Tradition of Caregiving


Caregiving is a family tradition for the McPeaks. Sixty years ago, registered nurses James and Katherine McPeak founded McPeak’s Assisted Living in Patchogue. Today, their son James McPeak Jr. runs the 51-bed business, housed in a Victorian mansion built in 1924. With more than 75 assisted living facilities on Long Island, including many operated by big providers such as Atria, Sunrise and The Bristal, there’s a lot more competition than there was decades ago. There are a number of options for potential residents, and for prospective employees.

But McPeak, 60, says his facility’s small size can be an advantage. For example, “huge facilities may not be a good fit for someone with cognitive impairment,” he says; they may be better off at a smaller place.

While McPeak’s has a few openings right now, he said his business did not take a hit as big players have moved into the Long Island market. In fact, McPeak said, the big chains sometimes refer people to him.

Competitive pricing has helped McPeak’s thrive, he said. Basic monthly rent is $3,000 for a semiprivate room.

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McPeak’s Assisted Living Resident Edwin J. Weinmann Recently Celebrated 100th Birthday

Local Centenarian is a Member of the “Greatest Generation” and Earned Several Medals of Honor during World War II

Edwin J. Weinmann celebrated his 100th birthday on Saturday, May 14 at McPeak’s Assisted Living Facility in Patchogue, New York. Surrounded by family and friends, Mr. Weinmann enjoyed a slice of pizza, some red wine and a delicious piece of cake.

Born in Brooklyn in 1916, Mr. Weinmann, the only child of Augusta and Edwin Weinmann, spent most of his life in Ridgewood, Queens with his wife, Ann and daughter Marilyn. One of the ever-declining remaining members of the “Greatest Generation,” Mr. Weinmann served as a munitions expert in the U.S. Army from 1942 to 1945 and received several Medals of Honor for his bravery during World War II.

After being honorably discharged from service, Mr. Weinmann went to work for the Oxford Filing Supply Company, an office organization solutions company, today known as Pendaflex, based in Melville, New York. In the 1960s, he took a position closer to home, at Bohack’s Supermarket, which was headquartered in Maspeth, Queens, where he worked until retirement. After that time, Mr. Weinmann became a doorman at an apartment house on 86th Street in Manhattan.

Photo Caption: Edwin John Weinmann (front row, center) celebrated his 100th birthday surrounded by family, friends and local politicians at his current home, McPeak’s Assisted Living Facility in Patchogue, New York. Pictured left to right are (back row) Neil Foley, Town of Brookhaven Councilman; James D’Amico, Mr. Weinmann’s great nephew; Gary Richard, Officer, Veterans Service Agency of Suffolk County; Brian Costello, Mr. Weinmann’s great nephew; James McPeak, Owner of McPeak’s Assisted Living; Anthony Cucinotta, friend of family; (center row) James D’Amico, husband of Mr. Weinmann’s niece; Marilyn Doherty, Mr. Weinmann’s daughter; Rita Kunzer, Mr. Weinmann’s niece; Nancy Niester, Mr. Weinmann’s granddaughter; Jackie Costello, Mr. Weinmann’s niece; Connie Chillemi, friend of family; Kathryn Richard, Mr. Richard’s wife and co-attendee; Cherish Chillemi, James D’Amico’s fiancé; Sal Nicosia, representative of the Office of New York Senator Tom Croci; Sal Chillemi, friend of family; Paul Pontieri, Village of Patchogue Mayor; (front row) Jen D’Amico, Mr. Weinmann’s niece who organized the event; Mr. Weinmann, the centenarian; and Victoria D’Amico, Mr. Weinmann’s great-great niece.

Though he was loved by all of the building’s tenants, Mr. Weinmann left his position in 1972, when he lost his wife. For 25 years following Mrs. Weinmann’s passing, Mr. Weinmann visited her gravesite at Pinelawn Cemetary every Sunday, to bring her a bouquet of pink carnations. He’d come to know the florist so well that she continued to charge him the original 1972 price for his very special flowers.

Though his beloved Ann passed away many years ago, Mr. Weinmann has never had any serious ailments and had not visited a doctor for more than 45 years before he moved in with his niece, Jennifer “Jennie” D’Amico in 2002, at the age of 86. He continued to live with his niece and her family for 10 years, first in Bethpage and then Patchogue, before moving in with his daughter. He was admitted to McPeak’s Assisted Living in November 2014.

Today, Mr. Weinmann, who shares a birth year with Kirk Douglas and Jackie Gleason, as well as the Professional Golf Association (PGA), Wrigley Field and the National Park service, lives a very happy and healthy life at Mc Peak’s. He has a good appetite — especially for things such as mashed potatoes and ice cream — and loves to smoke his pipe or a good cigar and enjoys the occasional glass of red wine or Ballantine’s Ale. He is a lifelong circus enthusiast and has a tremendous affection for all animals, especially dogs and horses.

“We’re so grateful to McPeak’s for taking such great care of Uncle Ed and for providing us with a wonderful location in which to celebrate his birthday,” says Ms. D’Amico. “We had a beautiful day and the staff did a tremendous job of assisting us by providing beverages and helping clean the dining room where the party was hosted.”

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to care for a resident like Ed,” says James McPeak, Owner/Operator, McPeak’s, which also celebrates a milestone this year, its 60th Anniversary. “Since he is one of the ‘Greatest Generation’ and fought in World War II, it’s only fitting that Edwin’s birthday falls so close to Memorial Day. We’re thankful to have someone who has sacrificed so much here with us at McPeak’s.”

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McPeak’s Assisted Living Shines for its Diamond Jubilee

Local Adult Home Celebrates 60 Years of Serving Long Island’s Elderly

mcpeaks home

Like its residents, McPeak’s Assisted Living only gets better with age. The family owned and operated assisted living facility, based in Patchogue, New York, is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee this year. Founded in 1956 by registered nurses, James and Katherine McPeak, the Long Island adult care home has an extensive history of providing exemplary senior living services.

The licensed facility includes a staff of efficient and compassionate individuals devoted to caring for the elderly and disabled, while the nearly 100-year-old home boasts the most modern amenities, safety features and updates. This is due in part to the 2009 “green living” renovation in which the historic mansion was modernized for energy efficiency and furnishings were refurbished in an effort to reduce the home’s carbon footprint, all the while keeping the charm of the house intact. The family continuously updates the home to ensure its residents have access to the most state-of-the-art care and services. Set just blocks north of the heart of Patchogue Village’s flourishing shopping and dining district, the home is surrounded by flowering shrubs and trees and features convenient access to the LIRR and Great South Bay beaches.

The McPeak’s family philosophy of care is based on the belief that it is their responsibility to preserve the health, safety and comfort of the aging residents in our community. To develop the mind, body and soul of its residents, McPeak’s offers a variety of therapies, full-time recreation, exercise, delicious food and attentive staff. The daily schedule ranges from arts and crafts and games, to massage therapy, musical entertainment and gospel and is designed to attend to a person’s needs in the quest for optimal health.

“Our community is treasured by our residents and their families alike,” says James McPeak, Owner of McPeak’s Assisted Living. “We’re so proud to be celebrating 60 years of excellent caregiving and paying personal attention to our residents’ needs. It has been so great to carry on the legacy that my parents began 60 years ago and it is my hope that the McPeak’s family continues to serve our local community for generations to come.”

Photo Caption: McPeak’s Assisted Living facility.

McPeak’s Assisted Living Honors its Residents During Celebration of Life Month

celebrate life
Couple Cooking On A Barbeque

People often associate January with new beginnings, which makes it the perfect time for Celebration of Life Month. In recognition of this, McPeak’s Assisted Living has taken initiatives to honor the lives of its residents, incorporate a daily recreational schedule reflective of their interests and around-the-clock services that nourish their mind, body and spiritual needs, which helping to preserve their dignity.

McPeak’s pays tribute to its residents through activities such as a special Veteran’s Day craft to make hand-made cards for those who have served. At the assisted living facility, every resident’s birthday is a cause for jubilation. Residents are treated to a personalized birthday cake along with crowns and balloons.

The daily activities are implemented with the residents’ comforts in mind and adhere to addressing their needs holistically. McPeak’s offers full-time recreation, bingo, live music and showings of TV classics like I Love Lucy and the Dean Martin Variety Show. The facility also offers a variety of therapies, exercise, massages, delicious food and attentive staff to aid to the whole person in the quest for optimal health.

“At McPeak’s Assisted Living, we recognize the importance of celebrating the extraordinary lives of our residents and take the time to adhere to their needs that go beyond just physical well-being,” says James McPeak’s, Owner of McPeak’s Assisted Living. “Every day my staff and I make conscious efforts to ensure that our residents feel comfortable by showing them respect, helping preserve their dignity and providing the care they deserve.”

McPeak’s Assisted Living Named One of Long Island Business News’ Health Care Heroes of 2015

healthcare heroesDue to its “outstanding service” and “safe, clean environment,” McPeak’s Assisted Living was named one of Long Island Business News‘ (LIBN) 2015 “Health Care Heroes” in the Assisted Living Facility category.

McPeak’s Assisted Living was founded in 1956 by two registered nurses, James and Katherine McPeak. The licensed facility is devoted to caring for the elderly and the disabled, while obtaining the most modern safety features and updates. McPeak’s Assisted Living offers many amenities and is run by an efficient and compassionate staff.

“The goal of the Health Care Heroes awards is to recognize excellence, promote innovation, contribute to the enhancement of the value and quality of health care and, ultimately, recognize the people and organizations whose tireless work, contributions and dedication to healing and caring ensure the well-being of everyone on Long Island,” a representative from LIBN stated.

“We’re very grateful to be recognized by LIBN as one of the Health Care Heroes this year,” says James McPeak, Owner/Operator, McPeak’s Assisted Living. “We truly feel quality care at an affordable cost is something of utmost importance to Long Island, particularly in this climate of economic uncertainty, and we are proud to be able to offer that to our community.”

For more information, call (631) 475-0445 or visit

Pictured are Suzan Csako (front row center), Kitchen Director for McPeak’s Assisted Living, displays the facility’s Health Care Heroes Award, which the company received from Long Island Business News. Ms. Csako is joined by fellow McPeak’s staff members (front row, l to r) kitchen staff member Diana Ramon and launderer Maria Tello; (back row l to r) Personal Care Assistant Janet Garcia, Owner/Operator James McPeak, Activities Director Liz Turner and Personal Care Assistant Carmen Yugcha.

McPeak’s Assisted Living Calls Attention to National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness and Caregivers Month


Since its inception in 1983 by President Ronald Reagan, November has been designated as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. Since then, the month’s honor has extended to additionally recognize all of the nation’s caregivers, like those who support patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. In recognition of this national initiative, McPeak’s Assisted Living is honoring its dementia patients and its staff of professional caregivers who tend to the needs of all residents.

McPeak’s is calling special attention to its Alzheimer’s patients and their families. Through around-the-clock professional service, 365-days-a-year, all seniors in assisted living can maintain an active lifestyle. Close family members also have the peace of mind of knowing that a caring, well-trained staff is available should their loved one need assistance.

Whether a family member or employee of an assisted living facility like McPeak’s, the role of the caregiver can be both rewarding and overwhelming at the same time. According to the Help Guide Organization, there is emotional and physical stress associated with caregiving, such as anxiety and fatigue; especially among families caring for aging loved ones. Because of this, McPeak’s is honoring its staff of qualified caregivers who support its residents each day.

“McPeak’s Assisted Living extends an invitation to family members currently serving as caregivers to loved ones with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementias to visit our facility,” says James McPeak, Owner of McPeak’s Assisted Living. “Our staff of trained professionals will assist you with all of the responsibilities of caregiving, which can take a significant toll on families caring for Alzheimer’s patients. McPeak’s offers affordable support to dementia patients and their families to address both the needs of the resident and bring peace of mind to his or her loved ones.”

With everything from post-hospital and rehabilitation care, incontinence management, medication management, full-time recreation and pet therapy, McPeak’s also offers transportation services and a daily schedule ranging from arts, crafts and games to massage and musical therapies designed to aid the whole person in the quest for optimal health. The Long Island-based assisted living facility is a safe, clean environment in a former South Shore mansion that has been updated to include numerous safety features and modern amenities.

For more information, call (631) 475-0445 or visit

McPeak’s Celebrates National Assisted Living Week

NALW Logo 2015

McPeak’s Assisted Living is celebrating National Assisted Living Week® (NALW) and its 2015 theme of “Nourishing Life: Mind, Body, Spirit.” A dedication to the variety of ways in which caregivers care for the whole resident, NALW 2015 aims to provide residents with unique holistic services to nourish their mental, physical and spiritual needs.

Conversely, the residents enrich the lives of team members and volunteers, with the support of family and friends, by celebrating the incredible lives they’ve led.

To cultivate the mind, body and soul of its residents, McPeak’s is offering a variety of therapies, full-time recreation, exercise, delicious food and attentive staff. The daily schedule ranging from arts, crafts and games to massage and musical therapies is designed to aid to the whole person in the quest for optimal health.

“At McPeak’s Assisted Living, we understand the needs of the elderly go beyond just physical well-being,” says James McPeak, Owner of McPeak’s Assisted Living. “We use a team approach, resident and staff, to address all aspects of their lives through a variety of services to our residents. We’re excited to once again be part of this national program, which does so much to honor the members, families and caregivers at assisted living facilities.”

Established 20 years ago by the National Center for Assisted Living® (NCAL), National Assisted Living Week is an initiative for residents, families, staff, volunteers and the surrounding community to come together through a series of events and activities.

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Residents Revel in the Classics, Courtesy of Nina Et cetera

NinaThe members of Nina Et cetera perform a collection of classic jazz, folk, country and soul music for the residents and their families and caretakers, at Mc Peak’s Assisted Living.

On July 24, residents of McPeak’s Assisted Living and their family members were treated to a special performance courtesy of Nina Et cetera. The duo played a one-hour set featuring a variety of jazz, blues, folk and country-western standards. During the performance, residents enjoyed a delicious summertime snack of ice cream and beverages.

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Residents and Their Families Celebrate the Holiday Season at McPeak’s Annual Party

Christmas party
Caroline Martin (left), Resident, McPeak’s Assisted Living, enjoys lunch with her son Ross Martin (right) of Patchogue at McPeak’s Annual Holiday Party on December 12.

On December 12, residents of McPeak’s Assisted Living and their family members celebrated the holiday season at McPeak’s Annual Christmas Party, which took place in the establishment’s dining area. Families and residents enjoyed a delicious lunch featuring sandwiches, salads and beverages.

While families enjoyed their meals and each other’s company, Santa Claus arrived with presents for each resident. Live musical entertainment was provided, featuring holiday tunes and songs from yesteryear.

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Residents Celebrate Italian Heritage as Part of Upcoming Patchogue Italian Festival of St. Liberata

residents celebrating italian heritage
Back row (left to right): James McPeak, Owner, McPeak’s Assisted Living and Chairman of Patchogue Foundation Cultural Heritage Committee; Mildred Verderosa and Antonia Levato, Residents, McPeak’s Assisted Living; Lenny Locantore, Chairman, St. Liberata Italian Festival; and Jim Romeo, St. Liberata’s Italian-American of the Year.
Front row (left to right): Ellen McCormack, Tom Dioguardo, Lucy Dioguardo-Swan, Anna Wanamaker, and Evelyn Grasso, Residents, McPeak’s Assisted Living.

Residents at McPeak’s Assisted Living gathered together to celebrate their Italian heritage in honor of the upcoming Patchogue Italian Festival of St. Liberata, which will take place on September 27th. The festival will feature a day of Italian music and food, and celebrate Italian culture. Some of the McPeak’s residents attended the original St. Liberata Italian Festival, which began in 1923.

The event is a precursor to the Feast of San Gennaro, which was first held in New York City in 1926 — three years after the Italian Festival of St. Liberata.

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