Is Assisted Living the Right Option For Our Family?

Learn About the Benefits of Assisted Living

Fill out the form at the bottom if you would like to receive more information from McPeak’s Assisted Living. To download our free guidebook on why assisted living is a better alternative to living at home or in a nursing home, please click or tap on our brochure below!

Download Our Guidebook
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The guidebook includes information detailing the benefits of assisted living including safety, diet/exercise/nutrition, medical care, social interaction, activities, a sense of community and much more. You will also find a chart comparing the monthly expense of living at home compared to assisted living.

Why Choose McPeak’s Assisted Living?

McPeak’s Assisted Living has a reputation for excellent care and accommodations and we are fully devoted to the health, welfare and comfort of all of our residents. Residents of McPeak’s live in a comfortable homelike setting in a former mansion where they receive only the best care. Seniors can live at ease in the safe and clean environment of our residents.

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