Low-Carb Diet May Help Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

In a study recently published in the Journal of Neuroscience, it was demonstrated that a diet rich in ketones, such as that produced by a low-carb diet, can help fight Alzheimer’s disease. The study, conducted on mice in a laboratory setting, showed that feeding them ketones helped reduce the impact of an Alzheimer’s-like condition. For some, this may provide an avenue for fighting the effects of Alzheimer’s disease aside from simply taking medication.

Ketones are a kind of fatty acid that is typically produced when a body begins to break down fats for energy due to a lack of available sugar or other carbohydrates. Ketones are rarely found in a healthy human body, and most typically appear in alcoholics, starving people, or those with untreated type I diabetes. However, a person can intentionally induce ketosis (the process of producing ketones) by switching to a low-carb diet, which causes the body to burn fat due to the lack of available carbohydrates for energy.

Aside from allowing a body to quickly lose weight, the ketones produced by a low-carb diet can also fight the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. The effect is a result of Alzheimer’s on the SIRT3 protein, which is closely related with neurological health. When the mice consumed large amounts of ketones, the amount of SIRT3 increased in their brains, and the rate of cell death due to low SIRT3 declined.

However, there are downsides to this sort of approach. Low-carb diets can strain a person’s liver and kidneys, which can be an issue for anyone who already has liver or kidney problems. Additionally, a low-carb diet is not recommended for anyone with cardiovascular issues, such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol, due to the large amount of fat typically consumed in such a diet. However, for people who can withstand the effects of a low-carb diet, it may be a good way for people with Alzheimer’s to fight back against the disease.

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