Exercising Your Brain Can Help Ward off Alzheimer’s

The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation, along with many neurologists, reported that mental exercise can help reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. These experts say that exercising your brain 20 minutes per day, three times a week can decrease your chances of developing Alzheimer’s by 70%.

In 2015, King’s College London conducted a test on whether mental activities can enhance cognitive function in senior citizens. The study concluded that people over 60 who conducted brain training activities for six months saw improvements in reasoning and verbal skills.
Brain games such as crossword puzzles or sudoku help improve memory skills, along with reducing plaque buildup in the brain. Playing card games or doing a puzzle with a group of friends also has many benefits. Jessica Langbaum, associate director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative, stated that people who have many social interactions have a lower risk of Alzheimer’s later in life.
Physical activities can also aid in the brain’s development. These include activities like dancing, running, jogging or going for a walk. Dance classes like Zumba or line dancing help your brain improve by committing dance moves to memory. Moving different body parts in sequence can help improve brain function as well.
Mental exercise, also known as “brain aerobics,” consists of activities that keep your brain engaged. For an activity to be considered mental exercise, the activity must utilize more than one of your five senses, along with breaking an established routine in your day. Some examples of brain aerobics include reading, writing, board games, crossword puzzles, and learning a new language or instrument, among others.
Dr. Seunggu Han, a neurosurgeon and neuro-oncology researcher at Oregon Health & Science University, states that your brain is an organ, not a muscle. However, your brain acts like a muscle in the sense that it needs exercise to stay healthy and grow. In order for the brain to grow, it needs to take part in various mental activities, rather than the same activities each day.
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