bongos. We had a lot of fun singing along especially Anna Wanamaker and Joanne Brooks.

Bobbie Smith and Joseph Gold always get high scores for our bowling game. Between rounds I tell some jokes that have Evelyn Grasso cracking up. We also have been doing a bean bag toss with Charlotte Hoffman and Harriet Kulbokas doing very well.

Jill brought Jessie one of our pet therapy dogs form P.R.A.A.T to see us. We also had Susan and her daughter Brook brings in two rabbits and a chicken to visit with us. We were amazed to see that the chicken liked to hang out on Celia’s walker like it was his perch. And Joseph Gold found a new friend as one of the bunnies made himself at home on Joe’s lap. Thomas Bauer was surprised, as was many of us, how soft the chicken was when we petted it.

Also from P.R.A.A.T Marlene came with the little puppy Sambuca to see us. Frances Skotko was surprised to see how much he grew in two weeks. Edwin Weinman and Donald Wiggins always look forward to the visits form our furry friends.

We made fudge brownies and Pat Lindauer told us how she liked to bake with her mother, Tina Schillings showed off her knowledge by answering majority of our table games and Frances Zummo shared memories about her husband smoking his pipe.

For entertainment we had Nina ET Cetra stop by to play for us. It was Harriet Kulbokas birthday that day so Nina sang a happy birthday song to her. Mildred Hartman enjoyed the show and did some dancing, as did William Jones and Lucy Palazzo. We also had entertainers Vivian and John visit us. They gave us a great performance featuring great songs from the 40’s and 50’s. Everyone enjoyed the show especially Joe Dambrouso and Bettie Smith.

We tried a new exercise “A Walk in the Woods” we sat in our seats as we walked through the woods along the trail we had to wave our hand around as bees flew around us, also had to step up over logs and branches, we even did some swimming in a lake.

Bingo is a regular activity after lunch. Thomas Bauer joined us for a round of bingo and won the first game! This month we had Matt, Nicky, and Sam from the Bayport Blue Point School joined us to call bingo and help us with our chips. Millie Verderosa was the big winner!

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January 2015 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director

The holiday season was upon us here at McPeaks. For our mantel we decorated mini Christmas trees with garland and hung sparkling ornaments on them. The trees on a bed of red tinsel with our names on each tree it looked very festive. Madeline Pedota worked hard to make her tree just right. Antonia Levato’s tree was also beautifully done, and Carolina Martin’s put a star on the top of hers.

Crafts were made to decorate the recreation room. We had fun turning paper plates into wreaths with bows and gift tags. Ellen Anders wreath looked lovely as did Charlotte Hoffman’s. We had a guest crafter Beth come in to help us make Christmas stockings. Catherine Budd drew trees and sleighs on hers. Maurenn McCarthy made a special one to give as a gift. Lois Martucci was especially pleased with hers. We hung them in the hallway along with the Polaroid photos Beth took.

The Christmas tree in the lobby was set up and we all took a turn hanging ornaments as we were served eggnog and cookies. The tree had the popcorn garland we all strung, and the construction paper links Margorie Taylor worked on helped to make it a beautiful sight. In the living room the tree was decorated in silver and gold as we sung Christmas songs. Edwin Wiggins lent a helping hand to hang some ornaments with us.

Reminiscing about Christmas past we all agreed with Harriet Kulbokas that spending time with family is what we liked about the holidays the best. Pat Lindauer said baking cookies was a tradition at her house. Ana Wanamaker told us her favorite song is “Joy to the World”, and Maureen McCarthy favorite movie is “Home Alone”. Anne McTiernan said she used to like to shop at Sears for her gifts.

A busy month we had for entertainment, Brownie Troop 3116 made us a happy holiday sign when they came to sing Christmas Carols. The Brookhaven Learning Center also sang to us and brought us Christmas cookies. The church of Nazarene choir presented us a beautiful show, as we served soda and cookies. Billy Jones and Evelyn Grasso really enjoyed singing along. We also had Tony Grant come and sing some Christmas songs as JoAnne Brooks did some “Twinkle Toes” dancing.

From P.R.A.A.T we had a new puppy come visit us named Samboka and her owner Marlene. Lucy Palazzo and John Ritz thought the puppy was really cute. Of course Jessie our regular pet therapy dog with her owner Jill who came to see us. Roland Basini and Bob Rogerson like to pet him.

The new exercise we do “sit-ercise” is a big hit. Mary Morris and Joseph Gold joined us as we moved to the music. We also keep fit with tossing the ball around and lifting our hand weights. Frances Skotko even tried something different using scarfs to wave around.

Ruth Beal and Tina Schillings look forward to our afternoon bingo games. This month Catherine Budd was the big winner of the month! But Larry Judson and Celia Wysocki were right behind her with games that they won too. pirate hat

The highlight of our Christmas season was as always, our holiday party. A delicious buffet luncheon was served as we listened to Freddie Prinz on keyboard playing all our favorite Christmas tunes. Santa was on hand to give out gifts to all.

It was a wonderful holiday season here. Now, we look forward to our New Years’s Eve Party on the 31st and a great year ahead filled with fun, friendship and a few surprises too.

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December 2014 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director

November is a month that finds most of us reflecting and thinking of what we are grateful for. On Veteran’s Day we started our day with the pledge of allegiance. We gave a round of applause and a thank you as we honored those who served in the military, Bob Baumann, Philip Cantone, Peter Icolari, Richard McPartland, John Ritz, Alex Salmin, and Edwin Weinmann.

We are pleased with our Thanksgiving crafts. Turkeys were made for the recreation room and we all signed them like works of art. We had fun as we made acorns for the hallway, Anne McTiernan was very creative with hers saying hers was a falling acorn. Mildred Hartman and Elisabeth Sommers also enjoyed making colorful fall leaves for our crafts projects.

Reminiscing about day’s gone bye. We talked about our family’s getting together for the Thanksgiving meal. The meals our mothers used to make the turkey with all the trimmings. Most of us thought the turkey was the best part of the meal but Evelyn Grasso said dessert was the best part.

Julie Franco Entertainment came by and sang all the wonderful songs we remember as we all sang along. Larry Judson and Tina Schillings even did some singing into the microphone. Bobbie Smith was clapping and moving her feet along with the music as was Phil Cantone. Ice cream was served and enjoyed by everyone including Catherine Rayzak. Bob Piano Favorites stopped by to play some medleys we all enjoyed too much applause.

From P.R.A.A.T. we had Jessie a pet therapy dog accompanied by her owner comes visit us. Jessie loves to be kissed and petted as Lucy
Palazzo and Donald Wiggins know as they really look forward to his visits. Catherine Budd and Bill Jones also enjoy getting a kiss from Jessie.

A new exercise program was begun “sit”ercise, which is aerobics in our chairs with music to keep us moving. Mary Morris, Pat Lindauer, and Madeline Pedota enjoy exercising with us. We also keep fit with tossing the ball around and lifting our hand weights.

pirate hat This month Peter Icolari was the big Bingo winner! We look forward to our bingo games especially when we have prize bingo when we have the chance to win some candy.

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November 2014 Newsletter

By Liz Turner, Recreation Director

Before we knew it summer had passed, the leaves were changing colors and the air was crisp. We are looking forward to the change of weather as we move into the fall season. We made our Halloween crafts that, included a huge spider web, that hangs in the recreation room.

Ruth Beal, Maureen McCarthy, and Bobbie Smith made some fantastic looking spiders and we also made some cute black cats. Elisabeth Sommers and Anna Wanamaker did a great job. Flying bats were made as well.

We reminisced about days gone by, superstitions and trick or treating. Marjorie Taylor remembered seeing a bat in her attic; Larry Judson also saw a bat in his house. Peter Icolari had a black cat cross his path and of course nobody wants to walk under a ladder.

In keeping with the season we baked pumpkin bread. Millie Verderosa, Antonia Levato helped us mix the batter. And of course we all enjoy eating it too! On Halloween we bowled with our Halloween costume hats on. Bill Jones was a pirate; Mildred Hartman was looking good as a cowgirl, Susan Lindauer was a flapper

Entertainer Lou Paioli who has a great voice, keeps us dancing! Philip Cantone was cutting a rug along with Alex Salmin and Lucy Palazzo. Chocolate ice cream was enjoyed by everyone. We also had Bob’s Piano favorites join us for a performance that we could all sing along to. Carolina Martin with her angelic singing voice joined in.

We had a pet therapy dog named Jessie who is a shih tzu, who enjoyed giving kisses and receiving pats on the head. John Ritz did not want to see Jessie leave. Jessie picked a comfortable spot on Gilda Messina’s bed to sit. Edwin Weinmann and Donald Wiggin’s adored this lovely visit from our Pet Therapy, who comes monthly.

Exercise was regularly attended by Frances Skotko and Larry Judson. We worked out with our hand weights and did some stretching too. We put our chairs together in a circle and played a game of toss with a ball. Tina Schillings and Larry Judson try to outdo each other catching the ball. Susan Lindauer likes this game too, as does Ellen Anders.

Our regular table games are always fun. We know a lot of the answers to the questions. Peter Icolari is very knowledgeable. Bingo is always looked forward to playing. Ellen McCormack and Frances Zummo did well. But Millie Verderosa was the big winner of the month.

As the summer ends, we also say our farewells to Linda Ohlsen, who lead us as the Recreation Director for the past twenty seven years- has retired. She will be missed dearly by both staff and the residents here at McPeaks. Our going away party for Linda displayed a huge Happy Retirement Banner in pink. Cake, food, a fruit display (carved out by Carmen) and cocktails ended lunch with a BANG! Tearful goodbyes, hugs and kisses were given.

Liz Turner will now be taking over as the Recreation Director and looks forward to her new position here at McPeaks Adult home.

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October 2014 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

How quickly September seemed to come this year but how welcome its arrival. Guests enjoyed changing our indoor decorations around to reflect the new season and had fun creating lovely displays for all to see.

Jackie Johnston and Celia Wysocki helped to make our recreation room look autumn ready as they filled and decorated mason jars to look like preserves. Placed on our mantel, that was lined with old fashioned doilies, they reminded us ever so much of grandma’s pantry.

Apple cutouts made by Lois Martucci and Antonia Levato surrounded an old time sign on the wall of our room which said “Grandmas Apple Pie.”As we worked on this project, we talked about the various pies we had baked over the years, including apple and then enjoyed some at the end of our noon meal.

At our word games and reminiscing program we guessed the nickname of John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) and recalled going apple picking with our families. We tested our knowledge of apple varieties and then did a craft which reflected the various types we’d discussed. Our craft was displayed in our hallway and we thank Elisabeth Sommers and Bobbie Smith for helping us with it. By month’s end, we noticed the trees were changing color and leaves were beginning to fall. Leaf silhouettes made by Ellen McCormack and Millie Verderosa created a beautiful seasonal exhibit which pleased everyone. The colors of autumn also were key to our trivia table game which had many players. Winners at the game included Ellen Nolan, Alex Salmin and Gilda Messina.

Bob’s Shade helped keep autumn on our minds with his musical selections which included “September Song” and “Autumn in New York” Bob is so kind to visit us once a month and give us an opportunity to sing along to many of our favorite songs that he plays on our piano. Anna Wanamaker and Evelyn Grasso love singing along with Bob and JoAnne Brooks and Cathy Rayzak do some terrific dancing to his music.

JoAnne Brooks and Cathy Rayzak were up and dancing too when Freddie Prinz joined us mid-month. Philip Cantone danced with me to Freddie’s music as did Antonia Levato and Anna Wananmaker. The star of the show without a doubt was our own Carolina Martin, who accompanied by Freddie, gave a flawless performance of “It Had to Be You”.

Mary and Peter Icolari enjoyed the show by Vivian and John Goff which featured great ballads from the 40’s and 50’s and some country western music too. This cute senior couple was also a hit with Maureen McCarthy, Fran Skotko and Charlotte Hoffman.

Our exercise program keeps us all in fine form and it is great to see Bill Jones, Lois Martucci and Marjorie Taylor doing so well at our workouts. In fine form too are Evelyn Grasso, Joe Gold, Peter Icolari and Bobbie Smith who have all bowled over 200 this past month.

Congratulations to Larry Judson who was our monthly bingo winner for September. Larry beat some really high scores that were made by Ruth Beal, Lee Kulakowski and Tina Schillings.

Our interest in apples will soon be changing over to pumpkins as we head into October and begin our preparations for Halloween. There will be some Jack O’ Lanterns I’m sure as well as black cats, bats, and spiders galore. There will also be fantastic entertainment by Lou Paioli and Sasha’s Belly Dancers as well as some new and exciting games including eyeball bingo. So be ready for lots of trick and treats ahead.

If one is seeking an ideal residence
For a short stay or for several weeks
You will not experience one single wince
When you mention the name “McPeaks”
The staff will gladly attend
To your each and every need
And with courtesy and a smile extend
A hand, after they have done each deed
So, if it’s all the comforts of home
Which one occasionally seeks
There is no need miles to roam
Everything is here at good old McPeaks!
By: Tina Schillings

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September 2014 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

Our summer passed quickly and was filled with many fun activities and special events that definitely pleased all.

Our word games and reminiscing program had us recalling the summer days of our childhood. We talked about the metal roller skates we attached to our shoes with a skate key which was worn on a string around our neck for safe keeping. The ladies recalled jumping rope and playing jacks while our gentlemen remembered making their own scooters and shooting marbles.

We felt like children once again as we played with a Jacob’s Ladder and Chinese Puzzle. Philip Cantone demonstrated how to use a pop-gun and Marjorie Taylor loved looking through our kaleidoscope.

The days of our youth were further enjoyed with some Mother Goose trivia. We laughed as we recalled the silly rhymes we remembered from so long ago. Evelyn Grasso was great at the game and won a very nice prize for her effort as did Gilda Messina and Joe Gold.

Ray Lani gave us some terrific sing alongs this summer using his guitar and fine singing voice to lead us in lots of seasonal favorites. Elisabeth Sommers, who was a neighbor of Ray’s years back, enjoyed singing “In the Good Old Summertime” and Catherine Rayzak and JoAnn Brooks enjoyed dancing to Ray’s version of “Under the Boardwalk”.

Bob Shade’s soothing classics played on the piano gave us some relaxing summer mornings geared to beat the summer heat. Celia Wysocki and Jackie Johnston always look forward to Bob’s visits and enjoy singing along to all his musical selections.

The dog days of summer found us enjoying some loveable pups who are part of our pet therapy program. Lucy Palazzo and Fran Zummo gushed over Ayla a gorgeous Malti that visited and Edwin Weinmann and Donald Wiggins loved having Dustin a handsome Golden Retriever drop by.

Nina ET Cetra’s performance offered a treat for all our country-western fans including Larry Judson and Bobbie Smith. These two talented performers played guitar and harmonica, and of course, did vocals of the songs made famous by such performers as Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash. Much to our delight, Carolina Martin sang along to many of their songs as did Tina Schillings and Anna Wanamaker.

Our exercise program regularly attended by Lois Martucci and Millie Verderosa helped us all to stay in shape during the summer months. Bowling rounds kept us fit too and we were amazed by some of the scores we saw during the season. Antonia Levato scored her highest game ever with a 158 as did Peter Icolari with a 182. Robert Baumann wowed us all with his 196 and Alex Salmin’s top game almost hit the 200 mark as well.

Our regular table games were as always, fun and Mary Icolari and Charlotte Hoffman certainly won their share of prizes at the games. Bingo is always a crowd pleaser no matter what the season. Lee Kulakowski, Ellen McCormack and Fran Skotko did well during our summer games but it was Tina Schillings who won for the month of July and Gilda Messina for the month of August.

Our monthly bingo winner for June was Gilda Messina. Gilda’s toughest competition came from Lee Kulakowski and Larry Judson but Fran Zummo and Ruth Beal also had very nice scores last month.

On August 11, twenty-fourteen
The Supermoon was up in the sky
It was the prettiest I had ever seen
This I cannot deny
It shimmered boldly in white and gold
For most of the starry night
What a wonderful sight it was to behold
It filled my heart with delight
I gazed at it, in wonderment
And was mesmerized by its glow
As it slowly crossed the firmament
Gently carrying stars in its tow
I will now take my rest
With Supermoon on my mind
Hoping to fall asleep real fast
Leaving just me and it behind
And on the Morrow, as I awake
Having slept so peacefully
Some special moments I shall take
To thank the Lord for Supermoon and for me
By: Tina Schillings

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July 2014 Newsletter

By Linda Ohlsen, Recreation Director

In June, we found ourselves becoming quite patriotic as we decorated our home in anticipation of Flag Day and also the Fourth of July.

Guests chose red, white, and blue pails and decorated them with stars, streamers and American flags. Elisabeth Sommers, Ruth Beal and Madeline Pedota each did a lovely arrangement that looked wonderful on our recreation room mantel. Also adding sparkle to our room were the patriotic wreaths made by Charlotte Hoffman and Millie Vederosa. Visitors were curious about what our wreaths were fashioned from and were amazed to find we had used old cds.

Antonia Levato and Alex Salmin helped us decorate our hallway for the summer and Celia Wysocki and Peter Icolari fashioned the folk art stars that helped to finish off the display.

There was lots of music to fill our summer days, beginning with an hour long piano performance by Bob Shade. Bob’s selections included many tunes that we could easily recall and so we had fun singing along. Anna Wanamaker and Evelyn Grasso were among the best voices in the crowd.

Ray Lani’s sing along was also terrific with guests Peter and Mary Icolari joining in the musical selections Ray played on his guitar.

Tony Grant, a regular entertainer here gave a fantastic performance that all enjoyed. His program was a salute to the month of June and featured songs that recognized June events, such as Flag Day, Father’s day, weddings and graduations. Tina Schillings was an active participant in Tony’s program. Tina correctly answered all Tony’s musical trivia questions and for this received a special trophy as she marched down the “aisle” to the strains of “Pomp and Circumstance” wearing a graduation gown. Philip Cantone appreciated Tony’s program too, dancing to “Under the Boardwalk” and other 50’s hits.

Rocco of Rockin’ Robin also offered a fabulous program with music from the 40’s through the 60’s. Rocco’s program truly had music for every taste and I enjoyed dancing with Mildred Hartman, Celia Wysocki, Lucy Palazzo and Alex Salmin. I also enjoyed hitting the dance floor with probably our best dancer here, Joe Gold. Joe and I had a ball dancing to an old Dean Martin hit “Ain’t Life a Kick in the Head” a song we both enjoy.

As the temperatures began to rise, we kept our cool participating in some of our favorite activities. Table games with great prizes are always a hit with Paul Trouve and Jackie Johnston and both were big winners at the games.

Word games kept Lois Martucci and Marjorie Taylor on their toes this summer as they called out the answers to our patriotic and summertime foods quizzes. Reminiscing is fun too and Susan Lindauer and Alex Salmin shared their memories of July 4th festivities, fairs and amusement parks with us during the month.

Lucy Palazzo and Margaret Titolo were among the many bakers who helped prepare the delicious chocolate chip brownies that were enjoyed during our afternoon bingo games. Working off those brownie calories through our exercise program was fun. Robert Baumann, Millie Verderosa and Joe Gold are excellent basketball players and Fran Skotko and Anna Wanamaker have certainly mastered all our exercises including the ones using weights. Bowling keeps us active too and Bobbie Smith, Larry Judson and Evelyn Grasso were among our high scores this past month.

Ellen Anders, Edwin Weinmann and Donald Wiggins love every minute of our pet therapy visits. Our two dogs, Dustin and Ayla are always well behaved and very affectionate offering lots of cuddles and kisses to all.

Our monthly bingo winner for June was Gilda Messina. Gilda’s toughest competition came from Lee Kulakowski and Larry Judson but Fran Zummo and Ruth Beal also had very nice scores last month.

We greet the Fourth of July
As fireworks are released toward the sky
Causing many cheers and shouts of glee
Because this land remains forever free
All should take a moment to revive
The 18th of April back in seventy-five
When Paul Revere took that midnight ride
Warning that the British were on the seaside
It’s been many, many decades since
The fight for independence was commenced
Thus, old glory will wave forever more
Assuring freedom by each sea and every shore
Let our forefathers be eternally praised
For their fervent fights; with voices raised
So he could be free; needless to say
To celebrate this Independence Day
By: Tina Schillings

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