James McPeak Reminds Everyone to Thank All Those Who Care for Our Loved Ones on February 17 in Honor of National Caregivers Day

James McPeak, Owner, McPeak’s Assisted Living, is reminding everyone that February 17 is National Caregivers Day and is urging everyone to thank those who take care of our elderly and infirm family members every day and recognize them for the hard work they do.

National Caregivers Day, which is held on the third Friday in February every year, honors these healthcare professionals who give their time and energy providing care to those who may require long-term care. Expert caregivers are trained to provide services around the clock in safe environments; this allows the family members to focus on the loved one’s healing process.

According to the National Alliance for Caregiving and the American Association for Retired Persons (AARP), there are 53 million caregivers nationwide. Of that number, 19% are unpaid. However, many of the paid caregivers wind up leaving their jobs. The National Alliance for Caregiving/AARP poll found that 23% of the healthcare professionals experienced a decline in their health. Other reasons why they quit, according to Sandata, include poor communication, long hours, lack of recognition, long commutes, poor training and low pay.

“On this day, we should take time out and recognize those who take care of our loved ones when we aren’t able to,” Mr. McPeak says. “Their job is a demanding job and many of them work through the day without receiving even as much as a ‘thank you.’ On February 17, let’s take some time to show our heartfelt gratitude for them and the work they do.”

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