COVID-19 Visitation Policy

* UPDATED 5/6/2022

1. All visits will take place in the resident’s room.

2. Visits no longer need to be scheduled in advance. We do request that you call ahead so that we may make sure that we are able to have the resident in their room and that their roommate is granted enough time to vacate the room if necessary. 20-25 minutes should suffice.

3. Visits no longer need to be supervised by a member of the staff. This means there is no limit to the number of visits that can occur simultaneously or within a day.

4. There is no longer a time limit for visits. Please note, the window for visitation will start at 8am, with all visits ending by 5pm. Please keep in mind lunch is from 12pm-1pm and dinner is from 5pm-6pm.

5. Visitors must wear a mask while walking through the facility. Visitors are only permitted to travel to and from the front entrance and the resident’s room.

6. While in the resident’s room, if both the resident and visitor are vaccinated, wearing a mask is not mandatory. Neither is social distancing.

7. All visitors are still required to undergo temperature screening as well as signing in at the front desk.

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