How Do You Choose Between Home Healthcare and an Assisted Living Facility?

Realizing you need help taking care of your loved one is both normal and healthy. It also means there are some big decisions that need to be made. Is it possible for your loved one to stay home, or would it be better for your loved one to move into an assisted living facility? This is a tough decision to make, and requires a lot of research, but if you have recognized the problem, then you have already taken the first step.

Before deciding, you must completely understand the differences between home healthcare and assisted living. It is also important to include the person who needs caring for in on the decision-making process. This is ultimately going to have a huge impact on their life, so be respectful and take their wishes into consideration.

Choosing home healthcare means a trained home health aide travels to a patient’s place of residence and provides medical assistance and help with daily tasks. It might be for just a few hours per day, or it might be all day, every day. Some of the benefits are that the family gets to choose the caregiver, the caregiver’s full attention is on your loved one, and your loved one gets to stay in their own home, where they may feel the most comfortable. However, some important things to consider are home modification and the possibility of loneliness if the home health aide is the only person they talk to.

An assisted living facility is a community where multiple residents live and receive care. In these facilities, there are always trained staff available to provide care and assist with daily activities. The benefits are that there is a lot of social interaction with other residents, family and friends can visit whenever they want, and residents get to participate in exciting activities run by the facility. With all the other residents and the various activities going on, the assisted living facility may feel just like a home for your loved one. Residents maintain their independence without having to give up their safety.

However, considerations such as costs and types of care provided vary by location and situation. Before deciding, research assisted living facilities and home healthcare providers in your area. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the care provider.

McPeak’s Assisted Living is an assisted living facility located in Suffolk County, New York and provides a safe, clean environment in a former mansion that has been updated to include numerous safety features and modern amenities. If you have any questions about whether assisted living is right for you or your family member, you can call us at 631-475-0445.

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