It’s Not Too Late to Make New Friends

Today’s preschoolers and kindergartners are taught, as they grow older, to “make new friends and keep the old.” But for senior citizens, some feel that it is too late in life for them to meet new people. They realize they start to lose touch with their neighbors or co-workers once they retire or move away to be closer to their loved ones. Contrary to what they think, there is still time to expand their social circle.

A recent article from Senior News pointed out that, while it is important for older people to stay close with family, they should also make an effort to make new friends. The article goes on to say that, according to researchers in North America, building up a network of friends reduces the chance of a stroke and heart disease.

The National Institute on Aging also found that seniors who meet other people, whether through social activities or local programs, show signs of improved cognition. Those who are more socially active tend to live longer lives, improve their mood and feel that their lives are meaningful. The agency also found that such interaction keeps the brain fully functional and reduces feelings of isolation and loneliness. The Senior News article also stated that seniors, who have friends close by, feel secure in that they have someone to count on in the event of an emergency.

These new friends also provide a benefit to seniors. The researchers cited by Senior News show that having these people come into seniors’ lives can have a positive influence by encouraging them to eat healthy foods or quit smoking.

The article suggests ways to make new friends. This includes finding people who have the same interests as you; it could be movies, sports or politics. Another suggestion is to join a club, such as a senior league softball team, or attend a lecture that features an interesting topic. Someone who attends these events or joins an organization will soon meet another senior who shares the same interests, resulting in friendship.

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