FAQ: Preparing to Move into an Assisted Living Facility

There often comes a time when we must consider the quality of life and living arrangements for our aging loved ones who may not be able to take care of themselves. In that case, you might consider moving them into an assisted living facility, like McPeak’s. Here are some frequently asked questions that can help guide your decision:

1. How do I go about choosing between facilities?
Every facility is different, so it is important to sit down with your loved one to determine exactly what you are hoping to find, what’s important to you, and what your criteria are. Going over this before you start looking is important, as your loved one may have some expectations or needs that may be different from yours.

2. What is the difference between assisted living and a nursing home?
Assisted living allows seniors to maintain an independent lifestyle with access to assistance to help meet their personal needs. Nursing homes are more ideal for seniors who are not medically stable and need more consistent attention. Assisted living homes also provide a more homelike feel rather than institutionalized nursing homes.

3. What should I bring with me?
Before you pack away everything, go through and pick out things that are special and easily recognizable so your loved one has a piece of home with them. Items such as books, photos, quilts, and even small pieces of furniture can help ground seniors, especially those who may have memory loss issues, as they can identify familiar settings, thus easing their transition.

4. How much does it cost?
Assisted living homes such as McPeak’s are approximately one-third of the cost of living in a nursing home, as all amenities such as food, electricity, aide visitation, and housekeeping are included in the base price. Currently, the rate at McPeaks is $3,300.00 per month.

5. What does dining look like for residents?
At McPeaks, there are three meals served daily which eliminates the need for grocery shopping and cooking. Special diets are observed and prescribed by a physician.

6.What is the visitation policy?
To keep seniors safe during the COVID pandemic, visitation is very limited; however, post-COVID, the hope is that seniors and their families will have more freedom to come and go, visit with family, go out overnight etc. In the meantime, the staff at McPeak’s continue to get tested weekly for COVID-19 and offer vaccinations to any staff members and residents who would like to have the shot.

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